Thursday, October 30


Yummy, yummy, yummy.

Yesterday went for dinner cause of aunty birthday. We went to eat at somewhere near wawasan restaurant. Its kind of cheap! We ordered 6 dishes and 8 people was there and they just charged us RM 118. Uncle pay the bill.
He was saying he expect to use up all the money he brought.

So, to fulfill his wish, we went to ice wheel to eat ice!
Nyam nyam....
We order 2 woks of ice cream.. Haha... Taste delicious..

i should post the picture up!! Wao.. I like it so much! Should go again when I got $$! Oh ya.. one wok is 9.90!!

When back home - read book and also sms - ing and watch shows and eat again!

Today mommy birthday,....

Wednesday, October 29

to you~

Leg sprain and small muscle tears
You scared me to death!
How could you play football and hurt yourself badly?
Better take care yourself please!
Don't say I am talking like your mother
I am just "ambil berat" you.
And also, i am longing to see how you scream like a girl
I know the whole youth is waiting to see too.
Your brother is so mean
He just watch at you without taking care of you
we will chapati him for you =)
To the one sms-ing with me yesterday

Tuesday, October 28

^^One & Only^^ YOUTH

This is for all of you,
those who shed the tears together
those who play the board games together
those who laugh the stupid things together.
Here we go....

From dolphin to starfish
we talked about.
From angelfish to secret code
you know it all.
Thanks for sharing your story and listen to mine
I am glad to have you as a friend of mine
^^One & Only^^ Elisa Tan

The girl who loves to sleep.
From night to noon and noon to night
She can sleep as long as she like.
She is a girl who is as blur as her brother
but she is very smart indeed
she always gives happiness to us
by her piggy face that she show us
^^One & Only^^Kim Ying Yi

The guy who we once nicknamed him hamdan
Now he is nicknamed teddy bear
Once, we are so far away
Now, we are getting closer
I just like how you played your violin
Its so sweet.
And oh teddy bear, our future pastor
believed in Him and He will do the rest
^^One & Only^^ Joel Chan

The guy who told me the truth last week
I was shocked but still happy
I knew I always bullied you
But I know you won't angry
Thanks so much for all your help
Thanks so much for that very day
Trying to help me with the secret code
I appreciate everything you did
You will be my brother, forever
^^One & Only^^ Joshua Goh

The guy who have the same surname as above
You are smart
Too smart
I wonder where you get the smart genes from
Sometimes we wished to get some from you
Can you send some to us
I know you are a great friend too
I like the way you play piano
If you are WANG LEE HOM
I tell you, I will fall for you
Too bad, you are not
^^One & Only^^ Joel Goh

To a sui zhai that I am having
You always make used of me
Asking me to do map and stuff
But I am willing
cause I really treat you as my brother too
Be a good boy and study well
^^One & Only^^ Eumun Yan

To the guy who always argue with me
I don't know why we always did that
Maybe I just like to argue with you
But I know all this arguments
never makes us turn away from each other.
I know you are a good brother
I always appreciate what you have done
Just that I never want to show it
Thanks for the present you gave me YEARS ago
it is still in a good condition
and also the little notes.
I am your siew mui mui
you are my big kor kor
Thanks for everything you have done
^^One & Only^^ Gabriel Cheah

To the one who likes to tease me
During practice or even worship time
you will say something that make me laugh
Although sometimes you are over the limit
But I know you just try to have fun
Thanks for the accompany on that certain day
Crying in front of you is unexpected
Thanks for making me happy back
Although is short
But I appreciate every moment.
^^One & Only^^ Kalven Lee

To the one who likes to joke a lot
To one who always tease me too
You too never fail to make me smile
Every time you said something I will surely laugh
Thanks for fetching me every sunday
Although you said you don't want to fetch
but the next day you sure will appeared to fetch
I know you are good in heart
You always did not show you are caring
but you are caring
And I still remember how you scare me behind that door
when we played hide and seek
I miss those moments.
^^One & Only^^ Chee Meng Ong

To the brother of the brother above
you are quiet but you are caring
Just like your brother, you did not show but you are caring
I am glad you take the initiative to pray that day
Remember God is with you
Do not afraid
^^One & Only^^Chee Kent Ong

I miss the time how you treat me so good
I miss the time you bring me to that cafe
I know you are caring
but sometimes over caring
I know you want to take care us
I hope you will be with us more
^^One & Only^^ Chee Hon Tan

