Tuesday, September 30

Girls fault or guys fault??

I was chatting with 2 colleague yesterday,
we were talking about guys and girls.
Girls - think more, do more, talk more, sad more, .. Conclusion - everything more than guys~
Guys - think less, do less, talk less, sadless, .. Conclusion - everthing lesser than girls~

What girls want from guys - think more, do more, talk more... everything also just MORE. Just like girls.
Then when those guys did it, the girls want those guys to do less. So?! Conclusion - Girls is just TOO MUCH.
Sometimes those guys is kind of pityful. Girls are kind of terrible sometimes.

However, guys sometimes makes us become like that. guys is the one to blame then. We don't really understand guys. Those guys always said that "don't know what you girls thinking"... Actually, we don't know what guys are thinking. So when we don't know what guys are thinking, we become a bit angry + frustrated + sad = BOMB.

So? You guys always thinks we are too emotional, too much, too this and too that. Actually you guys makes us like that... Don't blame us!!!

I want to know,
girls fault or guys fault?

I fell like posting this is just because 3 of us really kinda blur.
We don't really know guys fault or girls fault.
When we say both sides, we still think guys is the one to blame.
So.... I just post this.... To think

Monday, September 29


You know why girls are special?

Because they are unpredictable.

Anyway, not going to say about this first. I totally getting more and more emo nowadays. I could not help it.

Anyway, skip skip skip that first.

Now, I totally give up on somebody. I'd tried as hard as possible to become friends with him but somehow he is too over. The other day, you told me to smile often and BLA BLA BLA and now you are the one makes me feel so terrible. It has been years you treat me like that. When you want to talk with me then you talk and when you feel you don't like you just ignore me. You remember what you told me years ago when I like someone and I cried? You told me that no men worth my tears. If the one who makes me cry is not deserve my love or friendship. I don't think you remember what you said. Whatever you said, you just "cakap besar". This is you. And today, I just give up. Whatever you did to me - can, whatever I did to you- cannot. There is no such theory.

OK. Back to topic. I am totally getting emo nowadays. I don't know why. Just this few weeks. I easily get angry and sad. Feel like breaking into thousand pieces or maybe million pieces. I am not sure whether I am normal or not. Or maybe, I am abnormal.

I am so sorry to someone cause I make him feel @.@
I know. I should tell him what really I am not happy about. But, it just a small tiny case that makes me angry and then he add some salt on the wound then I gets angrier. Just like that. Totally nothing more than that. So its my fault actually. I just gets angry easily nowadays. So you got to bear with me. Oh no, I am so selfish! =)

I am not sure all girls are like that. I don't think so. So you need not to worry next time your girlfriend is like me so terrible. =)

Anyway, as I said I am not coming to Friday when discussion time with the youth. I said that because my mom did say Friday I cannot go cell cause the earlier day I went back late and the next day I got to work. Besides, I am really tired nowadays. So I really don't feel like explaining everything now. Feel like wasting time explaining this and that. When I start to explain things I will break down.
I know everyone around me is getting tired of me too. What about giving up on me? I think I cannot be save. No hope.

I really feel very tired nowadays.. I don't know why. I just feel tired and frustrated about anything. I am sorry...

Saturday, September 27


Now I know why I should work today.
Besides money, there is something that makes me =)
I getting happier..
I thought it was a bad day today because I DROP MY KEYS INTO THE TOILET BOWL.
I am to careless.
I thought it was a bad day because someone say something.
Actually, today is a bad day for me..
But now, just a simple tiny tiny things makes me happy.
Now, smile is crafted on my face. - can't stop.

thank you so much.
you might not realize.

No title

"U sit down goyang kaki where can get bf ? they wont drop from the sky..."

I think some of you understand what is this.
What I can say is, I totally cannot stand anymore. Frankly, I felt like going to that person and slap him non-stop. However, can I do that? I can't. If I can, I sure will do.
I really don't understand what rubbish this mean. Do you know what are you talking.
You don't know what am I doing, so please don't say something that makes people angry.
I really want to scold you in the forum but I did not. I just msn you and ask you whether you think is a bit harsh to say like that.
What you reply MR? "The truth hurts"
You are like putting more fire.
How many times you ha said hurtful things to me? You did not realize. because I did not say anything. I keep quiet doesn't mean you can climb over me and say more!
i know you want to joke. But honestly, your jokes is not a jokes.
You said that is a spam site. So? You can say more?
I am not angry because of just this. But, when everything accumulate together, I really will burst. I am sorry for being harsh now, but you makes me like that.
I am super frustrated for this two days and you want to makes me get angry.

I really want to burst. But, who can I burst to?

