Friday, January 29


Suddenly so many things to think.
House, stuff, events, work, activities, love, friends ...

So many stuff.. But I know I still need to go through all these. It's part of life. Hope I maintain the same calm tone ..

Friends are always that wonderful. I need more friends in my life to support me. Any ?

Ms. Sherina /Ms. Sim

Ms. Sim

My mom keep on calling me Ms. Sim after I wear glasses. My eye sight is getting worst, therefore, I get myself a pair of specky during new year. HaHa.

I prefer to call Ms. Sherina. I don't like my surname leh~ ^^

Thursday, January 28

Continue - 5B-ians

Dear jo looks like a rabbit.. ^^

I noticed most of us are BLACK

hungry ghost...

This is the usual group...

with the tallest guy in class/school

I think I cacated.. =.=

I saw something.. xD winnie.. haha.. anyway.. Jo dear loves me so much..

win darling n menuiq


win trying to KISS me.. I know you love cha

5 flowers in 5B -konon.. where's another one? she's gone.. sara.. xd

Guess who's leg is that? ^^ The fat one not mine definitely.. Is my darling geh.. xD

Feel like update a few stuff today... hehe..

LOL.. Those are my darlings and dears of 5B's. Hehe.. That day I was DAMN sick.. In the morning I was working and I got flu the other day. Around afternoon I was high fever. My head was so heavy and I slept for a while. I dare not tell my mom I had a fever.. For the first time in my life, I took the initiative to take TWO PANADOLS without my mom nagging me. You know why? So that at night I can go for the reunion. ^^ I was still very blur when I am in the car. but, thank God all the sickness and headache and fever gone after they are there.. Woo-hoo.. FUN man.. And the sickness came back after I reached home.. Sunday - no church for me cause I am REALLY SICK.. LOL..

More photos will be on the way.. xD I will still blog bout my class.. Sorry.. Just LOVE them now. xD for NOW.. xDD

random thoughts

It comes, it goes....
It comes again, it goes again....
How sad?!

Yup, a random thought of mine today for having stomach damn pain now. =.=

Wednesday, January 27

Do not bully SHERINA!

You know what, sometimes we need to be clever when working. Don't let people bully! ^^

Tuesday, January 26


I want to be busy.. ^^

I feel so lazy if I don't get busy!

Oh yea, anyone willing to lend me a camera to take some pictures to earn extra RM100-150.. hmm?
I don't think anyone willing... aw~

Monday, January 25


Been busy planning for this Saturday.. not sure we can make it or not but I hope we can make it and hope my mom allowed me to go.

or, we should postpone it to some other day?

Saturday, January 23

Elaboration; late

I missed them; so much.

After the reunion party, most of us hyped up. We wanted to meet more often. We even created a group for 5B and trying to have another event to meet up. ;) There it goes. Monkey craze again! ;)

Okay, the reunion was great. Most of us don't really meet for 2 years. We don't even recognize and even forgotten some of our classmates.



Shamin says that he will fetch me at 6.30 p.m.. Whereas, the party starts at 7.00p.m.. As a person who knows Malaysia "normal" culture, I told him to fetch me at 7.00p.m..

We reached there at 7.10.p.m. and I saw Siow Kay, Pui Yee, THOMAS. Shamin thought that we are late but actually no one there yet. Shamin can't recognize Pui Yee, and she forgotten she is in our class. =.= LOL..

We waited for mor ethan 1 hour for them to reach. Not all, just SOME.. Some even came later. =.= People ar People. Never punctual! =.=

I wanted to see Yoong Ken. They said that he will be late... So we kind of waited him very long. WE have steamboat "usual food for 5B" =)
We chit chat and chit chat, teasing and teasing.. Had a great time inside and outside the house.
We took lotsa picture. Kai Loon sis helped us to take the group photo. Everyone gave her their camera.. She got at least 5 cameras to take and each time she take everyone say "again,again, another one, another one." So poor thing.

As for Yoong Ken, he reached there after most of 5B-ians balik! =.= I can't even see him ... . . . . =.=


Really missed them. At least I found another family. I lost 1 and now I found another 1. Thank God...

We are plannnig to go cycling this coming Thaipusam. Hope we can make it. and of course, CNY too. =)

Monday, January 18

5B reunion @ 16.1.2010

Sara Tay, Thomas, Sinyen

Sinyen, Ngow, Sara Tay

Thomas, Siow Kay

Thomas, Siow Kay, Pui Yee

Thomas, Siow Kay, Pui Yee

Thomas, Siow Kay, Mun Chyi, Cally, Mun Sze

Thomas, Siow Kay, Mun Chyi, Cally, Mun Sze

Pui Yee Thomas

Me & Mei Ling

Kien & Menuiq

Joanna Sherina

Sherina Winnie

Me and Winnie
Kai Loon - doing what?!
Syok sendiri

Sinyen doing what?

Kai Loon! What is he doing?

Tada - Best chef ever! KAI LOON

Sherina & Dre

me & KL

us again =)

me and her again..

Andre a.k.a doggie.. xD

me n sara

me n von

me n leong hwee @ charlie

me n chia wei

Kite ni bijak..

Cake cake cake

5 B


more like their date than our reunion

Kai Loon say we need to b different.. Spot the different?

Ending -talking time

ahem ahem!