The good friend of the above
You is a good brother too
May the God bless you
^^One & Only^^ Chen Hooi

Thanks for being a great leader to us
Sometime communication makes us frustrated
But I know you take good care of us
^^One & Only^^ Esther

To the another half of the person above
Thanks for being a great leader and tell me what is right and wrong
Thanks so much for helping out
Hope both of you will happy always
^^One & Only^^ Chee Kean Tan

Thanks for you who take good care of me
Thanks for your prayer through the phone
Thanks for respect the decision I made to not tell the rest
Thanks for advising
Thanks for fetching me
Thanks for you necklace you gave me last year
Thanks for everything
For you, I just can't stop thanking to
^^One & Only^^ Lai Ming Boey

To both of you who joining us less
Please do come to our youth more
We miss you presence here
Hope we will get closer than before
^^ One & Only^^ Evelyn
^^One & Only^^ Vivian

To someone who is younger than me one day.
Just one day that makes me older than you.
We had fun all this time aren't we?
I expect more to come from both of us.
^^ One & Only^^ Rachel

To the little girl that all guys chasing
Believe in Him
Don't worry
He will protect you from any harm
^^ One & Only^^ Zhen Bi

To you who seldom I talked too
Hope you are having joy in your life
May our God continue to bless you
Any guide you
^^ One & Only^^ Grace

To the one who asked me when is my birthday
Until now I sure you have no idea
Don't worry about that
As long I remember yours is enough
^^One & Only^^ Arron

To the one who chatted with me in msn today
You told me you are just 18 years old this year
and you called Chee Kean uncle
You said I am just 10 years old
and you gonna bring me to primary school tomorrow
But you don't want to bring me to casino
What a naughty boy you are
Happy belated one day birthday
^^ One & Only^^ Richard Goh

To the one who we named you sotong
You looks like one too
You are a great brother that we have
You always bring us to groceries
Thanks so much for being there when we need you
^^One & Only^^ Wee Zcent Kim

To the one who are so far apart from us now
I am afraid of you from last time until now
You looks scary all the time
But I know you is a good guy
^^One & Only^^ Wee Ric Kim

To the one who always gossip with me
Always talk about this and that
Always remember me
Always talk with me
^^ One & Only^^ Sha Leen Lim

To the sister of the sister above
Thanks for helping around in bumble bee
Hope to see you soon
Happy always
^^ One & Only^^ Sha Mein Lim

To the one I left out
3 of us having our girl talks and couldn't sleep
Then when we want to sleep "that bunyi" came
The next day three of us became panda
I am glad to have you as friend of mine
You too always never make me failed to laugh with your COOLNESS
^^One & Only^^ Sheng Jian

To the one who always jokes
But your jokes always make us cold
I hope one day you will know HE is your everything
to the
^^One & Only^^ Jonathan

This is for the youth
Each and everyone has given me all the joyfulness
I hope we will all meeting and sitting together once again
Laughing and talking again
I know God will bring us back one day!

Brotherly brothers~

oh ya oh ya,,,

Joel Chan! You are CUTE when you say,

I know la, he is your brother ma! ~~

You sounded so funny. Haha... You can bully this brother more. He's been naughty nowadays..

And also Joel, you are my brother too! We are one big family isn't it?

love you guys so so much.


To you,

You make me feel so stupid
From me,
Th3 sTuPid GiRl


Thanks Elisa for you birthday gifts.
Using it now.
Thanks once again!

Sunday - part 2?

After sermon on Sunday morning, we-the youth, quickly get changed and prepared our self for the next activity - BADMINTON! Heh heh..
I totally feel so uncomfortable with the SHORT pants. Most of you know, my leg, with those dots, since six years old, until now, still like that, scary, horrible, haiz.
But, I just ignore it. Cause I can't be wearing jeans and play badminton. Although I can but that will be weirder that the short pants.
We walked to the badminton court located just opposite our church. Or to be accurate, slightly further lah.
Me and Elisa was walking, and, talking about those so-called gentlemen. Let me name them. MR G, MR JG, MR JS G.
They don't even care the girls behind them. They walked as fast as they can to reach their destination to PLAY! Phoebe and Christa was behind them! They don't even care. Hello?? They are still YOUNG and they are so-called kids still! Why no one protecting them? Elisa, Rachel and myself have no hope on the guys anymore! hehe
The other 2 guys, JC and JY *i think* was behind Elisa and me.