Friday, September 26

Past Sunday

I forgotten to post something for sunday.
Sunday worship.
Back up singer - ME, SL,WZ, CRYSTAL. (should be kal but he go class..)
Guitar and bass - Josh, Gab, Chee Meng, Sam
Keyboard and Piano - Joel & colin *i think*
Drum - Jonathan
VIOLIN - Joel Chan & Ying Yi

What a BIG group. I enjoyed it. Cause I like BIG group. =) When worship time - dissapointed.
Some aunties say our worship too loud. Even got auntie put her finger on her EAR HOLE to stuck it from hearing the NICE worship. =( SOBZ.
SO bad meh? but auntie Nancy say very good wor. She even keep snaping our photo. Righ to left left to right. Up to down down to up. But why some auntie don't like. I think they even offended cause of someone too. Haiz... Nowadays, maybe we are too modern or they are too outdated. Hey, I just say say only. SHhh.. left in right out, right in left out.. Don't go back and complain to your parents and say Sherina writing something. I will die o~ =)

Chee Meng should pick me up that day.. Since I THOUGHT he is fetching then I THOUGHT I can sleep for extra 10 minutes. Mana tau, Gab call and say he reach liao. In seven minutes time I got to bath and put EVERYTHING. I feel I can become superman already. xxxxx Not superman. IS SUPERWOMAN. =) xD
Then at santuary, that Chee Meng somemore "jat" me say I pig wor. Then we had some joke-fights there. Hmp.. Bad betul!!! xD All also Gabriel la.. Come so early.. Our custom/tradition is reach church late de ma! xD

Thursday, September 25

I am a useless person

Have you ever think about what will you be another 5 years time? or another 10 years time?
You going to be the same like now.. ?
You going to be someone different.. ?
Different in what sense.. ?
Having a better life or getting poorer.. ?

I could not even dare to imagine my future.. I've been hiding under my shell for months. I am afraid to look at the long narrow road. I am afraid I will be in the same position. I just afraid. I just have no guts to think more about my future. I am just afraid of everything.
I became a useless person.

Wednesday, September 24

Heart - hole

Credits to: Pon and zi (Azuzephre)
Sitting alone there
Heart was sink into deep sea
A hole was formed
Because of thorns

Tuesday, September 23

Just thoughts

I know its impossible
I know it can be possible
anything is not impossible
When it will be possible.

I know we are far
yet we are near
So far
but near

I know we are close
yet we are not
so close
but actually not so close.

I understand
Actually I am not
So I am
or am not?

Monday, September 22

Happy Birthday to ME??! =.=||

I am super tired this few days. And this morning around 4 a.m. I received an sms from my friend wishing me HAPPY BIRTHDAY. What a morning call?! Yes! my birthday is on 22nd but it is 22nd october! Not 22nd September. 22nd September is Cally la Andre! =.=
What a joke! 3 of us also 22nd. 22nd of August is Andre, 22nd of September is Cally and 22nd October is Me. Oh ya... 22nd November is Vivian... Heh heh.. All is 22nd.. What a nice date... xD

Message to Andre: Wish me again next month ok? I'll be waiting. =)

Hey you,
Once again you brighten my day =)

Saturday, September 20



I don't know why I keep thinking of this sentence. I think is because that day. That Saturday. That Saturday that we sang this song. And besides, this song, really describe me that day. but, I am not going to make myself in those trouble again. I just don't want to think about anything. Anything about another someone, I shall not think. This song should be a nice song. I don't want to hate this song for the same reason like what I did. I hated 童话 . I don't want to hate this also. I hated it once. I don't want to be like that again.

Friday, September 19


I see the one who should be seen
I look at the one who should be looked
I can't see the one who should be seen
I can't look at the one who should be looked.

I pray and pray for both of us
I pray and pray for you and me
I pray and pray but nothing came
I pray and pray and I will continue to pray.

Where can I see you?
When can I see you?
How can I see you?
I really want to know.

I just sit and sit
I just wait and wait
I just sit and wait
For the time to come.

Suddenly feel like posting something. And this thing comes into my mind


Headache Headache and headache.
My head is driving me crazy. One minute I am okay another minute I am not. The whole head makes me feel like bang it on the wall. I don't know what happen to my head.

Today working half day at Clara and another half day at bumble bee. Tomorrow got to wake up early.

Anyway, since tonight will be at bumble bee,,,,, That means I can online.. haha... Ceh.. Online also sien la.. T.T

People.Human.Words.Critics. = bliss

Words, words and words.

Human + Words = Hurtful.

I came across one of my 'friend' blog and while I read it, my mind; "why humans likes to say something hurtful". I don't know who in the world told him his design is not good or whatsoever. I think sometime we should respect people's work. Critics is to improve someone but if critics that are no reason or just critic without telling how to improve, what is the reason and etc, don't critics! We need not YOUR CRITICSM!
Gives people some feedback.

