Thursday, December 31


Hi, everyone,


sherina sim siew ting

Thursday, December 24


Hey ,


i feel so happy today with someone... lolz....

Monday, December 21

M3RrY ChRiStMaS..

Sherina wish all her friends a M3RrY ChRisTmAs!!! =)
I edit the photo by myself.. Yay.. Yay.. Clever me... Agree? Agree? Lol..
24th: Christmas Dinner in Subang. . .
25th: Sleep at home whole day + night!! (Why? T_T)
Due to my plan failed!! Yea.. Some plan la... Haha.. Rejected a couple of activities for 25th for something.. Mana tau... FAILED jor.. xD... So end up will be staying at home watch my series or sleeping....
-I was asked to give a chance.. I gave... But it seems like they are wrong.. So I just give up-

Saturday, December 19


Today was in McD for so long. and.... I speechless.


It seems that I lost interest in blogging and go for facebook-ing.

Haha.. Anyway, Hi guys, I am back with blogging mood; for now.
First, I want to wishe everyone a advance MERRY CHRISTMAS!! This the season to be jolly. Yea! I feel so jolly now. I hope that this 24th and 25th will be great! Although I still have no plans on 25th but I do really hope I can go out with someone. xD shhhhh.. remain silent... xD

I think I am in the very hype mood again.. xD

Tuesday, November 24

Faith is in the heart..

In just a blink of eye, November is coming to an end. Therefore, Christmas is coming real soon.
Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. It will be a very different Christmas for me this year. Good? or Bad? God has His purpose for everything. Just hope the best out of everything. We can't predict what will happen next. What we can is just to prepare our hearts for what's next!

For me, I feel that 2009 passes very fast. You know, people always says, when you are happy, time passes real fast. I gotta agree with that actually. I feel like it is just not long ago I celebrate Christmas and now Christmas is coming again. What am I going to do this Christmas? Every year I will be running around helping people to do stuff and busy for this and that. As for this year, I am still planning what to do. I might go to Subang Church or I might wants to stay at home and relax. All these year I have been running around here and there. It might be a time for me to really spend my time with my Mom for this Christmas. Nowadays I am being too lazy to go out. I prefer to stay at home. Anyway, I am still put all these in "consider" mode. I might want to spend my Christmas with some of my friends if they are free. =)

In one year, everything seems different. It might be for Good... Or other way round. Let's just hope everything gets better as time goes. Wait... Sermon last week... HAVE FAITH.. because.. Faith is in the heart, Hope is in the mind. =)

I miss you guys.. =)

Friday, November 20


At times you are so close
But I don't feel you
When you are far away
I doubt I miss you

What is the real feeling
I have no idea
I hope those feeling is just a passer by
It comes and it goes.

You asked me why?
Why I am so different?
Why I am so cool?
Why I acted so differently?

It might just happen to you
I don't know how to react
Once you told me your feelings
That gave me a shock.

I hope you will understand
That I don't want anything now
I hope you will get what I mean
And I am so sorry..


Thursday, November 12


I feel like closing myself, closing myself
Running away, runnin' away.

Where can I go?
Where can I hide?
I am coward that never have the guts.

I think it suits me.. Yeah! I guess so.

Hey people, you guys can just leave my blog now. Nothing much too update nowadays because I've started a new blog last month. Another blog huh? Yea.. A new fresh blog. It's public. If any of you feel like view it. Go ahead! I won't stop you if you found that blog. Just leave this blog. Just shuuuuuu!!!!


What can I do

How to change a person totally?

I have no idea. I try to change my thinking, my habits, and so on.. However, I became anti-social everytime I tried. I am afraid I will be like last time. Sitting alone in the corner and keep my mouth shut. It's funny to see Sherina sitting in the corner without talking and be quiet but it's the truth.
Those feelings came back and I hate it. I became the years back me. Imagine lots of thing and wants to be alone. I am so afraid. Afraid of those days will hunts me once again.

I hate to be over sensitive! I really hate it. It haunts me! I hate it.

I also hate split personality. . .

Sunday, November 8


I feel very weird today in Subang church.
I went to have lunch with the youth.. Oh wait, young adults? Or? Ahahaha... They are in their twenties lar... So not so sure what they called.. xD I can't remember all their name.. Bad memory I have

almost 20 people went to eat I think.. BIG GROUP.. haha

Still..... .. .. I need to really get used to it...

Wednesday, November 4



Let's start from the very beginning with those who wants to start together.

Monday, November 2

FREE~ lol

Free food for few days.. =)

Let's see.

On Thursday, there's this restaurant opened nearby our working place. Can eat for free.. So got free lunch. At night, went out with Aunty Jolene for a yum cha session at Station One. Free again. Nyam~

Friday, went to slimming centre and got free buffet. Free wine and cheese.. So got free lunch too. At night, don't know eat what..

Saturday, breakfast in Berjaya Hotel. Lunch in Berjaya Hotel. Nyam.. Free again! Wao~ Gain weight lar nowadays! =) Fatter d.. .Haha..
Saturday dinner, "birthday dinner" with some of the friends. Free again.. THANKSSSSS LAI MING!! hahaha.

Sunday, went to have lunch with Pastor Malcolm and Aunty Uma.. Free again... THANKSSS

Save lot of $$ these few days.. LOL.. and earn alot of fats too.. xD


Friday went to overnight in my friends house.. LOL.. Kinda fun to overnight. Become insane and went out to yum cha till almost 12 midnight.. FUN FUN FUN~ hahaha...

Friday, October 30

white wine red wine

Lunch time - 1 glass of white wine, 2 glass or red wine, 1 glass of ice cider..

11% alcohol, 14% alcohol.. My head... 100 % blur and dizzy.... The taste or white wine is nicer than red wine!

@.@ now.... T.T

Monday, October 26

Sunday 25.10.2009

Subang church - Worship - FANTASTIC
Sermon - GREAT!


Setia Galery - SUN BURN MY SKIN! T_T
- I love the toilet, the toilet door, the toilet mirror. xD
- Leg pain
- Bought a dolphin
- Bought nuggets
- Bought games.. .. I mean played games

Had a great time yesterday. Happiee... Happiee..

Thursday, October 15

因为一个人?不是! 因为朋友!!
















BabyBoy, miss you.

at last I logged in to my blog.

I forgotten my own password. How can I ever forgets? I've been using blog for 2 years already and I forgotten my password! Nowadays I keep changing my password to make sure no other people can log in, that's why I am blurred with which password I used. I resets my password just now and that's why I can logged in. =) I hope I don't for get this password!


Baby Boy going back Banting today. Ow~ How much I will miss Baby Boy! T.T This whole week seeing him is my joy! He is so cute and cute and cute! Oh my. Mommy will be missing him more. Baby Boy, jie jie loves you o~ Must be a good boy.. sayang~~ hehe...
Today morning hug him so long... Aiyok... Little baby boy!

BabyBoy, I miss you!

Wednesday, October 14


thank you so much everyone!


sorry for everything.

Tuesday, October 13

Treasured it

Did I mention yesterday that I received my birthday present from someone on Sunday?

No, I don't think so.

Anyway, yea. I received my advanced birthday present from someone on Sunday. Who? Not telling. What is that? Something I needed but not so perfect actually. However, it is still a good gift. =)

= Thank you! and.... muacksssssssssssssssssssss... xD

Monday, October 12

support always

When you angry somebody, will you go to his or her blogs to read what he or her has to say? And when he or she post something you will feel it is you or something related to you? Or maybe you annoyed with what he or she posted?


Something changed. Change because of something. If I did something that make you feel angry or sad or whatsoever, I am willing to say SORRY from the bottom of my heart - sincerely.
I want you to remember one thing. From last time, I always support you. From A to Z and Z to A, you are the one I sided. I will never change this. I am still supporting you the same way as it is. You might not happy with me or anything. I don't care. For me, Friends are Friends Forever. It's hard to gain friendship that we try to built for years and got destroyed because of days. I am trying to gain back all my friendship. I hope you too.


2 years? HaHa.. Not so long. 2 weeks.. I can do it!! Ceh... Jangan cakap besar. Semua orang tunggu u tau.. xD let's see

Saturday, October 10

Friday Young Adult Cell

Lizard = GUMMY BEARS! ewww...
Joel Goh when he was 5. xD
Uncle xxxxx scare of cockroaches. xD

Luckily went for cell yesterday. Learned that there're lot of funny things!

World War Two

Gonna search more information bout World War 2. =.=||

Friday, October 9

Forever it will be

I post this before in April this year. However, I want to post this again for someone! Infact every friends of mine.