"Luckily we still have both of them to protect us"
"Yea.. Not like those gentlemen there"

We are wrong! After crossing the road, both of them join the three in front and left the girls behind, once again! GUYS???! haiz!

Badminton is great that day. Played with mostly all of them.. *I think* Had fun. *justthatsomethingbothermetheentireday*
We finished everything around 2 something. We got to get back to church for CLEANING! T.T

It should be a surprise but it is not due to Gab so terus terang say in front of me.
"We got to get back to church for cleaning and also celebrating Rachel and Sherina's birthday"

Joel Chan looked at me with his eyes widened and giving me a expression like
"why he said that out when you are here!!"
I smiled to Joel Chan
Then I saw that ice cream box and I said I want to eat ice cream.
Joel Chan looks so serious and ask me,
"You want a? You really want a? I buy"
*jaws dropped*
"I don't want I don't want"
although I want it so much but still I don't want to waste his money. But, Joel Chan really looks cute with that expression and his serious look when he asked me I want the ice cream.

When back to church and we noticed that santuary is cleaned and chair was arranged. Then I lie down on the chair. I was called PIG by someone!!!
Then those surprise came, those people dragging me and as if I and Rachel knows nothing. Joshua keep pull my hand and say
"come la come la"
I stil ignore it. Then rachel say let's go. Both of us try to escape from them but we failed. So we went in and stand beside singing happy birthday to . . . . no one? those aunties asking who's birthday. why no one? Rachel and me keep smiling.

The cake is nice.. I guess so. I did not eat it due to they said its cheese. Ew. Sorry, i don't really like cheese cake and I knew that someone buy that cake because Phoebe likes to eat it.

Elisa, thanks for trying to help me that day for something.
But, if its happen, I won't be eating too.
Cause, I really said that this year I won't be eating any own birthday cake.
i have my own reason to it.
Joshua, thanks for helping Elisa to get something for me too.
but its useless.
Cause I already knew it won't happen.
but both of you have the heart to help, I am happy.

2 car? how?

a shocked morning.
2 VERY grown up boy - age 20 ++ did something that day.

This is the story~~
Every Sunday, usually, I will asked Chee Meng to fetch me to church cause he, too, going for worship practice. So I was expecting him to fetch me on that day. And he did called me on the very morning to tell me that he reached. So i quickly get my feet to my sport shoes and grab my handbag - run out from my house and I saw ................... Proton Wira.. Looks familiar but its not Chee Meng's. Its Gabriel's car. Then I thought Chee Meng is in his car but I can't trace him in that car. So I look on the left. Surprisingly, Chee Meng's car is there! What are they playing?! Why both car there?! *park so nice somemore* My jaw dropped** I don't know which car to get in to it.
right? left?right? left? Can I walk?? =)
I can see those evil grin, evil laughing in both of their face. *heh heh*
I run to Chee Meng car at last.

"O!!! You break his heart!! You came to sit my car!"
"O!!! You so naughty ask both of us to come and fetch you!"
"O!!! I think he is here from 6.30a.m until to wait for you!"
"O!! HE angry already!"

"You all pakat de." - me
"pakat what" - he
"kacau me la" - me
"who so free o" - he

the conversation continue until we reached church. He still deny that both of them pakat. He still with his evil face!!! *no la*

"Gab, you all so free a? pakat and kacau me?"
"Cannot a?!" gab said
I looked at Chee Meng and said to him.
"See! PAKAT"
"heh heh heh"

This is the very funny happy sunday morning. =)

p/s : Joshua said girls mostly will choose Chee Meng's car!
Reason: need me to say?
Am I like that?
NO! I am not. I choose his car cause I asked him to fetch.
I know he will say a lot of things if I choose to sit Gab's car.

Saturday, October 25


RULE #1 People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.
RULE #2 Tag 6 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse.These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by continue this game by sending it to other people.

1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be? take revenge?
-kill him

2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
-Th3 s3cR3t Cod3

3. Whose butt would you like to kick?
-no idea

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?
-never will it happen!

5. Will you u fall in love with your best friend?
-seriously YES!

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
-what do you think?

7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?
-I waited someone for few years. sigh. I am stupid. and I m still stupid!