Everyone likes to cut peoples sentence and so on but just at least tell those people what to do next.

Thursday, September 18


Whatever I do,
Whatever I think,
Whatever I want,
Whatever is it.
I hope you will be my side and support me.

Hope =)

You always makes us burst into laughter.
That day......
Once again you makes us laugh.
Thank You so much for the little jokes that makes me feel better.
Something happen on Tuesday.
This day is a very special day.
I am surprised to see.
I am happy to see.
Your voice through the phone is funny
Your voice makes me smile all the way
Your jokes never fail to makes me laugh
Your jokes is the best medicine ever.
I hope we can remain like that..
I hope we can gets closer.
I hope ...

Tuesday, September 16

I don't want to know?~

I felt so terrible on this very day. I felt so not happy and I really CRIED. Why this feeling come back to me once again after all those year. Why?
I thought I had left everything behind and forget the past? Why that day the feeling came back and haunt me once again?

This very day makes me torn into 2. This day. The only day I hated myself for so much. The only day I felt the stupidness inside me again.
This very day makes me understand something. This day, you told me about the girl. This very day, I felt someone likes someone. This very day makes me get into TROUBLE once again!

I should have became a selfish person on that day. I should wish someone was not there that day. I should have done it. But, I did not. WHY? Why makes myself suffer from all those pain once again. Why I did not tell the truth? Why? Why now I regret?
I really hope time can rewind and I should do all those things. I should had DONE IT! Its too late to regret.

After Saturday.

We are back to more than normal. I mean. Normal punya normal punya normal. Makes me feel so pain.

Suddenly I cried. I cried for what? I have no idea. Why I cried? Girl = Gila. Cry for no reason. What I know on that day is my heart ache until I really can't stand it. One minute I was smiling and talking to Elisa. Another minute I hugged her and cried. Why? Why?
Maybe because of 2 person. Maybe. Maybe.
Maybe I think of my brother.
Maybe I just want to cry
Maybe I just become emotional girl that day
Maybe I felt so lonely
Maybe and Maybe and Maybe.
Maybe I think of My bad DAD
Maybe I think of money.


MAYBE all those things add together I cried.

I got worst after the lunch.
I torture myself by not eating. Or maybe, I have no appetite to eat anything. I just felt everything is not right for me now.

Started a new work. Everything is okay there but when I got my free time, my tears just roll down without my knowledge. What really happen to me?

Maybe this day, today, because of someone and something I gets better. I hope I won't be thinking anymore. It is so hurting so hurtful to me.

I really don't understand myself or I just don't want to understand myself?

I hated YOU or I hate myself?

I don't know.... N.... I don't want to know.

Pain Pain and Pain...


BLOGGER I'm BACK! I miss myself.. T.T no online. T.T no blogging.
Anyway, today is the second day of working at Clara. The job is ok. Especially today because of something. =)

I am at Bumble Bee now. Wuwu.. Headache... Really headache.! Super headache.. AND HUNGRY. I wonder I drank any water today.. *scratchx2*

Just like that for now.. Will post something later. Prepare for an emo post..

Saturday, September 13

A + B = C

Me + You + basketball = Fun
You + Laugh + Jokes = LOL

Fun + LOL = Super duper happy.

This is my equation. Who the You is referring to?
Good question. His name is not-to-be-revealed. I had "some" fun at wawasan 4 yesterday. For sure "He" is the one who can really makes me smile with his tiny bits of action but yesterday I saw some of my ex school students that are currently still studying in that school. I can feel that I miss them so much. Yesterday most of them are boys. Actually ALL are boys. They can still remember me. =) I am happy. This boy who looks handsome say "Hi Sherina."to me. =) Sorry to say that I don't know who is him. =) I am totally @.@ I know he is from our school but I am not sure his name. SORRY ya Yong Jie (*now I know cause Jason told me*) I saw Dou Wei *everytime also saw him de*, Jason's friends, Sheng Jian's friend and Seen Nung. Seen Nung changed a lot. He became someone different. He is a bit itchy now. And he is totally out from my "close friend" list. Haha.. I am just JOKING. But then, I just hate those people who are itchy fellow. I really miss those people. Hope to see them more in the future when I am still in this world. =)

Practice = not happy.
Frankly, I hate to be the one who always need to follow. I dislike instruction. I dislike it. I know "someone" is good with singing, playing or whatsoever but why must I am the one who got to follow you instead of you follow me. I know. I can't sing well. That's why I got to follow. I know you are not happy with me. There's lot of time this happened. I know. If like that I will just come down and stay in the home, do nothing, sleeping. Anyway, not to say follow you or what, but just maybe both of us sort it out like both of us try to follow each other. You put your standard so high and you want me to follow then how I am going to do. And really Thank God luckily I can. If not, I will die. Sorry to be so rude. Just want to express a bit here. Now I feel better. =)

Now, my mood for now is not so good. Still feel so not happy.

