Wednesday, August 7

Rotten Happiness

As usual the happiness is making me confusing once again. I know that it was a joke. I know that it won't happen but I do want it. I mean if you say it, mean it right? Shouldn't it be? I don't know.
I found out that someone do really know me. When I said something, I guess this person knows what I was referring and let out a smile. Or we might think alike. We face each other and smile at each other.

Monday, August 5

Yet, so far

Yes, I am still longing. I miss that hours of happiness that I had. Everyday, I am just waiting and hoping there is hope. Yet, I am just waiting. The happiness is so near yet so far.

Friday, August 2

I am longing for the next opportunity. . .

Sometimes it will be hours and hours of happiness that you didn't even realize. You feel contented. You feel that you are enjoying every minute of it and hope it doesn't stop. You knew that if it stop, the next day it won't be the same anymore. It might be you, longing, and hoping, but, disappointment will be taking over you.