Roses are flower
That can last for a hour
Our friendship has the power

=( pain

Stomach not feeling right today.

Went to dominos with the bunch for lunch. Wao~ Fantastic. I am FULL. Haha. I ate a lot. They said I am the smallest size but I ate more than the rest. xD

Now, my stomach hurts even more. Aiks..

Thursday, October 8

Crave for SUSHI!

I’m craving for SUSHI. Feel like doing it by myself but the problem is I don’t know how to make it. 2 months didn’t go Sakae Sushi already. No $$ and no one treat.

I should ask for recipe now. I am going to do it one day. ^^

Haven’t take my dinner and don’t think I am taking it in Bumble Bee now. Maybe should just take a cup of Nescafe. I took 2 cups this morning. I hope I can sleep tonight.


Someone spoilt my mood.
Nevermind, someone giving me ice cream to cool down soon.

I need to tell you one thing. You are not playing one player game.
Everyone is playing in this game and when you try to play cheats and try to kill me, there are people who will combine and kill you.

Oh yea, one more thing. Putting a mask doesn't mean people can't see your real face. You do it too often. People sees it and hate it! Don't make the entire team to do it to you. What you've done, you will get it. Not from me of course because I am not like you. But, I won't want this to happen. WE don't like to waste our time for things like that. Besides, after next month I won't be seeing you and vice versa. The game is there but I'm no longer one of the player. Becareful! ^^

Let's play it fair and square for now. No more cheating. I won't revenge. I will just forget but still everyone has limit. Pushing me to far will turn upside down. You won't want us to kill you in this game right? Muahahaha

Oh yea, too much Tai Chi is not so good for you yea. Later "zhao fo yap mo" not good. Lol.. Cantonese!

-love your neighbour as yourself-
What game I am playing? Guess what? I continue my harvest moon. LOL.. I think I am too slow for that. My farm is so terrible and I realize I make Eu Mun die. LOL ... Eu Mun is one of my friend. I name the horse "Eu Mun". Haha.. My digimon also haven't touch for long time. I'm pro in digimon anyway. LOLz. LAME GAME right? You want to know what I name all my animals? LOL...

I have 5 chickens. Most of them under youth name and I better not mention it here. Haha.. I'm getting another 5 soon. More names.. xD Why harvest moon don't have monkeys or pig? LOlz.


Yesterday I dye my hair but I don't think I succeed. It getting darker after I dye it. Ownself dye is like that. However, it is funny. People dye hair, the color sure change to lighter or to the color they want. Mine? Getting darker and became black. The previous color also almost gone. Why ar?

I watch my Taiwan series, dye hair, put serum...... but no face mask and no DIY due to lazyness.. xD... I know I am lazy PIG! xD


Sherina, love your neighbour as yourself.

someone ask me before " then, can I be your neighbour?" LOL.

Wednesday, October 7

let's sleep

If I am given a bed now, how good it is right?

Lesson: Do not watch TV till late night. Wait.. Re-phrase.
=Do not watch TV till early morning. xD

-4.30 p.m. now? 2 more hours to go. Why today time passes so SLOW?
I am going to grow a lot of mushroom on me or what you called that in english ar?? *fat mou*(cantonese).

Come, Come, slap me to make me awake.. Eyes drop... ZzZzZzZzzzz..... tuuuuuuuuuuuut...

To-Do List

for tonight,

1. Watch Taiwan series.
2. Dye hair
3. Face mask.
4. Put serum.
5. DIY birthday card
6. Memory verse
7. Sleep early

This is what I am gonna do for tonight since I will be very free now. I hope I won't go lazy and end up just sitting there and watch tv. =) need to go to buy some papers and stuff now.

O' I miss my bed. Sleepy like crazy today. ^^

Tuesday, October 6

Important Date for me

I learned a lesson in my dream yesterday.
I know it is a important lesson but yet, I forgotten what I dreamed. =.=

I learned another one this morning. That is - Yesterday is yesterday. Today is today. Whatever happens yesterday will not happen again if I changed. If I do not want history repeats by itself then I got to make sure TODAY is TODAY. If I wake up with a heavy heart, it will spoilt my entire day. However if I wake up with full of JOY, I know my day starts with JOY.

Yea, yesterday both of me and my "friend" was pissed off with something. and the entire night I was filled with all stupid thoughts. I am angry, sad, and so on. I know that that friend of mine who was pissed off felt the same. However, another "friend" of mine sms me and says " We should think rationally and not emotionally. If we want the rest to grow we should grow too. If not, I will go nowhere." Yea, I agree with him. I always decide things emotionally that's why all the lead me to nowhere. I haven't grow and I'm still hiding in a shell.
Another "friend" of mine wrote me a verse before - Be full of JOY in the Lord.
I always read it but I never do it.
I try to do it but I never use my heart to feel it
When I use my heart to feel it, it is because I'm too far away from the right path. Silly I am right?

I saw a post from my friend blog. She titled it as pity person. I feel the post related to me. (I don't mean she writing bout me but I, myself, feel I am related to that post.)

I feel that I am a person who always thinks I am right and never think of the people around me. I feel that I am a selfish person. I do things emotionally and don't care what people says. I am such a person. and, I always says that I want to change but I just SAY it. So how to change if I say it and never meant it?

I always complained about things happened to me. I always felt that why everything must be me? Why I need to go through several things when I am just 15 years old? 17 years old? 18 years old? I complained - always. Last two weeks sermon, Ps. Richard tells us one thing with a song. "Count your blessing one by one"
And now, I saw the verse my friend gave me - I will always trust in you and in your mercy shall rejoice in your salvation. I will sing to the Lord because he has BLESSED ME SO RICHLY - Psalm 13:5-6.

Yea, I was blessed by the LORD with lots of things. I should count it one by one. and, I know itis uncountable because it is too many. The Lord has bless me with a bunch of youth, friend, family, people who care bout me, things that I'm having, place that I stayed and so on and on.

So why am I complaining. I should stop complaining and see the problem with a different way.
If there's no problem in my life. Then, is this called life? If there's no problem in my life, then how am I going to grow.

Everything happened with a reason. God plan is always GREATER than ours.

Now, I might lost all the people who care for me, those who always talk to me, who always give me advises, those who teach me things, everything and anything, I know that GOD never leave me. I always put God in the end of my list. I never put God first. I admit! I am so terrible. I always asked Him things only when I need him. But now, I need to know what is the most IMPORTANT thing in my life.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

If you love me, you will obey what I command.



What I post here today is not for people to see. It is for me to remember that I need to grow. RATIONALLY. Sherina, never tell people how emo are you, or how sad are you. YOU are not allowed to think negatively always. Be full of JOY in the Lord! =)

6.10.2009 - a date for me to remember. =)

Monday, October 5


Went to hospital again today for TB result.
Yesterday + Today = hectic!

I really hope to just sleep and don't get up. xD




Sorry if I miss out.. hehe.. GOOD LUCK ba..

God will always guide you all! GAMBATE neh!!

Saturday, October 3


Yea, went hospital yesterday for injection.
Received hospital bill.

One word to describe me now.


Thursday, October 1

October da 1st

Like my new blog skin?
I like it =)


Tomorrow I am going to hospital. Wish me lucks people. =) I hope that the needle won't give me any pain.


I'm feeling very sleepy today due to yesterday night I - - forget it. =)


It's October. =( Not a happy start.


Gambate to certain people. =) Support always!

Wednesday, September 30

tag that I supposed to do.