Friday, September 12

Today, Tomorrow, Everyday

Hmp... No post about him this few days. Was busy.. Let me post now

Will you be here today?
Will you be there tomorrow?
I really want to know.
Will you be here everyday?

I was busy
but I never fail to think of you.
I was stress
but I still want to think of you.

I hope that I can see you
Today tomorrow and everyday
Just a glance and,
I am satisfied.

I miss you so deeply


Today is my last day in this office.. =)
My stomach is not functioning well today. I think the reason is because I didn't eat yesterday. =(
around 11 something only took my dinner.. Just a few spoon or rice and curry then I stopped. YUCKS! The taste is so terrible. =( Forgotten to drink water somemore. I think someone will be killing me.. hahahha... After makan I went to bath then went to watch series then went to read books. Totally forgotten I haven't drink any water at all.. HAHAHA...
I finished Elisa's book. I want to read more... I read and read and read again and again.. Gila liao..

Moonlight is here also.. Going to finish the doggy and catty show. SO i can start moonlight.. Yeah~ =)

Thursday, September 11

I am fed up

Another post from me =) x =(

I having headache. People keep asking me tonnes of question that I can't answer. I, myself need the answer. You guys asking me all those stupid question that I hate to answer. Who is performing, who is playing this, that. Hey come on, do you know what's really going on? Are you performing or not is a important question? Who is playing this or that is so important? Why not you become Sherina and solve all those question while I am down there and asking you "Hey, am I perform ming aaaaa.... Must tell me now o.." "Who is playing bass? Who is playing drum?" "Got practice a?" "Friday BBQ o.. How to practice?" What will you feel when I ask all this question to YOU and you still having problem? Please la.. Don't think of yourself la. Whether you are performing or not is not so important. Why must you always want to perform? I have no idea to say anything. Why must you always want to know who is performing. Then when is your turn to in charge something, I asked you, you replied "you come you know". Do you know how hurt when you say this word to me?

I can joke, I can play, I can don't care BUT there's is limitation. Sometimes the words that come out from some of your mouth makes me feel so terrible. Do you know that? Teasing me is okay for sometimes but not everytime. I hate it! I REALLY HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I have nothing else to say but I got limitation too. I cannot always think of the youth. I got to think for myself. One day, only one day, I cannot stand anymore. I am going off. For sure!

Should I? Shouldn't I?

Ps.A : Thank You Sherina
Sherina: Welcome.
Janice: Tomorrow is her last day.
Ps. A: What last day?
Janice: Work here for last day.
Ps. A: Oh. Why Sherina? I treat you not good meh. I treat you good what. Where are you going?
Sherina: Work at some other place. =)
Ps. A: Yer... Why want to leave me? I treat you good ma. Only "she" treat you no good. Is it?
Sherina: =)
Ps. A: You will still attend our church right?
Sherina: Huh?!
Ps. A: You still attend our church right?
Sherina: Yea....
Ps. A: Good lo..
Sherina: But not long.
Ps. A: This girl a!!!

Why I can't answer that question? I really want to leave? If last time, my answer will always is a YES. But now, I doubt. And why am I saying not long? Have I make any decision? I think my words has helped me. What am I thinking now? I have no idea. Am I so tired until I @.@
CBC.. Should I? Shouldn't I?

I am far far away from where I am now.

Listen up Sherina!

I am tired of lack sleep. I, myself has forgotten how many weeks I did not have a good night sleep.

Working+practicing+ city harvest+part time = late sleep.
Working+ go church for practice = wake up too early.
late sleep + wake up early = TIRED

So this is Sherina's equation. For this week, I don't think I got a chance to have a good night sleep too. =(
This Saturday, we are having band performance. Last minute only we got to know about it. Why? Why last minute?
For the whole Tuesday and Wednesday, I keep searching for songs that we can sing. However, result is zero! Jason and Sheng Jian helped me a lot. And... I keep disturbing people around me. Why am I so disturbing? Sherina! Please don't disturb the people around you anymore. It is so ANNOYING ok?! Sherina, please think of the people around you. You know they are busy with their school and work stuff then why you keep disturbing them? Do not do that again!

Today I got to clear of everything on the table cause I am leaving, work part time in bumble bee until 10.00 p.m again, must FOUND the song not FIND the song, must sit properly cause back really getting worst, must listen to their advise (eat) & must not disturb anyone today. THINK BY MYSELF!!!

p/s: Please don't call me to consult the doctor for my back. I am not going to listen!


