Saturday, January 31

So what?1

I am stupid??
Yes I am..
Always that stupid...
So what?
Everyone... Blek....

Anyway.... Just being myself....

Friday, January 23

Buh Bye... C you~

It will be last day for me to blog..
I will resume after CNY... wahahahaha....

So let me wish you people here...

Wake up in the morning of 26.1.2009,
With sun shining above,
Greet your parents with all red,
So that you will get as red as you want.

Hope you people will get lots of red red packet ^^ang pau^^
Hope you people can eat a lot of delicious food.
Hope you people can have lots of fun.
Hope you people can have lots of holidays..
End here...
This is the time to end this post
For it will be no more post
Until the day to come to post
It will be 2.2.2009 to post

Shall I call you?

I surf the net... Read some friends blog... Saw some pictures... And feel like upload it... haha... MEANINGFUL PICTURE you know?!

Why my two bro's looks so black now? LOL...

Thursday, January 22

Let the past be the past

Suddenly, I feel like writing this to someone.

Dear Friend,
I don't think I know you so well. But, I know I like to be very close to you.
We shared, We laugh, We cry, We talk, We disagree certain things together, We agreed certain things together, We and we and we..

Even my mom prefer me to be with you more than others. *LOL*

Dear Friend,
I know at times I don't really care your feelings. I might being such a not-good-friend to you. I am sorry. But, here, I want you to know that I don't show. I wants to care about you but, just that, I don't know how. I wonder, as a BIGGER SIS to you - *I bold it for as you know, I AM OLD.. jkjk... do i really take good care about you. For my information, you take good care about me more than I do. And that makes me go over the limit I think.. To neglected your feelings..

I know it hurts so much when all the things repeated again and again. I am - too... But I know your hurt is more than I do. Now, I give up on this case. I just gave up. I am not giving up the entire team, but, I just give up on some certain issue, I feel more relief than before. Laugh it away makes me feel better. Like you said, what can we do now? Let's just laugh it off. Yeah.. Let's not waste our energy and brain cells to think about it again.

And dear my friend,
They are still very beloved to us- RIGHT! Yes.. Agree...

Oh Friend,
Let us be together hitting each others head with "tongkat" until the end of the world. Can we..? =)

Oh Friend,
Let us have a very blessed CNY. WE will go to a lot of places together during this CNY. OK? I dated you ok? Love You.

That box - my treasure

I close my eyes,
I imagine myself to see you,
I open my eyes
You are right infront of me.

Your eyes - so tempting
Your jokes - so lively
Your voice - so nice to hear
Your smile - melted my heart.

If and only If I can see you wear that shirt again.
If and only If I still love you
If and only If You will love me
If and only If and will be just if.

I am simple yet complicated
I am complicated yet simple

All HAD gone.
My feelings towards you
I'll keep it in a precious safety box
Lock it and throw the key away
So that I won't open it or anyone can find my feelings towards you.

Oh you, I miss your eyes
I miss your jokes
I miss your smile
I miss your coolness

I miss you so much..
I will just keep this misses in a box too.
I lock it and throw the key away
So that no one can ever search it again

I hope you will be happy always
Always I will be here to wait for you
Wait for you to need my help
Because I will always love you as a friend.

I miss pink.
I hope it will appear again on you one day.
I miss the bookmark.
I hope it will appear again in your bible one day.

Wednesday, January 21

SOmething to blog

What shall I blog?
I feel that this blog is dead blog... Not the same as last time...

Maybe today I can blog about my work life..

Most of my friends know, currently, I am working in a BIG company called - CLARA INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY GROUP.
At first I am super free. Just answer calls and collect letter and fax - then distribute.. But now,, WORK... LOADS.. AND I LOVE IT! Maybe you guys think I'm insane for loving work loads... but I really enjoy.. Cause I feel the more I do the more I learn.. Now I learn about HR thingy and I feel it really a good job.. Maybe next time if I can continue my study, HR is not bad too!! I am learning a lot of HR job.. So I really love it...