1.Last beverage : triple colours milk tea?
2.Last phone call : just--..
3.Last text message : mom =.=
4. Last song you listened to : fallin for you
5. Last time you cried : sunday

6. Dated someone twice : nop
7. Been cheated on : don't know but I think yes. xD
8. Kissed someone & regretted it : NO~
9. Lost someone special : yup.. T.T
10. Been depressed : yea
11. Been drunk and threw up : never--

12. black
13. purple
14. pink

15. Made a new friend : yea
16. Fallen out of love : yup
17. Laughed until you cried : yea!!!
18. Met someone who changed you : YEA!!!
19. Found out who your true friends were : yea!!
20. Found out someone was talking about you : YES!!!
21. Kissed anyone on your friend's list : friend list?!
22. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life : lot lot wor
23. How many kids do you want? : too early to decide. depends on him. and I am sure he will depend on me.. If not I won't want him. xDDDD
24.Do you have any pets : pets in facebook included?
25. Do you want to change your name : once. now.. no.. cause.. like lo.
26. What did you do for your last birthday : uhmm.. last birthday? last year? play badminton and had a so-called surprise birthday from youth. xD
27. What time did you wake up today : oops.. I can't tell you incase my colleague sees this.
28. What were you doing at midnight last night : dreaming i think. can't remember
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for : secret
30. Last time you saw your Mother : this morning. =)
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life : that day
32. What are you listening to right now : my typing? xD
33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom : Tom? no! Tim yes lar!
34. What's getting on your nerves right now : lot lot wor
35. Most visited webpage : blog lo
36. Whats your real name : Sherina Sim Siew Ting
37.Nicknames : menuiq, jaecline,mikki, salmon, telinga, dear, darling, girl, baby, and so on and on
38. Relationship Status : single and .....not available...SERIOUS..
39. Zodiac sign : libra
40. Male or female? : i am male or female or I prefer male or female? i am male prefer female. *opposite*~
41. Primary School? : SK Hamilton, Sk Convent, SK MGPS
42. Secondary School? : SMK Air Putih, SMK Pusat Bandar Puchong (1)
43. High school/college? : not yet.. and no sure will have or not
44. Hair colour : Black -last time don't know -now
45. Long or short : Got people says like me short hair. I also prefer short
46. Height : 186cm -30cm T.T
47. Do you have a crush on someone? : remain secret
48: What do you like about yourself? : don't know
49. Piercings : ear?
50. Tattoos : no
51. Righty or lefty :right
52. First surgery : i think yes when i am baby.
53. First piercing : yearssssssss ago..
54. First best friend : Lee Ying
55. First sport you joined : running?
56. First vacation : P4C (passion for christ) with youth
58. First pair of trainers : yearsssssssss yearssssss ago

59. Eating : over lu
60. Drinking : saliva .. ewwww
61. I'm about to : go toilet because of spicy-ness just now
62.Listening to : TYPING LOR!
63. Waiting on : finish work
64. Want kids? : waiting. patience
65. Get Married? : see got guy want or not first larr~
66. Career? : haiz~

67. Lips or eyes : Lips?
68. Hugs or kisses : Hug *shrooooooooom*
69. Shorter or taller : Taller i want to be. xD
70. Older or Younger : Younger i want to be =p
71. Romantic or spontaneous : Romantic
72. Nice stomach or nice arms : Nice arms~
73. Sensitive or loud : Sensitive
74. Hook-up or relationship : Relationships
75. Trouble maker or hesitant : Hesitant

76. Kissed a stranger? : Nah~ NO! NO! NEVER!
77. Drank hard liquor : no..
78. Lost glasses/contact : no..
79. Sex on first date : i stil virgin la wei! ...
80. Broken someones heart : ya always.. sorry.
82. Been arrested : almost? xD
83. Turned someone down : Yes always
84. Cried when someone died : of course. I not cold blooded wei!
85. Fallen for a friend? : yea lor

86. Yourself : Nah~
87. Miracles : God is God of MIRACLE. xD
88. Love at first sight : Yes
89. Heaven : Those who believe in Jesus!
90. Santa Claus : I just want toys!
91. Kiss on the first date : NO!
92. Angels : Gabriel? xD Jk

94. Had more than 1 girlfriend/boyfriend at a time : let me see.. Of course no la. I want 1 also don't have!
95. Did you sing today? : yea. bunga bunga cinta!
96. Ever cheated on somebody? : guess so..
97. If you could go back in time, how far would you go? : never happen de so no need answer
98. If you could pick a day from last year and relive it, what would it be? : don't know?
99. Are you afraid of falling in love? : yes! very!

I tag !
100. Elisa
101. Nicholas
102. Gabriel
103. Evelyn
104. Gary
105. Poh Yee
106. Kien
107. Vivian
108. Zac
109. Ying Yi
110. Andre

give up

MP4 really down this time. Not chargeable anymore. Sobs. Bye bye MP4. Sayonara. T.T

Should I sing that English song? I don't feel like it now. I don't think I can sing. Just sing one song this time? Don't want solo? What to do? Arghhh


Should give up on something now. Haiz. Give up on SPICY! Just now went to ate "ma lat pan mee" = SUPERB SPICY PAN MEE. My stomach is on FIRE now. Just now they said that my lips and face was red. However, my tongue feel just a little spicy. Now my stomach feel it. Maybe I am immune to spicy-ness, that's why my tongue don't really feel it. =) However, I really should quit taking spicy food for now. I realizt these 2 months - 60+ days, almost 50 days I took spicy! OMG. People said it is very bad for health! I agree it is so bad but still, spicy is my life man! No spicy = food not nice!

So Sherina, you want your health or you want spicy?

Sherina: I want SPICY! but I will cut down. T.T


Stomach pain.

Sign off --

Tuesday, September 29


Yesterday went to hospital to took MRI scan results. The scan result same like the x-ray and the result is bla bla bla.LOL. Then I was asked to go for blood test as second opinion. This is the worst part man!

You see, when I go for blood test, I thought they just need to take one drop of my blood. So I think IT IS OKAY. However the doctor need 6 different blood test. So I thought - maybe 6 drops? Haha.. I am so wrong.

The "blood taker" took out 6 tubes. In my head I was telling myself "I don't think they need 1 whole tube larrr.."
So what do you think? 1 drop?? NOPE! 1 tube la wei!!

And I thought the syringe will be the normal small ones.

I thought the small one from right. Manatau... When that "blood taker" took out the syringe from the drawer.. Guess what? The biggest one. The first from the left. Yea! THE BIG ONE. I believe the one he took out is longer a little bit. OMG! I was like "APASAL BESAR SANGAT?"
He say "Yalah. 6 tube you tau? Kenapa dengan you? Sakit apa? Orang tua pun tak payah ambil banyak sangat! Kita harap ambil satu kali cukup yea? Harap tak payah ambil dua kali atau tiga."

O'Lord, please help me. Why so scary. He tie my hand and beat my hand. I was like "aaaaaaaaaa"
"Belum mula lagi lar dah nak jerit."

Eh you! SCARY LAR. Of course want to JERIT LA. aiyoyo.. So the needle poke into my skin and of course being so brave look at it lor.. =.= as if I can la. If I look at it I think I will faint. I look at my phone . Wah~ a while only. Then I look back. OMG! OMG. OMG
FULL already that big fat long syringe with my blood. *faints*

"Wah~ U ade power lar! Satu kali sudah cukup."

Doctor says this Friday I need to go to hospital to inject medicine and come back on Monday to check for any effect. So I hope nothing happen la. On 19 this month, I need to go to hospital again.

I hate being inject! T.T

Sorry, Thank you, byebye.

At last I wake up from all the bad thoughts. Yeah, at first I was very upset with how things goes but now I know that it is useless to cry over something that have been decided.

It may be a good thing. We just see ourselves and the surface.

Aiyoyo, I don't know how to write this. One thing I can say is I let go everything this time. As in, do not think so much for now. God is in control and God has His purpose in everything He do. We do not need to worry so much.

I saw a comment in my blog post. I don't know who is that but I would like to say something. I know I am responsible for all these things that turn out. Very sorry for the whole youth. I am so sorry. I never says that I am the only who feels pain. I know everyone feels that too.

I am sorry~

Anyway, yesterday I went to hospital for MRI results. But.... became took blood test. 6 blood test! Aiyoyo.. Lost a lot of blood yesterday. Going to hospital this friday again for injection and next monday for injection results. This month will be hospital month for me.


Thanks to those who comfort me when I am not okay...
-Elisa, Gabriel, Nicholas, Ying Yi, Aunty Lai Yee-
Thank you....

Saturday, September 26

It's hard

I know I said I will be away from blogging till next month.
However I am back for today after what happened to us yesterday.


I work and work everyday
I think and think everyday
I am so tired everyday
But I all this will goes on Friday.

Friday is the time for me to laugh
Friday is the time for me to feel happy
Friday is the time for me to talk freely
Friday is the only day I always wait for.


All this gone. Gone. Last week I lost something precious. Now, I lost something even more precious. There's no more fun. There won't be someone who always talks a lot until we stop him. There will be no one ask me " Are you okay =)" . There won't be someone to bully when we have ice breaker. There won't be someone who calls me pig nor I can calls her pig. NO MORE! NO MORE!

Do you know what is my feelings now? Do you know what I want to do now? Not only crying. I want to shout as loud as I can. It is so pain. Everything seems gone in just seconds.

I prefer to be with all of you. From the bottom of my heart. I MISS YOU GUYS! VERY!