Wednesday, September 10

Chuan shuo, legend by Jade and Yoga

Yang: Yu zhou hong huang na shi hou
In the beginning of the universe
Di yi ju ai shi shui shuo qu kou
The first confession came out of whose mouth
当时的他 如何形容
Dang shi de ta ru he xing rong
At that moment how did they explain it
对方 听懂不懂
dui fang ting dong bu dong
Did the opposition (refers to the understanding the confession) understand it?

Lin: kai tian pi di le yi hou
After the heavens open the land
Di yi dui lian ren shen me jie guo
What happened to the first pair of lovers
洞穴湖泊 日升月落
Dong xue hu po ri sheng yue luo
The caves, the lakes, as the sunrises the moon sets
他们 爱了多久
Ta men ai le duo jiu
How long have they been in love
Ru guo wo men na shi jiu xiang yu
If we could meet each other at the time
Hui bu hui ai de bi jiao fang xin
Could our love be more carefree
合:也许分离 还没被发明
He: ye xu fen li hai mei bei fa ming
and let us separate and return they haven’t discovered
lai qi mo ai qing
the torment of love
Lin: yi qian ci lun hui dou bu cuo guo
A thousand times of reincarnation has never gone wrong
Yang: yi wan li xiang sui dou bu fang shou
The thousand times we wouldn’t let go of each others hands
合:在每个尽头 再约好碰头
He: zai mei ge jin tou zai yue hao peng tou
At every end, we arrange a meeting
再睁开眼 就认出你我
zai zheng kai yan jiu ren chu ni wo
By opening your eyes you’ll recognize you and me
Yang: yi qian ci lun hui zhu bu zhu gou
One thousand reincarnation is that enough
Lin: yi wan li piao po you suan shen me
Ten thousand times drifts past what does that count for
合:这人海辽阔 爱总被磋跎
He: zhe ren hai liao kuo ai zong bei cuo tuo
This persons vast love always ruins (like it’s a waste of time)
总该 留一篇传说
zong gai liu yi pian chuan shuo
deserves to have its own legend
He: wo hui jin wo quan li
I will give everything I’ve got
Di kang shi jian de qin xi
Resisting time’s evasion
bu ting di ai ni
My continues love for you
Yang: hai hao wo you ni
Its still good that I have you
Lin: xing hao ni you wo
Luckily I still have you
He: yi qi xie yi pian chuan shuo
Together we write our own legend

I like this song already. The meaning of the song is nice too. Nice song!!!

credits to: chinesemusicblog

do you know how I will revenge?? =)

Yesterday someone ADMIT that they kacau me that day.
Hah! Hmmm... You know, You know, I will revenge one day little boy~ xD
Don't blame me if I kacau you back... Anyway, Little boy, you get everything wrong. Totally is a different person. Not as what you guys think. Want to kacau find the correct thing to kacau me ma.. xD.

I finding the Legend lyrics. The one that MIGHT be singing on Saturday at Puteri 12.. Hmmm.. I like that song now. Stuck in my head. Its not so difficult though!

Tuesday, September 9


I think I am too free and I am bored!
So I went to someone's blog and from the someone to another someone and then another someone to another someone then another someone and back to the first someone and then go to something. You get me? xD If you don't get me, I have no words to say you!! Ok.. So I found some nice picture of someone and I feel like posting it up here and I hope that someone don't kill me after someone saw the photo...

Let's Go...






Er... to someone. You don't kill me okay??
Let re-count again...


wait wait..
Why am I counting until so far...
How long must I count?
Until where???

Ok.. Just count to 3!

Let's Go...


haiz.. lazy to count...
So just see la...

Sherina present her best friend picture!!!






One & Only


will you be there?

Will you be there like I always hope?
Will you give me another hope?
Will you bother to give me hope?
Will you Will you??

The only thing I hope for now is
You will be there for that particular day(s)

Kept reminding myself to appreciate.


My mom TRUST two persons.

  1. My best sis
  2. Kor Kor
This is all I wanted to say that day~

Editing skills =(

Just want to let you guys see my terrible editing skills.
See this 1st picture, me, sasa, JC....


hahaha... Little Joel Chan lost in paint...

poor thingy~~ sorry Joel...
I will try to improve my editing skills.

Monday, September 8


A friend is easy to find.
but a wonderful best friend is difficult to find.
Not everyone will listen to your problem, your sadness, your happiness
But she did everything for me.

She is a very nice friend I ever had.
She is cute, kind, good, hardworking, lovely and more and more that I can't finish listing out.
We had so much in this few years knowing each other.
I don't know she felt the same or not
but I just love to be with her.
She is the only one I can share my love talks with =)

Now, she is old enough.

