Friday, September 26

Past Sunday

I forgotten to post something for sunday.
Sunday worship.
Back up singer - ME, SL,WZ, CRYSTAL. (should be kal but he go class..)
Guitar and bass - Josh, Gab, Chee Meng, Sam
Keyboard and Piano - Joel & colin *i think*
Drum - Jonathan
VIOLIN - Joel Chan & Ying Yi

What a BIG group. I enjoyed it. Cause I like BIG group. =) When worship time - dissapointed.
Some aunties say our worship too loud. Even got auntie put her finger on her EAR HOLE to stuck it from hearing the NICE worship. =( SOBZ.
SO bad meh? but auntie Nancy say very good wor. She even keep snaping our photo. Righ to left left to right. Up to down down to up. But why some auntie don't like. I think they even offended cause of someone too. Haiz... Nowadays, maybe we are too modern or they are too outdated. Hey, I just say say only. SHhh.. left in right out, right in left out.. Don't go back and complain to your parents and say Sherina writing something. I will die o~ =)

Chee Meng should pick me up that day.. Since I THOUGHT he is fetching then I THOUGHT I can sleep for extra 10 minutes. Mana tau, Gab call and say he reach liao. In seven minutes time I got to bath and put EVERYTHING. I feel I can become superman already. xxxxx Not superman. IS SUPERWOMAN. =) xD
Then at santuary, that Chee Meng somemore "jat" me say I pig wor. Then we had some joke-fights there. Hmp.. Bad betul!!! xD All also Gabriel la.. Come so early.. Our custom/tradition is reach church late de ma! xD

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