Wednesday, September 23


Away from blogging
Next month * i hopes*

Saturday, September 19

I hate

What Aunty Lai Yee says is right. "You don't like me is your problem, not mine"..
Yea, but still I am concern for what people think about me and I hate people sees me with "those" eyes

Thursday, September 17




Wednesday, September 16

Fallin' For You

I don’t know but

I think I maybe
Fallin’ for you
Dropping so quickly
Maybe I should
Keep this to myself
Waiting ’til I
Know you better

I am trying
Not to tell you

But I want to

I’m scared of what you’ll say

So I’m hiding what I’m feeling

But I’m tired of
Holding this inside my head

I’ve been spending all my time
Just thinking about ya

I don’t know what to do

I think I’m fallin’ for you
I’ve been waiting all my life

And now I found ya

I don’t know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you
I’m fallin’ for you

As I’m standing here

And you hold my hand
Pull me towards you

And we start to dance
All around us
I see nobody

Here in silence

It’s just you and me

I’m trying

Not to tell you

But I want to
I’m scared of what you’ll say
So I’m hiding what I’m feeling
But I’m tired of

Holding this inside my head

I’ve been spending all my time
Just thinking about ya

I don’t know what to do

I think I’m fallin’ for you
I’ve been waiting all my life

And now I found ya

I don’t know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you
I’m fallin’ for you

Oh I just can’t take it

My heart is racing
The emotions keep spinning out

I’ve been spending all my time
Just thinking about ya

I don’t know what to do

I think I’m fallin’ for you
I’ve been waiting all my life

And now I found ya

I don’t know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you
I’m fallin’ for you

I can’t stop thinking about it

I want you all around me

And now I just can’t hide it
I think I’m fallin’ for you (x2)
I’m fallin’ for you


Oh no no
Oh I’m fallin’ for you

Tuesday, September 15

A day.

Sorry for the post yesterday. I was too harsh. Sorry.

Today starts with a very bad mood due to I was late to work and something happened when I came in the office and again I feel like eat those people up. However, I am in a happy mood after that.

We are having mid autumn festival next month on 25th. Opposite tesco. Please come if you are free. =) As usual, the youth will be performing. I might be on stage singing. Wait! I should cancel the "might" and replace it with "will". T.T I am so scare now. I have no idea why I am so scare but I am just so scare because I am scare!!! =.=" I hope my voice won't be heard by others .. LOlz. If this is the case, so what for singing on stage? Yea lor.. Yea lor..
Michelle asking me to solo and she play for me. =.= She asked me what songs I've been listening recently.. And my answer is Michael Jackson. =.= And... She say... Sing larr... *drops* I thought she was joking ... Mana tau.. She was serious.. And still serious.. We'll see okays. Maybe I sing 1 or 2 songs then can d.. Job complete! =)

Elisa.... Don't know why want tell you something...

Monday, September 14

arghhhh ...

I am very sorry if this post makes anyone thinks that I don't respect someone who is older but actually I really try my best to respect the older people but please DON'T PISS ME OFF!!!!

My facebook is going to flood with someone wall post soon and I've been deleting because it makes my facebook looks terrible. I am sorry but I really don't like to answer any single question that comes from someone! I am sorry, sorry and sorry, but, I feel annoyed when I saw something.

"You are still young. Study first okay. Like my daughter. She is in college now and she don't want a boyfriend. She say working first." *COUGHCOUGHCOUGHCOUGH*

I wonder if you know your daughter! I am sorry but yes I am so angry!! I am angry because don't mind my business lar!!!!!!! I AM SUPER DUPER ANGRY! Sherina, cool down =)

4 days

Friday cell was good. We learned about budgeting for future. Money is not enough.
Money is always not enough.
Had a great time~

Saturday was not so good because one of our teacher says it is his last day. Owh.. Sad~ ^^
Class haven't start too.

Sunday was best! I was shocked when something happen. The old feelings came back in just seconds. Heartbeat very fast. Try so hard not to smile. ^^

Monday is going to be a very bad day. Monday blues~~ aiks...

Thursday, September 10


I realize that my free counter got problem. Yesterday night when I checked the counter, it is 7000 ++ or maybe 9000++ . As you can see, today it went up to 11000++. Whether the counter got problem or there are thousands of people view my blog in this short period of time where I think it is impossible or I saw wrongly yesterday night but I don’t think so.

What is the possibility? ^^

My eyes are a little bit tired now due to just now I broke down in Winnie’s car. Don’t ask me why. I really feel choked for now.

Tuesday, September 8

08.09.2009 =)

I am trying to put words together but I couldn’t
You know why?
Because you are more than words can say to me
You are too special that I really could not describe in words.

I am trying to think what we have gone through for all these years. There are lot of laughing, crying, heartache, disagreement, enjoyment, crazy times, and, so on. I remember once we were always on friendster sending comments to each other and to other people, telling each other about “some secrets”, telling you this and that.

I am really thank God for you are my friend.

This time let the picture do all the talkings. =)

free glitter text and family website at

free glitter text and family website at

Monday, September 7

I miss camp ;(

The title says it all.


The long journey in the car with the siblinghood, the talks we had in the car, the food we bought in the station, the 100 plus we drank, the tea Elisa’s bought, the time we reached there, the conference room, the hall, the canteen, the “park”, the basketball + badminton + table tennis court, the room we shared, the dolphin blanket, the pink bed sheets, 3 double decker, the air-cond of the room, the bed I supposed to sleep, the free time we had, the enjoyment in the pool, the monkey waiting on the bench, the people who were in the pool, the splashing of water, the “diving”, the fights we had in the pool, the bad guy pull Elisa’s leg a few times, the bad guy pull my leg once, the sticky hair, the shower we had, the worship we had, the workshop we had, the picture session, the yum-cha session, the mafia session, the brushing teeth times, the not-okay time, the night, the night with two brothers, the talks we had, the crying, the emo times, the sad times, the joking time, the massage time by the brothers, the letting the mosquitoes bites, the scratching the leg times, the things we did time, the people coming out to swims at 5.00 a.m.,

And then I realize its 6.30 a.m., It’s time to go in the room and wake a few people for prayer meeting. No sleep at all for me. After waking them, take a short nap and woke up by Elisa to get a changed. Short nap. Apparently, I don’t really sleep.


Woke up by Elisa, get a changed, walk to prayer meeting room but did not go in, when to the hall, Joshua joined, Jan Sen joined, Uncle Chris and family reached, Nicholas reached with the things asked him to get, the breakfast session, the sausages I took, the service time but when in our room with Elisa, talking time, truth and truth times, the answer I gave, the question I asked, the fun we had, the sms I received, the workshop time, we when in the room again, we decide to go in again, sitting beside brothers, the annoyance we gave everyone, the talking we had, the snoring of someone, the lunch time, the time to distract Elisa, when to toilet, when to park, when to canteen, act like nothing, calling everyone, the “surprise” we gave, the happy birthday we sang, the disappoint of us, the food I ate, the catching Elisa’s time, the singing of Happy Birthday again, the Haaaaaaaaaaaaa times, the present I gave her, the candles she took out from the mouth, the changing clothes time, the going in the pool times, the fun we had in the pool, the games time, the sport shoes borrowed from Aunty Christina, the bad shooting skills of basketball, the balance the ball on the spoon time, the skipping on the rope time, the laughing time when we saw Uncle Kim with the skipping rope, the hula hoop time, the run with the hoop time, the refill the water time, the champion falls to B, we got 2nd, the 3 hour in the POOL time, the canon ball time, the water level shallow because of them, the hopping time, the talking in the water, the game in the water, Monkey King in the pool, the diving time I had with him, the chasing by Joshua in the water, the splashing of water, the fights with the younger ones, the relax time we had in the water, only us was left in the pool, the train, the hop-hop, the submarine, Elisa cramp, Joels save her, I am too short and almost drown, someone piggy back me to the side, the jumping in the pool and then walking, the deep side of the pool to the shallow side of the pool, we asked to come out from the pool for dinner, we changed, we bathed, we talk in the toilet, we laugh, we washed our hair with the little amount of water, the hair hardened and sticky, I wash again, washed my hair for 3 times and I stop, get dresses, when in the room, get packed, when to dinner, talked with the youth, someone told me a good news, cake time, took my belongings down, when to take picture with the youth, when to the room again to take something I left, accompany Elisa to pack up, says bye bye to Ying Yi, when to the hall, when to the conference room with the shroom, waiting for Uncle Chris, sms I received from my mom, listen to testimonials, gifts presentation, time to go back, in the car, very tired, took a nap, long journey, packed car, tiredness, reached home, when in the room, tidy my stuff, received sms, reply sms, throw my phone away and POP – sleep.

Best memories....