People around the office is kinda friendly.. They can talk and joke and laugh.. But still, people.. people.. and people la... haha... But overall, still ok.. SOmetimes only la... ahem.. cough cough..


So.. This is what I can say for my work life.. Study life? haha... O Lord will B.L.E.S.S

Make Up =)

I became a model just now...
The make up artist help me to make up and I looks.... No comments..
Want to see the picture? Haha.. That is so so so so NO WAY!
Only will let some close people see. Bleuk!!

Tuesday, January 20


Head = ache = headache

Monday, January 19


She said " laughing is a good idea after all."

I agreed....

But, but
Laugh too much can cry too.. LOL...
But... I agree with you because..
Laughter is the best medicine over all...


Saturday, January 17

When it will stop?

Once, I was hurt badly and feel leaving..
Then, I say I will give a chance and just ignore the feelings.
Then, I got hurt again.
Then, again I back to normal
Then routine and routine

And now, I am so pain. Really.. How long must I continue this game?

Thursday, January 15

it will soon over

Love is complicated isn't it?

If you are alone without a boyfriend or girlfriend, you might say "Why la I am single?"

But, if you is having a bf or gf, and you always argue, you might say "Why I am not single? Should I just break up?"

Funny isn't it?

I have no comment for this matter.. What I can say is..

If you are single,
Don't worry, God will give you one day.. BE patient. Ask and you shall received.

If you are having a relationship,
If you and you bf/gf just having some small fights maybe it will be ok soon. If it is a big fight, then take your time to think what should you do. Break up is not always a good decision. But, if things really uncontrollable maybe break up is a good way.. But, I don't really hope people break up just because misunderstanding..
What can you do is always commit your relationship to God. Ask him to lead you...
And and.. Never do something you should not do..

Just hope everything will be alright.

Wednesday, January 14


I read one of my best friend blog. She says she was a mistake..
No! Don't think you are a mistake because God create you with purpose. He didn't mistakenly create you. He create you with purpose..


I wonder...

Is it important to have a boyfriend?

Tuesday, January 13

We are all sons of God

I was cleaning my stuff yesterday and I take my time and read Passion For Christ "small" devotion book prepared by Chee Meng.. While I read through, God really gives me more understanding.

Do you know a Father always love his son. They will do whatever to PROTECT the son.
Then some people ask. "If God love his children why He sacrifice His Son Jesus Christ to suffer
We should go back to John 3:16 "For God so loved the world."
He loves us. That's why He is willing to give His One and Only son to us. To save us. He loves His Son too. There will be a lot of doubt for those people outside there. They will ask whether Jesus is fiction or fictional?

For me I trust him because I EXPERIENCED. If I did not experience I won't believe and I will be one of the people outside there full with question. And.. heading to nowhere. But, if you really trust in Him he guide you and protect you and question will answer to you automatically.

Galatians 3:26-28
26You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus, 27for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. 28There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

We are all sons of God!!!

Monday, January 12

Every new day~

Yesterday is yesterday,
Everyday is a new day,
The past is the past,
We should see the future not the past.
After rain is rainbow,
After sorrows is joy.
Pain is just a while,
Happiness is always.


Me & Elisa *in forest*

She is cute rite?!

*guardian angel* *secret pal*

what she is doing?!


Who's that?!!!

We are so.... *no comments*
*I love this picture* -some sort of reason-

Ying Yi.. Sayang u.. LOL

She is sleepy.. The day before didn't sleep..

Poor thing..

The "some" FAMILY

MushMush sits on dolphin

Est, Rach & Vivian

I tak tau what they doing..

The Chef(s) Esther and Ckean.

That big kor kor
Joel Chan our teddy
The Goh's abang and adik..
Sorry if this is kinda so late.. Just want to share this family with other.. We are happy happy family!

Saturday, January 10

just random

I am just want you to know some words comes from you is hurting...
But you started to change..
So, I better keep my mouth shut from you...