She is JUST 17 this year.
It's her turn for something important.
I hope that you score with flying colours.
And glorify His name.

I prayed for "thy princess & thine prince."

I think I should end with a song....

Happy Birthday To you
Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday to Miss Starfish,
Happy Birthday to you.

May the God bless you.
He knows what you need and what you want.

Only for my best sis =)
Happy 17th birthday


Photo credits to Sherina. From 3 person in that pic become only 2


I got to clarified something

For those who are reading my earlier post, I just want to tell you that the post is just one of my emo post. I hope I hurt no one. for you, who really not happy with my post, tagged me and tell me.
I am not scolding you or what. I don't think I did that too~~ Anyway, yesterday is just a bad day for me. Hope everything wil be okay soon....

Confirm working at Clara this 15! =)

A bad day

Yesterday, should be a happy day but I turn up not happy in my heart.
A lot of things happen but I don't want to distract the whole bunch of people.
The night before yesterday; Saturday night, mommy was worried about me. She asked me not to swim because I NEVER know how to swim. Then there's a small argument between us. However, I got to say yes because she is my MOM.

Woke up to get ready before Chee Meng arrived. Everything seems okay. Worship practice is okay too cause Elisa was there with us. As usual Kal with all those funny things. In my heart, I think that it will be a better day. Worship is okay, word is okay. until that. the very "that" makes me feel so not happy and feel like not going to Gab's house. I don't understand why everybody wants me to listen to them. They are the one who are always right and I am the one who are wrong. I know that the choices that I had chose will be bringing me to another world. I knew it. But, I can't always think of the youth. I must always think of myself. Yes, working in church office should be better but do you know what really happen in there? I am just 18 and you want me to work there forever? I am not the one who gave up study. When I make up my mind to go for it, I got an answer from Uncle S.T that I better not think about it. I am really tired of all this things. Why not I just get out from here and go to work first. As temporary job or whatever. I think it is better than what I am doing now.
Anyway, after "that" I went to clean up. I kept thinking to tell them I don't want to go but I think better not to. Elisa birthday. I can't do that to my best sis. When everything is okay, we ready to go. This is another thing that makes me feel uncomfortable. I wanted to sit the back seat but the little two bro and two sis doesn't want me to sit behind and they are willing to squeeze themselves. In that very minute, I was thinking to go to Chee Meng's car. Really. I really feel like not going to sit in that car. I felt so uncomfortable. But, if I do that I know they will feel not happy with how I act. So again, dragged myself to the front seat.
I was listening to Ipod and told them about what Mommy said to me the day earlier and someone try to advised or whatsoever makes me feel so terrible and feel like crying. I volume up the Ipod until I can't hear anyone voices. I know it kinda rude but I really feel like not hearing anyone. And it turn up I felt better. Yes. Listening to loud music makes me feel better. Just that my ear is a bit e-wang-wang. Reached there and hoping everything will be okay once again. Went to Elisa house and get a changed. (Now I know why yesterday I got a thought to wear something) When down and saw Chee Meng and Kal they all reached. They went in the pool already. When I am get ready to be happy, once again there will be something that makes me turn the other way round. The guard told Kal that T-shirt is okay just long pants cannot. After he changed, he go inside the pool and the this another guard call him and say cannot. So me and Ying Yi was thinking not to go in. Kal was not happy and said that the guard earlier said only long pants. So Kal was angry and Chee Meng came up. What is this? Why must they ruined everything. When in the toilet and Ying Yi and Elisa said just wear that something. I felt so not so good. They say is okay. Then I agreed and headed to the pool. Actually I am still angry with that guard that makes Kal and Chee Meng out of the pool. Swimming is terrible for me. I am to afraid of water. The worst thing happen yesterday is I fell down from the stairs again and hit my back and I think I heard a "crack". That Kalven at first don't know about it said something really makes me wanted to scold him. However, after he knew it, he ask me to see the doctor if not next time he will never care about me if something happen to me. I just say yes yes. But, I tell you. I will not go to see any doctor.

Everything seems not okay for me yesterday. And, I might be leaving this whole group behind. I will be working and I won't have time. I don't want to do so but I know it will never make a difference whether I am here or not. I also think that I should just go away. Who ever read this please keep it to yourself. I am still thinking. If one day, I am ready, I will announce to everyone. I know it will be soon.

YOU= the only you

You know, You know, the particular person gets something.
The other person was left freely and I was with him.
I was happy the moment I was sitting beside you.
Nobody around us.
Although this is all just my thoughts I am still happy.
I hope it will always like that.
Just silence between us and I am happy.

You know, your eyes is so charming.
1st time; joking with me, looking at me with those eyes.
2nd time; taking your bag and looked at me with more charming eyes.
3rd time; yesterday; eye to eye for a few seconds.