8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
-stop loving him. I know its hard but I don't like to be third party or being stupid!

9. If you like to act with someone, who will it be? your gf/bf or an actress/actor?
-act with Th3 s3cR3t Cod3 =)

10. Will you invite for Ex bf/gf to your wedding dinner?
-why not?!

11. How would you see yourself in ten years time?
-old lady? wait. 10 years? I am 28.. Still young what =x

12. What's your fear?
-can't answer, too much things to fear

13. Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?
-single and rich, kalaulah boleh. If not, married to the one I love and poor is ok.

15. Would you give all in a relationship?
-depends la. Mostly NO!

16. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?
-I pick people want meh? Please la!

17. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing the someone has done?
-before yesterday NO. After yesterday, YES

18.Do you prefer being single or having a relationship?
-Not I want a relationship then I will have de!

† Tagged Ones †-


Hey Mr,
Why I miss you all of the sudden?
Maybe I am hungry?
I miss you all the time actually...
Now, I think I prefer people that are honest. Honest in the way that,
if you like me, then tell me. Don't wait until you don't like me only tell me.
You never know whether I like you or not.
If I don't, we are friends.
Who knows right?
Don't waste the opportunity.
If you think you are no hope and I maybe like someone...
Maybe the someone is you!
You never know.
Sweat, I know I sounded so weird
that is because i feel so weird
because someone makes me weird
because he is weird!

Gembira? !

Yesterday, we had a great time in cell group.
Especially the prayer session! I prayed for everyone.
Everyone prayed for me too!
I realise the phobia of let people pray for me gone. But, er... just that...

Anyway, thanks for all the prayer from everyone.
And also hugs from Elisa, Ying Yi, Zhen Bi, Vivian, Rachel, Esther, Joshua.

Yesterday we learnt about Friends.
And I understand there are really my friend. I feel so comfortable with them now. =)

The best part of the night is going back home with 7 people in a car again.
This time is not me who got to sit anyone's lap but its JOSHUA! HE got to sit his bro lap. hahaha..
So funny! We, the rest of the people took out the camera and started to do our business! we are naughty right? Even the driving person ask us to take Josh pic. Poor Joshua...
Oh ya, the cat walk part is nice too. Especially Josh with the yeng style! xD Should put it in our blog one day!

To little girl Zhen Bi, everything will be okay. Be strong ok? Loves you

Friends is so important in my life now.
I found the correct happiness in me now.
I like this feelings.
I started to miss someone once again.
And I hope we will have fun on that day!
Can we?
I hope so!
Friends, me sayang you

Friday, October 24


Never ever trust any GUYS!

Thursday, October 23


“I Like To Move It, Move

It with Madagascar 2!”
I want watch this! I watch the first one last time when my friend's birthday! Hope this time can watch also!!!


When I looks like I am happy, actually, I am not.

My head is going to burst now. Really! I felt the pain in my head.
Maybe due to no lunch or water or whatever it is.
I just feel so pain!

I am proud to myself because I had covered the pain that that are spinning in my head.
But now, I feel like closing my eyes. -ifIcan-
I can't.
If and only if I can just close my eyes and sleep.

No more words.
I can't continue now!

secretly looking you~

I cannot say any thank you now.
My friend said I thank too much.
He said he going to kill me if I thank him again! hahaha...

Birthday over d. Nothing special at all.. Just a tired day. Working and working only. Hahaz.. But at least i get to see special thing yesterday. =)

I opened another blog yesterday. Its only meant to who I know. If you know me, you can asked for an invite.. The url is


Wednesday, October 22


Blessed bithday.. Not with gifts but withs all those friends..

Thanks to this special.... FRIENDs..

Firstly, KIM YING YI

Thanks for your present once again and the sweetly posting in the blog.
Without you, I wont' find happiness. At times, when I am so down
you really bring me back to my feet.
At times, when I feel like killing people,
you will take the knife out of my hand.
*sorry for violent decription*
because of your blurness and piggyness,
you bring tonnes of happiness to me.
Thank you so much!
You are not blur actually.
Indeed, you are super smart.
Just that we cannot believe you are smart!
Thanks for posting up so big in your blog to wish me a happy birthday
you did not say you love me...
My goof mui also Tan Lee Yan -ELISA!