I try to make it short but I think it is still long. As the title says, I miss camp. Yes I do. Especially Sunday. Right, Elisa?

If you don't get what I say is okay because I am too tired and just write whatever I can write. I am so TIRED!!! + + + if there are any grammar mistake, spelling mistake sotty... I lazy to read again and changed.

Whole body pain, muscle pain, eyes heave, head dizzy, feet pain, everywhere pain!

Saturday, September 5


You know what?
You know what?

You know what?
You know what?
You know what?
You know what?
You know what?

You know what?
You know what?
You know what?
You know what?
You know what?
You know what?
You know what?
You know what?

You know what?
You know what?
You know what?
You know what?
You know what?

Uncle Chris reads my OUR blogs.... LOL


I just can't stop laughing..

I can't stop crying!!

I am hyper.. I am laughing like a mad girl!


SHERINA, be careful what you blog kays? - my note to myself. LOL

Friday, September 4


I stopped import this blog to my facebook. No privacy and people think wrong things. So sad case wei. I forgotten I import this blog to facebook. No wonder I blog without thinking.


Oh, I can't sleep yesterday night. At first I was asleep around 11 o'clock. Then I woke up at 1.34 a.m.. After that, my eyes couldn't close. I am not sure what time I went back to sleep but I know that today I am so freakingly tired. =.=

Tomorrow will be a busy day. Work + Go school + Go Camp.. I think tonight I need to start packing. Woo Hoo.. Off to camp tomorrow. Come back on Sunday. O' so sad. 1 day nia.


had a nice day....

Wednesday, September 2

[1st sep] + [2nd Sep]

Suppose to post this yesterday but forgotten it after I save it in my folder.. lolz..

1st September 2009

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Yesterday is Malaysia big birthday! What I did for yesterday? Well, woke up at 1.00p.m., clean my room, tidy my wardrobe, and went to Mydin then to Giant then to Summit with my mom and my friend and boyfriend. Boyfriend is not mine. It’s my friend one. So I’ve been out for whole day. I’m so tired yesterday and suddenly the youth says yum cha at night. Wao~ There goes my time of sleep. T.T

Anyway, we had a great time in Uncle Chris house. Yep, you heard me right! Yum cha in his house. So chun-ted right? =)

There’s a bad news for those who don’t possess own transport. For example those who take public transport to work. You need to pay more for bus fare. =( Yep, it’s September first today. That means those who normally pay 70 cents last time, they need to pay RM1 now. Hey, don’t think its small amount okays?

You see,

For example from my house to work for 1 month. Twenty days.

RM 1 x 20 = RM 20

Cheap huh?! WAIT. It is just one way. What if two way?

RM 20 x 2 = RM 40

I haven’t included Saturdays. I will be working for 4 Saturdays.

RM 1 x 4 = 4

Two ways.

RM 4 x 2 = 8

So total RM 48.00.

Wait, sometimes its 3 ways. I got to take bus from house to work then to bumble bee. Let’s just say altogether for a month is RM 10 (more than that)

RM48.00 + RM10.00 = RM58.00

RM 58.00 per month haven’t include if I take bus to Giant to buy stuff or going out.

I really don’t know how to survive then. Everything is expensive now. I really need to tie my hand so that I won’t buy things without thinking.

-- end of 1st September --

2nd September 2009
Alright!! Will be going to church camp for 2 days. *Clap Clap* Yay .. * CLap CLap again*
Today my mood is so-so. Not so happy, yet not so sad. Just feel very lazy and bored! Lalala..

Took so syok sendiri picture today when waiting for winnie. Lolz.. One of that I'd put it as my profile picture in facebook and msn. LOLz. The others, I deleted it cause not enough memory. =) BAD PHONE! NO MONEY A! GOT MONEY I CAN CHANGE MY PHONE.. MAN MAN WAIT LA

Saturday, August 29

College online

Well, I'm in life college now. Hehe...

Still not really sure whether I am going for the camp. I hope to go but in the same I don't. Not only because of my mom but I don't know lah..... Haiz

Later want to sleep all time! Yahoooooooooo

Friday, August 28

Friday blues?

Not sure what happen to my shoulder.. Ouchie!

Not so happy today but happy for something...

Tuesday, August 25

Today sick

Well, a big hug.... I need.

Oh, peoples, haha.. I have a news.. very common news...

My mom is like... "Sherina, please don't eat spicy food. Drink more water."
Doctor is like "You took spicy food? Not enough water"
Someone is like "Drink more water"

At 6.00 p.m. today, mommy ask me to buy dinner. Went out "ta pau" food from the malay stall - puasa de.. All spicy! Muahahahaha..

My eyes are heavy now, head also, mind also.. And later, people will ask me to rest early...


Oh yea, Elisa, maybe a good news to you, I MIGHT able to come for the camp... Hehe..

Monday, August 24

Closing myself in the closet

I can’t put any words together now.
I can’t describe anything thing now.
I can’t do anything now.
I can’t think anything now.
I can’t, I can’t.

Things went ugly.
My plans are always stupid.
My heart is soft like a jelly.
Now I am nobody.

I am sorry
I am guilty
I am regret
I am stupid
I am crazy
I am selfish
I am bad
I am evil
I am cruel
I am; I am

Now, I am sick.

-Not using phone now-

Saturday, August 22

[Friday] + [someone]

Well it’s another Saturday. My hands are a little bit itchy now. They want to touch the guitar and piano. Too bad, I am not in bumble bee now. =) I will go later in the noon.

Today I miss someone very much. Don’t ask me why because I will tell you in the end of the post. =)

Oh yea, had a great time yesterday in cell especially with Elisa’s game – the zombie game. Elisa said we will have nightmares. Those zombie – Gabriel especially, really zombie. Got it? =)
When I first become the zombie they said “What zombie is this? Like gold fish.” =.=’’ Another say “Yer, why this zombie so cute?” =.= Speechless. ;(

Yer + cute = ???

Anyway, we had a great time and also Joel Chan’s word. I still remember those points – 1- Speak carefully. 2 – Speak harmlessly. 3 – Speak Consistently. 4 - Behave wisely. Yay. Underline can remember geh! =)

Okay.. That’s all

HaPpY bIRtHdAy

Guess who's birthday is it?

aNdRe HaR ChOoN SeNg!!!

He is a friend of mine from form 2. We always fight, argue, shouting to each other. However, I can say that those are memories. He has a good heart but he don't really show it. He is a happy-go-lucky person but in times, he will be super emo and he don't want people to disturb. IF anyone disturb him - gone la you. =)
I still can remember those times..
Andre, remember form 2 when I throw a bottle to you? You take my bag, I take yours and we run around the classroom and everyone is so swt with us? When I think back, I feel so foolish.
We are so terrible at times. =) Anyway, if those days without you, it will be so empty, no fun, no jokes, no fights. =)
I hope that you will continue your study and good luck in everything you do and IMPORTANT thing! Trust the Lord. He will guide you. Are you still a christian? =)
Ok, remember to keep in touch - as in phone punya touch. Not you think punya touch. Okay?

God Bless!!!! Luv you & Miss you

Friday, August 21


Oh well,

Good news!!!
Very good indeed. I am happy for this news and, I am longing for this news, and, I , I , going to keep it as a secret. Yay! Thank God.

You are Mr. Dumbo for "that"

Thursday, August 20

I am a bad person actually. I am bad. I am.

Well, what we see is what we get?
Not really.
We need to sense it, feel it, do it, think of it, and so on to get.

Today I encounter with 2 people. First is an old beggar. One of my colleague open the glass door and the old beggar want to came in. I quickly tell that beggar not to come in politely. What will you do if you are in my shoes?
I don't know what I should do on that time. In my heart, I want to ask him to just leave this place. In the same time, I want to give him some money. In the same time, I think that he is just a organization like others that cheats people money. I've seen before an old beggar beg for money with a crutch. In 2 hours time I saw him in another destination with a crutch but not for supporting. He holding it and running. I just feel so - speechless. From that onwards, I don't really want to donate money for those people. I don't know what is the true story. Anyway, just now, I feel so sorry for him but yet I did not help him. I still feel guilty.

The second one.
There is this guy who send something over for our company. He came once last week and he is a little bit retarded. Actually, I think I got a phobia. I am afraid of those in wounds, retarded, very ill patient. When I saw him, I am afraid. I don't know why. But for sure, I am guilty with all this kind of feeling. I realize I do have a few phobia. Last time, I was afraid with people praying for me. It just feel not right. I overcome it. Now, seems like I am afraid of more things.

I am a bad person actually. I am bad. I am.

