Friday, October 30

white wine red wine

Lunch time - 1 glass of white wine, 2 glass or red wine, 1 glass of ice cider..

11% alcohol, 14% alcohol.. My head... 100 % blur and dizzy.... The taste or white wine is nicer than red wine!

@.@ now.... T.T

Monday, October 26

Sunday 25.10.2009

Subang church - Worship - FANTASTIC
Sermon - GREAT!


Setia Galery - SUN BURN MY SKIN! T_T
- I love the toilet, the toilet door, the toilet mirror. xD
- Leg pain
- Bought a dolphin
- Bought nuggets
- Bought games.. .. I mean played games

Had a great time yesterday. Happiee... Happiee..

Thursday, October 15

因为一个人?不是! 因为朋友!!
















BabyBoy, miss you.

at last I logged in to my blog.

I forgotten my own password. How can I ever forgets? I've been using blog for 2 years already and I forgotten my password! Nowadays I keep changing my password to make sure no other people can log in, that's why I am blurred with which password I used. I resets my password just now and that's why I can logged in. =) I hope I don't for get this password!


Baby Boy going back Banting today. Ow~ How much I will miss Baby Boy! T.T This whole week seeing him is my joy! He is so cute and cute and cute! Oh my. Mommy will be missing him more. Baby Boy, jie jie loves you o~ Must be a good boy.. sayang~~ hehe...
Today morning hug him so long... Aiyok... Little baby boy!

BabyBoy, I miss you!

Wednesday, October 14


thank you so much everyone!


sorry for everything.

Tuesday, October 13

Treasured it

Did I mention yesterday that I received my birthday present from someone on Sunday?

No, I don't think so.

Anyway, yea. I received my advanced birthday present from someone on Sunday. Who? Not telling. What is that? Something I needed but not so perfect actually. However, it is still a good gift. =)

= Thank you! and.... muacksssssssssssssssssssss... xD

Monday, October 12

support always

When you angry somebody, will you go to his or her blogs to read what he or her has to say? And when he or she post something you will feel it is you or something related to you? Or maybe you annoyed with what he or she posted?


Something changed. Change because of something. If I did something that make you feel angry or sad or whatsoever, I am willing to say SORRY from the bottom of my heart - sincerely.
I want you to remember one thing. From last time, I always support you. From A to Z and Z to A, you are the one I sided. I will never change this. I am still supporting you the same way as it is. You might not happy with me or anything. I don't care. For me, Friends are Friends Forever. It's hard to gain friendship that we try to built for years and got destroyed because of days. I am trying to gain back all my friendship. I hope you too.


2 years? HaHa.. Not so long. 2 weeks.. I can do it!! Ceh... Jangan cakap besar. Semua orang tunggu u tau.. xD let's see

Saturday, October 10

Friday Young Adult Cell

Lizard = GUMMY BEARS! ewww...
Joel Goh when he was 5. xD
Uncle xxxxx scare of cockroaches. xD

Luckily went for cell yesterday. Learned that there're lot of funny things!

World War Two

Gonna search more information bout World War 2. =.=||

Friday, October 9

Forever it will be

I post this before in April this year. However, I want to post this again for someone! Infact every friends of mine.

Roses are flower
That can last for a hour
Our friendship has the power

=( pain

Stomach not feeling right today.

Went to dominos with the bunch for lunch. Wao~ Fantastic. I am FULL. Haha. I ate a lot. They said I am the smallest size but I ate more than the rest. xD

Now, my stomach hurts even more. Aiks..

Thursday, October 8

Crave for SUSHI!

I’m craving for SUSHI. Feel like doing it by myself but the problem is I don’t know how to make it. 2 months didn’t go Sakae Sushi already. No $$ and no one treat.

I should ask for recipe now. I am going to do it one day. ^^

Haven’t take my dinner and don’t think I am taking it in Bumble Bee now. Maybe should just take a cup of Nescafe. I took 2 cups this morning. I hope I can sleep tonight.


Someone spoilt my mood.
Nevermind, someone giving me ice cream to cool down soon.

I need to tell you one thing. You are not playing one player game.
Everyone is playing in this game and when you try to play cheats and try to kill me, there are people who will combine and kill you.

Oh yea, one more thing. Putting a mask doesn't mean people can't see your real face. You do it too often. People sees it and hate it! Don't make the entire team to do it to you. What you've done, you will get it. Not from me of course because I am not like you. But, I won't want this to happen. WE don't like to waste our time for things like that. Besides, after next month I won't be seeing you and vice versa. The game is there but I'm no longer one of the player. Becareful! ^^

Let's play it fair and square for now. No more cheating. I won't revenge. I will just forget but still everyone has limit. Pushing me to far will turn upside down. You won't want us to kill you in this game right? Muahahaha

Oh yea, too much Tai Chi is not so good for you yea. Later "zhao fo yap mo" not good. Lol.. Cantonese!

-love your neighbour as yourself-
What game I am playing? Guess what? I continue my harvest moon. LOL.. I think I am too slow for that. My farm is so terrible and I realize I make Eu Mun die. LOL ... Eu Mun is one of my friend. I name the horse "Eu Mun". Haha.. My digimon also haven't touch for long time. I'm pro in digimon anyway. LOLz. LAME GAME right? You want to know what I name all my animals? LOL...