my 18 chapter of life.
Thanks for that..
You are such a wonderful friend in my life.
Always give me courage, makes me happy
makes me feel that I am not lonely.
Always be with me by my side.
You too- save me when I am in the mud.
Share my happiness and sadness.
Share my *ahem* things.
You had done so much things for me.
I just feel so bless to have you as my friend.
At times, like you said, we had some disagreement
but Thank God.
This disagreement is not so seriuos.
And let us getting closer and closer.
How many years we had sit together, side by side in the santuary?
How many times we share our lunch and dinner?
How many times we share the bed?
How many times we cry together? *did we?*

No matter how many times this happened, i still
want it more. cause this make us our history.
We should open a book and titled it as,
SaYiNa story!
I love you both so much!
GOd bless.

those real friends~

1. Chien Ling
2. Elisa
3. Red/ Wilson~
4. Pricilla
5. Andre
6. Sha Mein
7. Joshua
8. Zhen Bi
9. Rachel
10. Diana
11. Ivan
12. Evelyn - working place
13. Pau Lian
14. Celine - same date birthday~ =)
15. Iris
16. Sean
17. Mei Theng
18. jasmine -its a he. He reload rm 60 for me~ =)
19. Fiona
20. Jenson
21. Pooi Yan
22. Z - ktn frens.
23. Caffreery

wah.. i can't remember la...
Thanks you la... hahaha...

another thanks

My HR manager "belanja" me lunch.
I ate "friend rice" cincau and he order ice kacang for me.
Now i am so full and happy.
Another thing that really make me surprise is, my friend, who are not really close with me give me a very blessed birthday gift. he reload RM 60 for me...
I am so guilty cause he reload RM 60 for me!!!
Yor.... really thank you very much. Thanks Thanks & Thanks.

thanks for those messages that you guys sent to me.
Love you guys so much..
And also my best friend Chien Ling, who is the first one to sms me and wished me!

short thanks

Thanks everyone for all the nice wishes.

Thanks to someone in the youth that talk to me from 8 to 11 something in the morning..
That was so funny... and you really very funny when u ask me that particular question.
fuh***u scare me!
u is the second eu mun!!! haiz!~

i will thank one by one when i got the time.

I am still waiting for these particular people. =)

Tuesday, October 21


~好害羞 哦~

Long relationship?

I failed twice in long relationship.

someone told me he having a Gf in Netherlands.
they never meet, totally stranger.
I wonder how to maintain this kind of relationship.

like me, my ktn friends.
we used to be so closed with one another but now, most of us not really contacting each other.

and this friend of mine having a relationship with this girl?
I hope what he told me is true..
he won't change.
Hope so.
I also hope he won't got cheated or anything.

things always happen without our knowledge.


love is poison
once you got poisoned
you are gone
and you won't realize you've been poisoned!

love is blind.
once you blind you cannot see
you won't open your eyes to understand
you will just fall to your own self!



Monday, October 20


I am over sensitive~
i misunderstand my friend.
I am terrible
What is going on to me?
i need help!!!


Going to be 18 but i dislike this number.
Because you left me when I am 18 months.
and everything has changed in my life.
yesterday, i could not sleep for the whole night.
Thinking why my dad is you!
Tears rolling down from my eyes.
You left me and mommy.
What i wanted the most is my brother.
And thanks to you again who are heartless sell him off when he just born.
Every time when I think of my brother,
I felt the pain.
The pain you abandoned him.
And you did again to me and mom.
Do you know I need a brother?
I really love to have a brother so much.
i want to know how it is feel to have a own brother - the same flesh.
but everything i wanted will never happen in my life anymore because my father is you.
YOU sell him away.
YOU left me
YOU left MOM

These 3 things is enough to bring me to this present, current situation.
I got to go through a lot of things. And now, I became a no direction girl.
A lot of things that I wanted to do, can't do
A lot of things that i don't want it to turn this way, it turns this way.

I should not blame anything to you. Everything is happening now is because my own self.

Tears rolling down uncontrollably..
Because i felt lonely once again..
Sometimes I do hope I am not in this world..
So that everything won't be in this way..

maybe I want attention from people too.
but sometimes i hate people notice me.
i don't know what i really want.
can someone just help me?

i want people to love me too
but when they love me,
I dislike the feelings.
what am i thinking?
I don't know!

If people around me take care of me, I felt annoyed
When they leave me, i felt lonely all over again!