.thanks for wanting me.

Tuesday, August 18

[photos] + [updates]

Those are the pics from cell sunday. Not all of it. Just few of it.

I changed my blog layout due to some technical problem. So I temporary apply this first until I found some nicer layout. =) Be patient if you think this is ugly especially with my face in it. Haha. I'll change lor.. hehehe.. Anyway, you know why those 4 people are selected? Because, they are special to me. JG,JG,YY,ET. lolz
You know what? Pimples is multiplying on my face after I make up this two days. That's why I hate make up so much. I just not into this kind of things. Putting stuff on my face. Eww.. I just don't like it. I know I am not pretty but I don't need to put that things on my face cause I don't think by putting that can make me prettier. =.=" It just make me feels not comfortable. I just prefer eye shadow. That's all. Haiz.

You know that I am soft hearted.
It's not a good thing.
[love][me] x [you].

Monday, August 17

(1)For my only darling - CL and (2) the rest of the day

You know,

Friends come and go in our life
They might give us a good memories or maybe bad memory
They might go happily
They might go angrily
It's all depends about us - the relationship.

In my life, I got lots of friends come and go. I've been moving here and there and this is how I know new friends and lost old friends. If I really want to count how many friends I have, it is uncountable - just like everyone else. However, I only have a friend that I really love so much. She is a special person. A person that knows me very well. I just can't describe. Anyway, just want to tell you that you are very special to me. I am happy to have a friend like you and....

Loh Chien Ling , Michelle
-you are older than me that's why I am happy-

I hope you had a wonderful birthday with your friends and family. I can't give you a grand surprise birthday party, so I just gave you a small one. I hope you enjoy. =) I hope you like the "mother cow" that I gave you and oh, the 5 hour card. Hahax. Actually, it took more than 5 hours. Don't feel guilty. It all because I was so dumb with arts so I wasted a lot of time in the beginning. Besides, I was busy with the phone. So it took more than 5 hours.. So it is not because you are so special so I did it so special. *what am I talking?*

Chien Ling, I love you. Muahahahaha..


Yesterday was a fun day. We had our cell sunday in Aunty Christine house. The word is good. Prayer changes things. =)

It was Aunty Nancy farewell party too actually. After the cell sunday, we went for lunch in Puchong "Restaurant Cheong Wah" *beside the balai bomba*. We bought a cake too for Aunty Nancy and Michelle. It was a surprise for them.

I was so hungry in the car and I hope they had already order the food so that when we reach we can just start eating. However, when we reach, Sis Lai Ming told me they are waiting for us first. T.T sad case. I am so hungry. Then Sis Lai Ming started to order the dishes. The waitress there said that 6 dishes is not enough since we have 17 people altogether. So we order 8 dishes. When our dishes arrived, "OMG" the portion is damn big. It's too late. We have to finish everything on the table. *I'll upload the pics after I get it.* Just by looking at the plate, I am full. I am so full by JUST LOOKING at it. lol.
After the food time, we eat fruits that brought by Monkey. Full like crazy again. Then, cake time. Triple full full full.. I thought Chien Ling know I will celebrate with her. But actually she don't know. She thought I really forgot her birthday. HaHa. Mission accomplished! YAY!
The food is nice
But I don't know bout the price.
It cost RM200++ and actually it is not expensive because the portion is really big and 17 people leh.... and service is good.. WE ARE DAMN FULL.
After lunch, everyone go back home except Joel G and Elisa T. Then want to goes to church because of the BB parents day thingy. Since I feel bored if I go back so early, I tagged along with them where I have no idea I go there for what reason. I kinda regret after I reached there. However too late because I can't go back. It's raining outside when I decided to just take a bus home. So I just enjoy the whole thing and it turn out kinda fun because ...... It is fun.. =.="
Especially the games. Parents are tricky at times. We took some picture. I will upload it when I get it from sasa. Had a great day and also had a bad day.

sorry to someone because I ignore that person for half day.
I know I am bad.
I was sleeping and actually I intend to ignore.
I ignore because I feel like it
You believe?
I am evil. Muahahahaha...

Someone: Remember what you promise,
if I tell you the long story,
you must not hate me anymore.
Don't ever break your promise.
I know you are evil..
I am -too

Friday, August 14

It's Friday

When I walk, I get a fall
I ask why I fall, the answer I got is because I am not tall.

--I know I am short--
--You people just over short--

I got a very bad muscle cramp on my left hand yesterday night. I cried for almost few minutes. I tell my mom that I need an exercise since I am unused for almost 2 years. However, I can’t go for running, badminton, jumping – so what can I do for exercise since I got this back problem and I don’t want to make it worst but I do really need to EXERCISE! If I go for running then my back might give me another few months of pains and also my respiratory system is not so good now. It does not work properly if I over used. Anyone can suggest anything? Wait, this blog seems no one in. No one can suggest anything for me. * =.=” *

My bones are weak today. Not sure what causes it to be like that. Suddenly, I am very afraid. Seems like I having a lot of problem in my body. I am afraid that I might end up like Aya-Kito; 1 litre of tears. For sure it is not because of the disease but died in early years.

Okay, I am going to search for any ice breaker for tonight to make everyone have fun. I hope no one ask to skip ice breaker because I always used my sweats to search for it for everyone. ;)

Thursday, August 13

Slap me. lolz

Is 7th September is a compulsory holiday? I hope it is but mostly my hope crash! There is a church camp next month from 5th to 7th. People were telling me that 7th is a holiday and I am so happy at first but later on I found out 7th is not listed under my company holiday list. I want to take leave but I think my annual leave is not enough since I forgot to take MC on the 6th on this month when I go for MRI. Should I apply unpaid leave? No, I can’t. My mom will be chasing me with a knife if I did that because she don’t like I take unpaid leave for going out. If I am sick then it is a different story. So what shall I do? I know. While they are having fun there, I will be alone in my house hugging my shroom and – sobs? Let’s not think about it now.

Anyone here loves art? What about cakes? Cupcakes? Cookies? I came across a website and I was stunned with the author of it. She is awesome – word that I only has for now. People who likes baking and who likes design should really see her work of art. It is wonderful. If you are interested, please log on to this website; delectable or go to her blog. I hope one day I can afford to ask her to design a cake for my mom birthday. I have the idea in my head know. *laughs* I really do hope I can afford one day! =)

I’m a little bit confused with what I am doing now. I mean, I want to know what I am thinking. While I am doing things, my head is thinking a lot of things and while I try to sit and think what I am thinking, I am blank. It bothers me a lot. Am I okay? Maybe everything cramp into my head and I can’t think properly and it affect my emotion. I am happy but yet I am emo. * scratch head* It feels weird now. Besides, I am doing something very stupid everyday. I think I really should slap myself as hard as possible to wide awake from my dreams.

Now, I feel so sleepy. I really do deserve a slap. Come people just slap me. =)

Wednesday, August 12


H1N1 is getting worst. I hope it will disappear soon.

Everyone is getting sick. Coughing, flu is everywhere. I pray that those who are sick will be healed!

These two days I am happy. I changed the forum layout and I did the header by using Microsoft Power Point yesterday. I know I am very lame for using that to design but I do not have any other sources and I am definitely not a designer, so I have no designer sense. However it turns out to be pretty okay and few youths say it’s nice, so I guess I succeed for the first try! As for today, I am happy – in facebook.

I am looking forward for this Sunday; Cell Sunday in Aunty Christine house. I am kind of disappointed when I know Boys Brigade is going on and my mood was spoilt at first. But later on, I feel its okay without them. We can have more fun while they are not there. We might go for Pyramid too. So let’s enjoy while they suffer! =) I am so evil – as usual teach by Joel Goh.

Okay, I got to back in working spirit! I have lots of things to do and I don’t want “that” someone to talk so much.

ღ◊†·.I got attracted by someone.·†◊ღ

Monday, August 10

I am sorry if this post makes anyone sad or angry.

I am thinking too much again lately. Tears rolling down without noticed. Yesterday night, I think too much. I think of friends that once I called best friend and still treat them as best friend, has been drew far apart now. We might be meeting each other right now but the feeling is gone. I don’t know how to describe this but, what I can say is I prefer not to be with them. I remembered once a friend said to me “You can tell us everything. We are friends and you even said that we are your best friend. Why not just tell us what you have gone through and what you are going through now? We might able to help you and if not we can be the one who listens.” I never agree with this statement, until today, this statement is still wrong – for me. Can I really tell everything? Can I just tell and they will listen? They might for the first few times. However, they won’t really listen to you after that. They are numb with your talking, they are numb with your problem, they are numb with listening to you, they are annoyed with you and wanted to just ask you to stop telling them things. I feel it now.