Friday, January 9


Credits to: Wikipedia..
I found his PHOTO!!!!!!!!
I been searching and searching for so long and I found..
Try to listen his songs.. Super Chunted!~ LOVE *ling yi ge tian tang* 另一个天堂 meaning.. another heaven.... =)
WANG LEE HOM.. lols... My youth will anti-him again.. T.T


If you think this year started with bad luck. I warn you people! Do not think! If you are fear. Fear that it will continue for the rest of the year. I tell you! You are being superstitious!!

Am I fear? Fear that problems will still coming.. YES.. Problem will always comes. But why must I fear? If I fear, the problem will still be there. So what for I fear if fearing is not a solution for my problem. Do not fear! Since
The LORD is my light and Salvation -
Whom shall I fear?
The LORD is my stronghold of life -
of whom shall I afraid?
(Psalms 27:1)
Another verse here that is important for us....
John 3:16
For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, JESUS CHRIST, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.
=Again JESUS LOVES YOU! Remember!=

Forever Love

Forever love, Forever love.
I just want to use my whole life to love you.
Start from now to forever, you are my all.
This is the reason for happiness..

Translate by: Sherina
Song by: secret
Song title: Forever Love

Sorry, I addicted to him.. xD =)

Thursday, January 8


LOVE - a big word.. Often we use this word.. And we did not practice the whole meaning of LOVE.

Do we really know what is LOVE.. In the bible..
1 Corinthians 13:4 - 6

4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

This is the LOVE. Only Him can do it.. As a NORMAL human being, I don't think we can do it. Sad huh? Mostly people just say it for the fun of it. Can they LOVE with all this? Nah... Don't trust the guy that says he LOVES you. ha ha... I am just joking. If you want to wait... Forever you won't find a boyfriend... or a girlfriend... But don't be sad if there's no one who really mean the real LOVE to you.BeCaUsE there's a person that had, have, has, having, doing and still loving us with the real meaning of LOVE until TODAY...... Yes.. You heard me right.. Who?! JESUS.. He sacrifice himself for us. The greatest gift he given us.. And, he still loves us! The greatest love is HIM.

Thank you for YOUR LOVE that you've given to us..

-hey everyone-

JESUS LOVES YOU. Remember that always!!!
Don't feel sad! Remember JESUS LOVES YOU!

Wednesday, January 7

deep thoughts

Deep thoughts of mine - - -

Listen to the air.
Thinking of whom?!
Listen to the music.
For sure its YOU.
Seeing the resemble,
reminds me of you.
Seeing the moonlight,
I saw YOU.
Let's listen to LEE HOM NEW SONG!
Not related at all.....

Tuesday, January 6

Deuteronomy 31:6 , Matthew 7:7

I am just a small tiny creature that made by GOD.
Since he is the one who created me... Aren't he my father?
So? What am I afraid for? Why I got to think so much and stress myself?
Why I am so weak?! NO! I should not be weak.. For the Lord says,
"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you" Deuteronomy 31:6

Don't say I can do small things. For the Lord is with me.. I can do BIG things with Him. He will gives me strength.. I don't need to worry.

Why must I worry for tomorrow and for tomorrow itself will come and why not I think about it on the day itself. For the bird up the sky flying doesn't need to worry but they are happily living. Why I need to worry so much? God will supply. If I need anything, ask him.. For he says in Matthew 7:7 "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."

Remember always... He is our Father. He will never leave us. He is our Father. Ask and you shall receive...

I hope this 2 simple verse who read it will give you a great day. JESUS LOVES YOU..

Monday, January 5

GOD is with us

Don't worry.
Everything will be alright..
For GOD is with us forever...

Friday, January 2

A promised ; serious

2008 had past. Leaving smiles, tears behind.
For hopes that haven't achieved, I will achieve it by this year!
I promised myself to be a better person, better sister, better daughter, better friend!

2009 is here. Smiles, tears going to start.
I will try my best to smile more, tears less.
I will try my best to changed.
I will love one another.
This is my promised.

I left all the hatred, the misunderstandings, the unhappiness thoughts, the bad habits, the bad thinking, the bad image, the bad bad bad whatever behind in year 2008.
2009 will gives me a different things. All better and happy.
I promised myself to be a happy girl.

This is my promised.....