Monday, June 28

Picture time

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Photo taken by: Lynette's laptop
Models: Lynette, Amelia & Sherina
Edited by: Of course, me - Sherina Sim a.k.a menuiq

Wednesday, June 23


You say you are young but you are mature but I can say that I don't think so.

As a friend, I will just pray to God that He will lead you and guide you. Amen. =)


Friday, June 18


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this one too...

Sunday, June 13

How random it can be

Since Lionel is my "dream" guy. Now we have some scandal.. LOL.. even dear knew bout it.. See? I'm so honest with him. =)

In sunway pyramid..

Lift mirror
"You" make my life became black and white.

To someone that should be the one.

If you are reading this, I hope you know I am talking to you.
You've have made my life colourless. It seems to be always black and white. I thought I used to it but I don't..

However, things past. I'm not the same Sherina anymore. I don't bother whether what the hell you guys want to be friend wif me. Aha. and whatsoever.. I have tried my best. I ask for request more than three times.. This will be my last. And.. if no response.. I will just forget it.. In my life. . .

Friday, June 4

Help me

hey people,

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