People, do you think you really know about me? You might describe me as a loud, talkative, crazy person. I might talk loudly, playing games with everyone, laughing crazily with everyone but deep inside me is different. If I want to be myself, I will totally dissimilar with what you people see me as.

I don’t need people to share my problems with. I just need people to really treat me as a friend. I noticed that now when I try to talk people, they might just nod their heads or replied with a single “oh”, “ya”, “OK”. This makes me feel like not talking my stuff to anyone anymore and when I do not people keep said that I keep everything to myself and do not tell them and they can’t help if I don’t tell. People, try to think how you treat me before saying I don’t want to tell. I’ve been keeping a lot of things to myself lately. I don’t feel like sharing because this is the reason.

I did not share my problem with someone. Don’t say that I rather go to someone that I should not go to, to share my problems. I did not. We were just talking normal things and actually it makes me feels better than those BEST FRIENDS around me. Saying bout best friends, is it what I did is not good enough? Is it I am not worth it to be a best friend of you people? I just don’t know. I can bluntly say now that I eliminate my entire best friend list. I can’t trust anyone for now. I am sorry if I hurt anyone here but it is a fact that I am really tried my best to be just a friend, just a friend to everyone but I failed badly.

To someone who sms-ed me yesterday,

Thank you for telling me you will be sad without me and I always make you happy. You did not regret have a friend like me.
I feel better with what you said to me. What you have said, it goes same to me. Although how sad I am but still I never regretting to be friend with everyone. Not a single person makes me regret. Everyone is my friend.

Friday, August 7

a day

- I feel not right today.
- Feel like missing something.
- I keep thinking.
- I keep waiting.
- I keep looking.
- No signs of it.

Anyway, I am still in the sick mood. I catch the flu after I went to hospital yesterday. Oh ya, have I tell bout the MRI scans yesterday? Nope, I haven’t because I did not blog anything yesterday. =p
Yesterday Esther fetches me to hospital. I felt so guilty because she has to wait for me. MRI scan is scary for me. I have to go in to the machine. I need to lie down on the bed. Then those people explaining this and that to me. They are very polite to me too maybe due to I am a LITTLE KID for them. =.=” Then there’s a guy hand me a headphone to wear on. One of the lady told me that because the process is very noisy so I better wear it. The guy told me that it is radio. I feel so happy because I can listen to radio. =) Then I asked them how long is the duration inside that thingy since Esther is alone outside waiting for me. What if I will be in there for 3 hours? Then Esther will be outside for 3 hours. -.- The guy said “Kalau you baik-baik tak gerak-gerak, 30 minit lah. Kalau tak baik-baik, 40 minit.” I was like “sorry Esther” =)

Then I went in that MRI machine. SO scary. I was not allowed to move and on my left hand there’s a thing for me to press incase I feel not right. It’s a bell. I feel like pressing it a few times because I am bored. =p I almost press it when the radio start. -.- Scared me. I am so scared! They lady say want me to listen to the radio so that I won’t hear the noisy sound. But, the radio is very soft! I can’t even hear clearly and the process is so LOUD! Worst case of all, it’s malay song. I don’t discriminate malay songs. Just that it’s too rock. Why not put Siti Nurhaliza songs? Aiyoyo.. hehe.. Suddenly, when I made my decision to sleep, everything stop. What happen? They say you are done. So fast? How long I’ve been in there? “You baik-baik, tak gerak, jadi 25 minit ade la.” -.-

“Macam –mana mau gerak? Inside so space-less. Anyway, everything ended earlier than expected. I wanted go for a check up for H1N1 but I afraid Esther need to wait again. So I did not check. I hope I am okay. Okay?! People, don’t come near me. I am really very sick.

Oh ya, my HR manager going to Australia. Hope she have a nice trip. MS. WONG, ENJOY YOUR TRIP… =)

Wednesday, August 5

SIck - Again?!

I hate to be sick. I am so weak now. Yesterday I took MC again. I don’t want to but I have no strength to work. The day before, I went to work. I knew that my throat is started to get itchy symptoms. My head was getting heavy, a little cough, my eyes were tired. I told my HR manager that I might go to see the doctor next day. She says why not I go on the same day after work so that I won’t affect my work the next day. Therefore, I dragged myself to the Clinic Mediviron. A 5 minutes walk from my work place. I feel extremely not well. I waited for around 20 minutes for my turn. When it’s my turn, I went in, sit, look at the doctor. WAIT, why this doctor so old? He is not the same guy I came last week. Anyway, I let him examine me. Old man is old man. He does not trust the high-tech facilities. He took the don’t-know-what thingy to put near my ear to check for fever. He says it’s terrible. That machine does not really work. He is right. Because that thingy says I am not fever. So the doctor took out his wallet and took don’t-know-what thingy to put on my forehead to measure my fever and YES, I am FEVER!! Then, he goes. Started to grumble this and grumble that. Then he asked me a few questions that he said

“Girl, I think you better go to the hospital.”

I chuckled.

“Hey girl, it is better to go to the hospital.”

I just nod my head.

Then he asked “Flu?”

“Just now a little but now no, I think”

“GIRL, don’t say now no. You still need to eat the medicine. Don’t skip it.”

“ER…. Okay.”

“I will let you to rest. I give you MC. You want?”

“Er.. Can you give first? If I am alright then, I better go to work.”

“No No. You want then only I give. If not later your boss will laugh at me.”

“Huh? Okay then. I will take rest.”

What a NICE doctor.

Actually I don’t really want to take MC since I took last Friday and this coming Thursday I am going to MRI scan.

However, I took it already larrr.. That night I took the medicine and rest. It is a critical night. I was really sick. I feel like the body is not mine anymore. Difficult to breathe and so on. The next day, I woke up and wanted to go to work. But my body is too weak and also, no voice. So sad..

O’ Lord I pray that you will heal me fast.. AMEN

I’ve been easily get sick these few months. I am so numb with all the medicines I took. Whether it is for my back, my this my that till I really feel numb. YES! NUMB!

Tomorrow I will be going for the MRI scan and maybe go for H1N1 test to ensure I am okay since my facebook comments scare me today. I better go for the check up. Wish me lucks people! =)

Monday, August 3


I am sick – again. I never know the feeling of food poisoning in my life. I heard people said its terrible, painful, and all sorts of things. What I thought is just stomach pain, vomiting and that’s all. Haha. You are so wrong SHERINA!!

I was food poisoned on Thursday. *cries* It hurts me lots. The feelings are indescribable. I thought the whole intestine, stomach, kidneys will come out. It feels like its going to explode anytime. It is so TERRIBLE. Anyway, thank God for immediate healing. Now I am okay BUT I started to cough yesterday night. *cries – again* Sad case right? The throat is itch now. *angry*

Anyway, yesterday was CBC anniversary. We went to Civic Center * if I am not mistaken*. Then few of us headed to NEW PARIS for lunch with Kim’s family. *Thanks Uncle Kim*. After the lunch, we went to SUNWAY PYRAMID. I was protected by FOUR bodyguards. *hehe* 1 girl 4 boys. 2 infront 2 behind. Why always I am the only girl? Lolz. We went “hang kai” till 3.30 p.m. Feel so happy. Cause very long no “hang kai” le. Too bad Elisa and Ying Yi was not there. *T.T*

Tuesday, July 28

Sleep, I need

Okay, I am still very blur now although its already 6.00 p.m. soon. I am still not awake. I am so sleepy till I really can sleep if there's a bed beside me. I woke up at 8.00 a.m. today but due to I do not have a GOOD sleep yesterday with ALL stuff in my head and PEOPLE around me so I can't sleep well. I hope I can have one good sleep tonight. So I am telling myself.

Please sleep after you get bath.. The latest is 11.00 o'clock after work and food and bath! No later than that! So that you sleep, PEOPLE also sleep. =p

Good night, ◊†·.·´¯`·.·BC·.·´¯`·.·ShêRíŇĂ·.·´¯`·.·BB·.·´¯`·.·†◊


Hero Crow!

I saw a dead crow today. It is so awful to see it. Nearby that dead crow there is another crow. That crow looks very sad. I think it must be that crow spouse. T.T I can imagine the situation is like that.


Crow A: Darling, where we want to go for food tonight?
Crow B: Honey, wherever you want I will follow.
Crow A: Darling, you are so good to me
Crow B: Honey, because I am your darling mar..