Your jokes and your tease are always so perfect to me.
Your coldness towards me makes me felt sad at times.
Although it just a few words you give me,
I am satisfied.

I know I am getting crazier about you.
I don't know why.
At times, I really want to give up this feeling
but it came back.

Sometimes, I thought I like someone else.
but, I always get rid him in my mind
and always
put you in my mind.

I know we are impossible,
never will you like me
I know
But, I just continue.

I hope we will getting closer and closer.
A closer friend and I am satisfied.

Saturday, September 6


I hope,
I just hope,
I really hope,
It will be like what I think.

I want,
I just want,
I really want,
You to be there.

I imagine
I just imagine
I really imagine
We will be happy.


Will you be there when I open my eyes tomorrow???


I felt something. Something has changed.
I can feel the differences. I like this differences. Happy with it.
I don't want to change anything now.
Let's remain like that or go more.


Friday, September 5

Confused = =

If the other particular person is going to get what he/she wants to get,
Then the another person will be free.
That's mean I will be with this another person personally.
What am I talking now?
~Trying to confuse everyone who reading this~
~I am the one who confused now~

I will stay and not move no matter who call.
Stick to you =)

Thursday, September 4

Thank You

Just another post to thanks someone who really very special to me.
Without this special friend I don't know how I would be.

This special friend is... .... ..

She is a lovely girl.
I loves her so much.
When I am not happy,
She will makes me happy with her pig expression. *just joking*
She will accompany me to IOI
She will share food with me
Shares drinks with me.
When I worked in bumble bee,
I am so hungry,
she is the one who I mentioned that brought food for me.
She is my dear that I mention.
Before yesterday, I was finding pants.
I only got jeans and shorts.
No slack or anything.
I got skirt but I dare not wear.
She is the one find some for me.
How lucky to have her as a sis?
She is so great.
Yesterday wearing that pants makes me feel more comfortable.
SO this post is dedicated to her..
(she is not a korean)xD


Beside this friend, surely there is some more I got to thank!

Elisa - who always listen to some of my problem. Talk to me, share thoughts, gossip *no no Just joking*. The best sis I ever had too. I sayang you!!~~~
Gabriel - the most cham person. When I got problem I sure will kacau him. I think he feel so "fan" d. Always argue with him. Not really argue but also consider kacau la. haha.. Poor thing. A good brother he is. He is a very nice, GENTLEMAN, old, fat person. OOPs.. Did I mentioned old and fat.. No... I am just joking.

God is good all the time and all the time God is Good!

As I posted earlier, I went for an interview yesterday. Today, that lady call me; the one interview me yesterday and said will let me know by Friday. She called and said that her HR manager said that the salary that she propose to earlier is too high. Therefore, she said that HR manager propose Rm 100 lesser than what that lady propose to me yesterday. Immediately, my head tells me that its a no way for it. I need to work longer hours and my salary is just like that? However I did not tell her. She asked me to go for an second interview and negotiate with the HR manager. I agree but I forgotten today I got to work part time in Bumble Bee. I called again and told her so she asked me to go over tomorrow after work. So I agreed.
Suddenly she called again and said that the Hr manager is too busy and he do not have any time to meet me but he agree to the salary that the lady propose to me yesterday. So she ask me to start work on the 15th of this month. Without hesitation, I say OKAY. Will this okay lead me to beginning of problem? Will this okay lead me to something good? What will this okay going to lead me to? What I know is He will lead me for everything. He will be the one who is going to show me the way where there seems to be no way. I know everyone knows who am I referring to. There's no other than Him. Jesus!
I should gives Him all the glory. HE is the one lead me to this job. HE is the one show me where is this company located. HE is the one who finds someone to give me a ride before and after the interview. He is the one who makes the whole interview smooth. HE is the one who makes me fell no nervous in me. HE is the one who loves me so much from last time, now and I know its FOREVER. Hey Christian, He is good right?

God is good all the time and all the time God is Good! AMEN

tough question =)

Someone ask me; What type of guy you would like? A type that show his love or a type that keep it to himself?

Hmmm.. How to answer this kind of question? I don't know. Sometimes a person that really "show" love makes me back off. Yea, I am a weirdo. I don't know what am I scare of but just don't really like them showing too much love. But, I think is all depends. Depends who I like. If I like "A" Then I would want "A" to show some love of course. If he don't show I'll feel sad. So I can't really gives any answer to this question. I think all depends. Depends who is that guy. For me, I do want that particular person to show some of his love to me and he must do keep it for himself. I think its hard to find this kind of person. Anyway, what I need is to see who is that person. If that person is the particular person that I like then I don't care about anythin. =)

Just one thing....
I hope that you would love me.

