Thursday, January 28

Continue - 5B-ians

Dear jo looks like a rabbit.. ^^

I noticed most of us are BLACK

hungry ghost...

This is the usual group...

with the tallest guy in class/school

I think I cacated.. =.=

I saw something.. xD winnie.. haha.. anyway.. Jo dear loves me so much..

win darling n menuiq


win trying to KISS me.. I know you love cha

5 flowers in 5B -konon.. where's another one? she's gone.. sara.. xd

Guess who's leg is that? ^^ The fat one not mine definitely.. Is my darling geh.. xD

Feel like update a few stuff today... hehe..

LOL.. Those are my darlings and dears of 5B's. Hehe.. That day I was DAMN sick.. In the morning I was working and I got flu the other day. Around afternoon I was high fever. My head was so heavy and I slept for a while. I dare not tell my mom I had a fever.. For the first time in my life, I took the initiative to take TWO PANADOLS without my mom nagging me. You know why? So that at night I can go for the reunion. ^^ I was still very blur when I am in the car. but, thank God all the sickness and headache and fever gone after they are there.. Woo-hoo.. FUN man.. And the sickness came back after I reached home.. Sunday - no church for me cause I am REALLY SICK.. LOL..

More photos will be on the way.. xD I will still blog bout my class.. Sorry.. Just LOVE them now. xD for NOW.. xDD

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