Crow A & Crow B fly together to find some food. Suddenly, when they want to land on the ground there is car driving very fast and almost knock down Crow A but Crow B quickly push Crow A aside and “BANG”… There goes Crow B..

So sad.. No wonder Crow A looks so sad just now.

Sorry for crapping today but I do really saw the crow and the another one looks so SAD!

Monday, July 27


The voice I longed to hear,
The gentleness I long to see,
The way I want you to be,
At last all you’ve given to me.

What can I say? I am happy. Yeepee Yeepee. It has been a long time since I am crazy again. However, it just a long lost normal feelings that I found back. Nothing more than that! =)

Saturday, July 25

The treasures..

Memory that I''ll never forget.

If one day I am not here, remember one thing. I love you guys. If I am gone one day, I will try to remember all these memories that you guys gave me

Friday, July 24

I'm also a human being

I’m back to blogging although I said I will hiatus for few months but I want to come back and be myself. What am I saying? BLUR!

I learned a very important lesson today! That is DO NOT EAT DIM SUM FOR LUNCH especially a BIG eater like me.

Our gang was a little bit blurred today. We were in the car and do not know where to head for lunch. We do not want to go for PAN MEE again since we were like eating Pan Mee for everyday last few weeks. Who suggest go Dim Sum?! T.T

Since all of us got to budget in everything, so we eat a little only. Oh yea, they are all my colleagues. Poor 6 fellows. WE ate almost for 50 bugs and quite full on that time. However, my tummy started to drum inside now! So sad.

I really got to Thank God because these few days because I got these people that are funny. Jason Phan, Jenny Hoo, Winnie, Christine, Ms Hong and so on. =)


Our company is having a steamboat session tonight at Sunway. I wanted to go. I told my mom I’m not going cell a few days ago. I told her I’m going for steamboat. However, I changed my mind yesterday and told her I go cell group. Today, I wanted to change my mind to go for steamboat. I don’t want go cell but Mommy is angry and say GO CELL GROUP! She don’t even allowed me to go for KTV session with my colleague on Wednesday! Why!? Why?! I want go with them. She says this is not a place suitable for me to go. Its not like what you think mommy. Anyway, I try to change her mind. =) I love mommy – my love. I know she too worry bout me. Mother is like that!

I am so random today. I feel so blank at times. My mind is like full with question mark. Randomly, I picked up the phone and call Janice (CBC Office). Just feel like calling her. Do not know why. Then, randomly I mess my table and still leave it like that. I don’t know what I am doing. I was blogging, facebook-ing, msn-ing, listening to almost few hundreds of songs and don’t feel like it. What am I saying?! I have no idea. Maybe I wanted to talk to someone to release out all my feelings but yet I can’t find anyone. I am all alone.

These few days has been a tough days for me to think properly. I receive several calls, several messages that I feel tired with. I’ve been too harsh on Monday but I just can’t think of anything better way for all this mess that I created. It hurts me lots to hurt people yet I got to do it and… ANYWAY, Sherina! Just do what you doing! Don’t even think of anything like what the KING says to you He is RIGHT! . =x

However, does anyone really care for my feelings? Does everyone really think of me?
I'm also a human being!!!


I will be back . . . Haha..

Saturday, July 4


Hi people! =)
I might not be blogging for some time for all my blogs! =) Until… Maybe… End of November…
Its all depends. I need to concentrate on my work now and also other things. So people. BYE BYE! =)

Can always tag me in the chatbox! I will reply! =) SAYONARA

Thursday, July 2

Letter to those important friends

I think I am not a good friend. Perhaps, I am not a friend at all. From schooling days till now, I always neglect those friends that are around me. I know how I behave last time. I know how bad I am to all the friends around me. Maybe due to there are lots of problems with me so I treat them like that. However, it should not be the reasons. Friends are something very precious and we should treasure them for our whole life. No matter what is going on, friends is still friends. Friends are forever. “Friends are friends forever”.

I should really apologize for those who I have hurt before especially in my secondary time. I really have neglected those friends. I am a selfish person. I always think of myself – not them. I always think that how bad they treat me but I never think of how bad I am. I am so sorry.

A letter to a true friend.

Dear Joanna,
I know how much I hurt you before. I am not a good friend. However, you never leave me when I am in troubles and always support me. You always being beside me especially in tough times. I never think of the good things you do. I always feel everyone is bad. Everyone hates me. I know you don’t. You did not record all my wrong doings. You still treat me as a friend. I remember you are the only one who raises your hand when teacher ask “Who is Sherina close friend?” Thank you so much for being a friend.

I feel so bad that I forgotten to wish you. I know its kind of late now. At least I still wish right? =) That day my phone out of credit. I wanted to wish you the next day once I reload but as you know; I was busy with the performance, event in Tropicana City Mall, and you know I was “a little bit” busy with chasing “someone” news. I know it should not be the reasons. So, it’s my fault. =p

Okay, Liew Kim Foong, Joanna

It’s great to know you this friend who is OLDER than me but looks SMALLER than me.

Happy Birthday to you,
You are born in a zoo,
You live with the guinea pig,
And you look like one too!


Cute eh? GUINEA PIG cute right? Just like the one Eng Yew gave you. Anyway, I hope we will have more times together. Hope we will still keep in contact! Remember! When you and Eng Yew tie the knot, invite me yea! I hope is soon. =)

Another letter to another friend

Dear Winnie Hoon Hui-Nie (Class monitor)

Winnie, you look very tough outside but I know you are not in the inside. I hope you will be strong for no matter is happening and going to happen. I know you are happy-go-lucky person that always make us so happy. As a monitor, you do it very great last time. No one can replace a monitor like you. At first, we always say bad things about you. However, after knowing you, you are good actually. Sorry for being so bad.

Happy belated birthday to you too. I really don’t know when your birthday is. I am so sorry. I hope you had a great birthday and I actually know you did. I’m not sure whether you will be reading this or not but just want to wish you.

Muacks muacks!

Signed off

Tuesday, June 30

A lesson I learned

You might be very healthy this minute but you might not breathe in the next minute.
My mom always tells me that life is unpredictable. She says that she might be talking to me this minute but, maybe, the next minute, she won’t be here anymore. Every time she says this to me, I can feel that my heart feels the pain. Who won’t? You know what I always God to do from last time when I am very young. I am very selfish person. I asked God not to let my mom die first. I want to be the one to die first. For I know I can’t live without my mom. She is the only one I have in my life. I rather die first. Sometimes, I hope I can die immediately better than to lose my mom. I know I am so selfish.
Actually what will happen to my mom if she loses me? It will be the same thing for her. She loves me way too much. She will be very sad too. She is so lonely after all and if one day I “go” first, I don’t know what will happen to her. But what can we do? Then I think of something. What if we die together? I think is a best way after all because if I “go” first, she will be very sad. If she “go” first, I will be very sad. So die together is best way for I only have her and she only has me. I am so foolish right? No matter what, we can’t control. It’s just God the one who can control everything. No matter how pain we are, we still need to take it.

Just like Michael Jackson passed away, I keep on thinking, why so suddenly? Why take his life when he just 50 and his upcoming concert are just in next month? Some people says he look healthy when they meet him, but still, now, he is already gone. That’s why life is really unpredictable. We never know what is going to happen in the next minute. I’ve been chasing his news everyday. Although he had gone but there are still ‘spectacular’ news about him. Although it is such a waste that the King of Pop is no longer in this world, but I think it is better for now. He can really have peace. No more problems, no more worried, no need to think to solve any problem. I felt pity with his three little children. They lost their father in a young age. However, they still need to face it and overcome it.

Here, I give my deepest condolence to the Jackson’s family. (Although I don’t know them and they don’t know me.)

It’s a lesson for me to learn. No matter what happens, I got to take it no matter how pain it is. God is the one in control. Death is not bad actually. Death brings peace too. But this not means going to commit suicide or whatsoever. But die naturally. God’s planning. Sometimes dieing is better than suffer in this world. Dieing also means you have accomplished your mission in earth and its time to go somewhere! *haha* (my theory la -not real de)

So everyone, use your day wisely. Do not do something will regret you and do not just sit there and day dreaming. What you want to do, do it while you can. You will never know what you will be in the next minute. It will be such a waste if you just think and do no action.

I think these few days I talked to much bout Michael Jackson. *hehe*
Yesterday, someone ask me “So you like Michael Jackson already. What bout Lee Hom?”
I can tell you that Michael Jackson is more talented. How he dance, how he sing. No one can replace him. As for Lee Hom, always my number one too! So I got two Number ONE!! =) Oh ya, I got 3 Number ONE in my heart actually..

Signed off - - - -