Tuesday, September 2


Wao! This is my the 200 and 1 post!!! Let's *clap clap* *sweat*

I off for 3 days and my inbox is full with mail.. I am so lazy to read it one by one. Before I start my long post, I want to wish Malaysia.... HARI MERDEKA... *scratch scratch, why like sounds not right???*

Friday night went to Sunway Convention Centre for emerge. I HATE TRAFFIC JAM! Wee Ric came and fetch me at 6.00p.m o'clock sharp and we reached Sunway at 7 something or 8.00 p.m. *jaws drop* Puchong to Sunway very far kah? need to take 2 hours to go there. Although we are late but still we got place to sit. Thank GOD!!! Ying Yi group sit at somewhere else where I sit with Wee Ric and his friend. T.T. So sien.. I thought I will be so "sien" there but nope! I had so much fun. I saw Danny. Siapa Danny..?.. heh heh..
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I love him... He's so cute!!! The reason I am so happy when I saw him is because HE IS A CHRISTIAN. AMEN! So happy.. xD. besides him, there is this Jay friend, Will Liu.

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He is a Christian too and he is bringing more and more singer, artist , actor and actresses to become a christian! Wao.. *clap clap* happy to hear that!

The whole night is great but, er, just that, a bit too long. They start with performance. A long performance. Then the performance finished around 10.30 p.m. I thought is time to go back. Haha.. No. Its time for Word! hahaha.. So finished around 11 something, and reached home bout 12 something.

Saturday we went again. Sunday too. Sunday we went for thw workshop only. I am kinda lazy to type already. So in one word. NICE. heh heh...

Now, I am going to do my resume. Going for an interview tomorrow. Heh heh. Clara Internatinal Beauty. For receptionist cum Admin only. I want to study but seems like no chance so I gotta work now. Work work and WORK!

I got annoyed by someone saying the same thing over and over again.

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