Pictures first. Elaboration; later. xD

Picture not nice due to did not change my setting to night time.. T_T

Saturday, January 16

Class reunion tonight; sick

I wanted to post up some picture but I have no time for it.
So, no pictures, yet.

Hey people, you know what? I kinda love my blog now. Why? I've no idea. Maybe it gives me a calm tone when I visits my blog. And of course, his handsome face.

I am sick now. Very sick. I think for 2 or 3 months the virus gone and now, they are back - attacking me; try to steal my nose and gives me a lot of pain in throat.. T_T My eyes are watery, my face got lots of pimples ( need to do facial today =p) , my back are hurting, gives me nightmare and so on and on so.. Tonight I will be going for my class reunion! How am I gonna survive when i am so-so-so-so-sick! T_T I don't care. I must GO! Like what Jo said, I gonna go be because our MALAYSIA superstar is going.. haha.. THOMAS!! You know who? who? Wanna know?
Guess who's THOMAS? he is the one with checker box. They are Thomas Jack. The latest popular artist in M'sia and guess what. WE are CLASSMATES! Yea, Thomas was same class with me in Form 4 and 5.. But I don't think we are that close.. But okok la.. So, tonight, I must go for the class reunion! Will take lotsa picture! yeahoo~ - If my condition approve for me to do so much stuff.. I feel like fainting anytime.. Or sleeping anytime.. ^^

Wednesday, January 13


Layout changed for temporary.
More green this time =)
TOP banner up there.. This the season of BIGBANG.. LOL.. I am still banging. xD

more updates of pics will on da way. =)
stay tune.. shoutbox me lar peoples.. Sherina is back with blogging!!

Let's see

I am gonna change my layout and start active in blogger again.
let's see if I can do it..
Let's just see..

Tuesday, January 12

hate hospital

Went to hospital yesterday. - bla bla bla.. I need to go for another x-ray next month and bla bla.. I am freakingly tired of the doctors man! Waited for hours and no result. Makes me so tired today.

Anyway, the best part for yesterday is lunch. I went to Clara to have lunch with 3 ma lat lou.. n a girl - new one. As usual, Franky tease me and someone la.. LOL... had fun talking and teasing and hitting them. David got lots of hitting from me for teasing me and someone. LOL.. I just can't stop laughing when I think back of yesterday.

Today my day is not so good due to some reason. Got lot to think again. Anyway, just see how it goes.. I sounded like "someone" .. I wonder who's that. =p

Wednesday, January 6

A little update bout me

It seems like I am really kinda busy nowadays.. AM I?
I have no idea though.
I think I am not that busy compared to last time.

I think I should blog about how am I and what I am currently doing now since I don't really update bout myself nowadays.

I changed my job. From Clara International changed to LIFE COLLEGE in order for me to study in March for Mass Communication! I started work in 4th of January. Currently finding a place to stay there because of transport problem. If anyone got any friends leaving nearby and got cheap house please do intro me yea. =)

Now, I should talk bout Subang Church.
I've been attending Subang for... few months already... I lost count and not gonna count anymore.. =) The church are of course very different from Puchong. If people asked me whether I like Puchong more or Subang... I used to say Puchong. But now, actually Subang is very good. I starting to get know more people there. =.=|| I know I am kinda slow but it takes time to know people for there are a lot of people there.. LOL.. I am learning a lot of things there and I am trying to help as much as I can if possible.. I am going to meet Aunty Jo tonight and I think I am gonna tell her that I would like to help anything in any area but.... depends I can help or not lar... Serve God doesn't need to be at a specific place where all the goodies friends is around... but it is in the heart. This is my revolution in 2010.. I want to help.. I don't care whether after half year where I will be or what I will be.. Now is now.. I used to have this question in my mind.. When can I be back in Puchong to be with the rest.. But now.. this is no longer a question for me anymore because now is now. Now I am in subang. Puchong is puchong. They are they... I am me, myself.. Don't think so much about what is next.. What is next, God ahs already planned. We just follow. He leads us. O.o stop stop.. I am going a little far here...

Ohyea... I went to help out for the Desa Mentari thingy with the youth and young adults of Subang.. I kena scolding from mom because reach home late.. T_T I went to church at 9.oo a.m in the morning and reach home at 11 something at night.. Who don't scold le? But I didn't take her scolding seriously because I am very happy on that day. but still... I am VERY tired because we take care of almost 80+ student. And guess what? I got bullied by kids... =.=|| We finsih the event at 9.00p.m. and when for our dinner+supper at darulsalam.. It is sooooo slow.. That's why ended up back home late.. LOL... I explained to my mom at last and she did not angry luuu... hahahaha

Should I stop here.. ? Kinda long essay and with 98% of grammar problem.. LOL
Oh yea.. Went to take a palcement test in Life college yesterday.. it's like English Basic test la.. Who failed d need to take donno what additional subject..
I thought I am failing because I am kinda blur.. I forgotten a lot of things and my english is getting bad and I forgot what EXAM is..
Today my colleague told me that I PASS! I don't know my marks cause they don't know can tell or not but they say don't worry lar.... =.=||| I want to know where my standard goes lar.... xD


Really got to stop here... Tired of typing.. My hands are sweating le! =.=|

See yea guys.. MISS EVERYONE.. LUZ everyone

-not a little update anymore-
-a big update -