Saturday, February 27

coming soon

Woa! Happy Tiger Year! WooHoo!

I got a lot to blog.. hehe with lots of pic... wait!!!

Wednesday, February 10

Old me

You know,
I look very old now - with the short aunty hair and the colour.

Hmm Hmm... I hate it..

The soul stay

The body seems like doesn't belong to me today. I feel so numb.

What feeling in me now?
Cannot be describe! Depends what you really ask..

Friday, February 5

P & C

A group of "monkey" talking. . .

S (1) : Oh yea, they were couple last time!
S (2) : Yea a.. For ONE day!
S (1) : Oh is it? I remember S (3) says T is bored! Go cinema . . . "bla bla"
S (2) : Yea.. That's why only 1 day. After going cinema with him, S (3) call me and say T is so bored and not gentlemen.

Everyone laughs...

T : Hey Hey!! It's ONE WEEK!!! Not 1 day! Ish

All burst into laughter!

When S (3) came...

S (1) & S (2) : So, S (3).. Is ONE day or ONE week?
S (3) : one week only...

Everyone surprise.

Why so many S up there? Cause the 3 gals name with S lor...

still in sick mode.. T_T sad case...

Thursday, February 4

edit craze

I edit my photo again.

So what do u think again? ^^

Rays through your heart

I like the sun rays man~ It so damn chunted~ xD

First, I would like to thank those people who so nice to me. They msn me and fb me after they know that I am sick.. Arigato.. ^^ Never know they so nice.. =p and, of course someone who ask me face to face.. ^^ *shy* =.=||


Oh yea, I have change my msn to So please add me if you can especially the puchong youth and classmate.. ^^ Arigato once again.

I wished I got money now.. CNY ar.. T_T

Wednesday, February 3

Sherina is getting older n older

I edited this pic.. What do you think?

Old a lot d hor? Yea lor.. White hair keep growing

Love BabyBoy xD

BabyBoy keep let me kiss.. LOL

Yesterday Mommy came to Life College and fetch me. ^^
was cam-whoring in the car with Didi a.k.a BabyBoy. He so damn cute. Cute till me and mommy can't stop kissing him. LOL.. and, of course, he muax me too! heh heh heh...
Kissing him got a price to pay. He was actually having flu and cough.

So guess what?


I AM SICK. My immune system is weak again! Last month sick. This month sick.. CNY coming la deh~ APA lar... HELP..


Guess what?

Today ONE FM read my sms that I sent. My driver say "GOT MEH?"
DENG! ONE FM read my name out la! That DRIVER.. KEK SEI ME LE LA. Only know how to see leng lui on the street.. =.=|| xD

Tuesday, February 2

New Moon - christmas present

A long time ago post.

That is my Christmas present from someone.. Guess who...
Eumun! Unbelievable right?
I was crazy bout New Moon in Dec and he was working there. So I was asking him the price. Then I asked him to buy for me as present. I am so bad right? I know! I always that bad. I thought he wouldn't buy it for me but.. I was wrong. I went to IOI and got it from him.
I also did something for him as return.. ^^ But still with me until today.


Thanks Eu Mun for that book. I finished it within a week! =)
I want third book now. xD

Monday, February 1


I want you to know that I missed you now.


Your fragrance; stuck with me
Your face; I will never forgets
Your hands; so warm, so secure
I missed it so- -

Si beh ki hong

Today si beh bo song someone.

Ing wui e si beh lazy. Si beh beh kua. Kua dio e wa chau ki hong! Ha mi do mai chap ha mi do ho wa jo! Ki si wa liao lar!!!