Scare of wife?! xD

Yesterday was not here cause I went for Interview~
The company name is Clara International Beauty
Position is Receptionist cum Administrative only.
The interview is pretty good. Therefore, I hope everything will be okay.

Yesterday night went for worship practice.
I singing with Kalven this Sunday.
The practice yesterday is quite long.
I and Kalven as usual joke around.
I prefer sing with him cause happier.
He will talk all those nonsense and I will laugh. xD Daniel's wife sit there and so "sien" *poor thing* hehe... Uncle Chris helped a lot yesterday. I can see Uncle Chris expression yesterday. xD

Oh ya, we discovered that Chee Meng is afraid of wife.. GG..xD

Today very tired and not feeling well. huhu~ always like that de..
I will die de ar... T.T

Tuesday, September 2

I am hungry.....

Oh Gosh... I am super hungry now. I still need to wait another 2 hours only I can eat. I am not puasa-ing but I am working in Bumble Bee.. T.T
the picture above makes me more hungry!

Its a small world afterall?

Small world??

I saw both of my friend again. I am not sure they see me or not but I felt i totally lost both of them. They are no longer with me anymore.
Life is really full with funny things.
You know, when you want to see those friend and you will think of gathering and whatever events so that we can meet but then end up it is so difficult to plan. You got no time to do it. However, when you don't feel like seeing them or maybe you need time to solve problem between you guys or maybe just to clam down, but you end up met them in the street, in a mall and etc. Is this world so small?
when you met them and they just walk away like that, makes your heart full with slashes. For one is ok but for both, I know the answer. When you met them, it feel so awkward! Friends around me asking me "hey is this that girl or is this that guy". What can I answer?
I want to approach them and say a hi but I have no chance at all. I got no answer actually.
Anyway, I am the one who bring all this things up. So I deserve it.....

No need to remind me over and over again...

~Picture shows everything~

Where to find??!

On Sunday, after church, we went to Sunway Convention Center for workshop. I registered for worship the earlier day but I went for Life Partner and Personal Grooming. Life Partner workshop is nice. The preacher ask us to get married before 25 years old. NANI? Sis Lai Ming tell us not to. We are still young. Heh heh.. I am just 18 years old. Why need to rush right. My mom asking me to find a boyfriend and I am still 18.. haiz.. you thought is easy for me to find one? She always ask me the same question.

Mom: Why you no boyfriend?
Me: Hah? I am ugly, my leg dot dot, fat, not nice lo.
Mom: Some super fat also got boyfriend.
Me: haiz. Nobody like me la.. That's why I don't have.
Me: I look like a boy only. Who will like me leh?
Mom: Act like a girl la!
Totally silent*

How to find le? My mom really very open. haiz.. Not I don't want to find but how to find. SWEAT.

Credits to: Sorry, I forgotten where I get all those pictures from.
So if is belong to you, you can kindly tell me and i will credit it!


Wao! This is my the 200 and 1 post!!! Let's *clap clap* *sweat*

I off for 3 days and my inbox is full with mail.. I am so lazy to read it one by one. Before I start my long post, I want to wish Malaysia.... HARI MERDEKA... *scratch scratch, why like sounds not right???*

Friday night went to Sunway Convention Centre for emerge. I HATE TRAFFIC JAM! Wee Ric came and fetch me at 6.00p.m o'clock sharp and we reached Sunway at 7 something or 8.00 p.m. *jaws drop* Puchong to Sunway very far kah? need to take 2 hours to go there. Although we are late but still we got place to sit. Thank GOD!!! Ying Yi group sit at somewhere else where I sit with Wee Ric and his friend. T.T. So sien.. I thought I will be so "sien" there but nope! I had so much fun. I saw Danny. Siapa Danny..?.. heh heh..
Click to enlarge

I love him... He's so cute!!! The reason I am so happy when I saw him is because HE IS A CHRISTIAN. AMEN! So happy.. xD. besides him, there is this Jay friend, Will Liu.

Click to enlarge

He is a Christian too and he is bringing more and more singer, artist , actor and actresses to become a christian! Wao.. *clap clap* happy to hear that!

The whole night is great but, er, just that, a bit too long. They start with performance. A long performance. Then the performance finished around 10.30 p.m. I thought is time to go back. Haha.. No. Its time for Word! hahaha.. So finished around 11 something, and reached home bout 12 something.

Saturday we went again. Sunday too. Sunday we went for thw workshop only. I am kinda lazy to type already. So in one word. NICE. heh heh...

Now, I am going to do my resume. Going for an interview tomorrow. Heh heh. Clara Internatinal Beauty. For receptionist cum Admin only. I want to study but seems like no chance so I gotta work now. Work work and WORK!

I got annoyed by someone saying the same thing over and over again.