I have 5 chickens. Most of them under youth name and I better not mention it here. Haha.. I'm getting another 5 soon. More names.. xD Why harvest moon don't have monkeys or pig? LOlz.


Yesterday I dye my hair but I don't think I succeed. It getting darker after I dye it. Ownself dye is like that. However, it is funny. People dye hair, the color sure change to lighter or to the color they want. Mine? Getting darker and became black. The previous color also almost gone. Why ar?

I watch my Taiwan series, dye hair, put serum...... but no face mask and no DIY due to lazyness.. xD... I know I am lazy PIG! xD


Sherina, love your neighbour as yourself.

someone ask me before " then, can I be your neighbour?" LOL.

Wednesday, October 7

let's sleep

If I am given a bed now, how good it is right?

Lesson: Do not watch TV till late night. Wait.. Re-phrase.
=Do not watch TV till early morning. xD

-4.30 p.m. now? 2 more hours to go. Why today time passes so SLOW?
I am going to grow a lot of mushroom on me or what you called that in english ar?? *fat mou*(cantonese).

Come, Come, slap me to make me awake.. Eyes drop... ZzZzZzZzzzz..... tuuuuuuuuuuuut...

To-Do List

for tonight,

1. Watch Taiwan series.
2. Dye hair
3. Face mask.
4. Put serum.
5. DIY birthday card
6. Memory verse
7. Sleep early

This is what I am gonna do for tonight since I will be very free now. I hope I won't go lazy and end up just sitting there and watch tv. =) need to go to buy some papers and stuff now.

O' I miss my bed. Sleepy like crazy today. ^^

Tuesday, October 6

Important Date for me

I learned a lesson in my dream yesterday.
I know it is a important lesson but yet, I forgotten what I dreamed. =.=

I learned another one this morning. That is - Yesterday is yesterday. Today is today. Whatever happens yesterday will not happen again if I changed. If I do not want history repeats by itself then I got to make sure TODAY is TODAY. If I wake up with a heavy heart, it will spoilt my entire day. However if I wake up with full of JOY, I know my day starts with JOY.

Yea, yesterday both of me and my "friend" was pissed off with something. and the entire night I was filled with all stupid thoughts. I am angry, sad, and so on. I know that that friend of mine who was pissed off felt the same. However, another "friend" of mine sms me and says " We should think rationally and not emotionally. If we want the rest to grow we should grow too. If not, I will go nowhere." Yea, I agree with him. I always decide things emotionally that's why all the lead me to nowhere. I haven't grow and I'm still hiding in a shell.
Another "friend" of mine wrote me a verse before - Be full of JOY in the Lord.
I always read it but I never do it.
I try to do it but I never use my heart to feel it
When I use my heart to feel it, it is because I'm too far away from the right path. Silly I am right?

I saw a post from my friend blog. She titled it as pity person. I feel the post related to me. (I don't mean she writing bout me but I, myself, feel I am related to that post.)

I feel that I am a person who always thinks I am right and never think of the people around me. I feel that I am a selfish person. I do things emotionally and don't care what people says. I am such a person. and, I always says that I want to change but I just SAY it. So how to change if I say it and never meant it?

I always complained about things happened to me. I always felt that why everything must be me? Why I need to go through several things when I am just 15 years old? 17 years old? 18 years old? I complained - always. Last two weeks sermon, Ps. Richard tells us one thing with a song. "Count your blessing one by one"
And now, I saw the verse my friend gave me - I will always trust in you and in your mercy shall rejoice in your salvation. I will sing to the Lord because he has BLESSED ME SO RICHLY - Psalm 13:5-6.

Yea, I was blessed by the LORD with lots of things. I should count it one by one. and, I know itis uncountable because it is too many. The Lord has bless me with a bunch of youth, friend, family, people who care bout me, things that I'm having, place that I stayed and so on and on.

So why am I complaining. I should stop complaining and see the problem with a different way.
If there's no problem in my life. Then, is this called life? If there's no problem in my life, then how am I going to grow.

Everything happened with a reason. God plan is always GREATER than ours.

Now, I might lost all the people who care for me, those who always talk to me, who always give me advises, those who teach me things, everything and anything, I know that GOD never leave me. I always put God in the end of my list. I never put God first. I admit! I am so terrible. I always asked Him things only when I need him. But now, I need to know what is the most IMPORTANT thing in my life.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

If you love me, you will obey what I command.



What I post here today is not for people to see. It is for me to remember that I need to grow. RATIONALLY. Sherina, never tell people how emo are you, or how sad are you. YOU are not allowed to think negatively always. Be full of JOY in the Lord! =)

6.10.2009 - a date for me to remember. =)

Monday, October 5


Went to hospital again today for TB result.
Yesterday + Today = hectic!

I really hope to just sleep and don't get up. xD




Sorry if I miss out.. hehe.. GOOD LUCK ba..

God will always guide you all! GAMBATE neh!!

Saturday, October 3


Yea, went hospital yesterday for injection.
Received hospital bill.

One word to describe me now.


Thursday, October 1

October da 1st

Like my new blog skin?
I like it =)


Tomorrow I am going to hospital. Wish me lucks people. =) I hope that the needle won't give me any pain.


I'm feeling very sleepy today due to yesterday night I - - forget it. =)


It's October. =( Not a happy start.


Gambate to certain people. =) Support always!