I want to stop the tears
but it can stop

Why? Why I am like that again?
I am tired!

to my own flesh brother...
When can i meet you again?
i misses you so much.
i really hope you are by my side this birthday celebrating with me
but it will never happen.
i need you, brother, so much.
I hope that I can hug you in this very day.
but again, i know, never will it happen.
birthday have given me sorrow every year.
I don't know when will all this things change.
i hope my sorrow birthday change to a happy one
i thought it is called HAPPY BIRTHDAY?
when will it be a happy one?
i think, the answer will be the same

the past

we had our regular meeting but with a different activity.
instead of having word, we had our board games session.
we divided into 2 groups
group 1 - me, elisa, gab, chee kent, joshua, jonathan
group 2 - ying yi, zhen bi, joel goh, sheng jian, joel chan, jonathan thomas
We played RISK. If you are a guy, you know what is that. If you are a girl, you might be clueless!
We - the girls is completely clueless what is going on. My group, which I paired up with elisa, were totally clueless and don't know what to do. What we do is to listen to our leaders insruction that is GABRIEL and also JOSH. both of them keep thinking and thinking how to attack how to this how to that. we, the girls - me, sa, yi, bi, - cheering for them and listen where to put our "soldiers". our group is kinda dissapointed. We ending it by an earthquake! So bad... xD but still, we had some fun there. not some, actually more than some!

After that we played boogles for a while. It has been years since I played this game..

I worked at clara until 1 then I went back and sleep. this is what i did for the entire day.

Sunday, which is yesterday. Woke up earlier for worship and waited for Chee Meng to fetch. He late again~ as usual~ haha.. xD yesterday everything is so so normal. Not so fun actually. went up to bb again to observe. Maybe next time I should go up by myself~ haiz...better than make elisa sien too. The rest of the youth was down there cleaning up and jamming for the entire time~ After that, Ying Yi gave me a b'day present which suppose to give me on wednesday~ haha.. anyway, i like the present that she gave.. She got heart then i am happy. Then they went for lunch. i went back home. oh ya. The fun part is how they send me home. I sit on YING Yi laps~ I wonder if her lap gone d~ CHOI! jkjk... 7 people in a car. That was fun! So fun.. At first me and ying yi wanted to sit infront. 2 at the front sit! That was fun!! But, then Joel goh and Joel Chan wanted to do so. But gabriel don't let.. ISH ISH ISH... HAHA... But it is illegal to do so la. he just don't want anything to happen to us and dont' want to kena saman! So Joel Goh sit infront, the rest sit behind. Wah~~~ Squeezeeeee~~

Thank you

Thank you Ying Yi for a nice birthday present
I like the wallet so much.

Thursday, October 16

a chinese post


I am not

"ni zhen de shi yi ge ben dan"

wo hui zen ming gei ni kan wo bu shi

A night of yesterday

Ms. Sherina is really sick now! Let us see whther without any medicine - will she recover?

Yesterday went for our worship practice. The songs is nice but the voice is not. This is meant for my voice. My voice really not nice yesterday. Not balance again. Not because I am sick but the voice just terrible for me when I heard it! T.T


after the practice, 6 of us excluding Joel Chan and Rach who went back earlier went for a yum cha session. We had some joking, hacking, laughing, talking, teasing and so on. A good yum cha session.

Oh ya, do you guys know how silly and dumb I am?
Chee Meng give me permission to "curi" his car away. He even give me his car keys and remote. However, me, who are so silly and dumb do not know which button to unlock the car. The red button or the blue button?! I went to ask him and he took back the keys and unlock it for me.
He teased me!

"People give you the keys to "curi", you also don't even know how. Later when you go in the car, you also won't know the keys must go where."

So, until now, I still don't know which button he press to unlock it. He did not tell me. I am really dumb!

I am going to save save save save save to go for learn how to drive. I cannot keep staying under the shell.

After the yum cha session, I walked back.. Those gentlemen no fetch me back.. T.T so sui de.. Haha..

Wednesday, October 15

u tau u siapa

To the one - you know who you are..

i know you misses her so much
i misses her so much too.
she treat me as good as she can.
and i will never forget that day.

as for you, who are so close to her
i know you misses her more than anyone else.
i know it has been a great impact to you
and i know you will never forget her - we too

no one can replace her to you
but i tell you
i will try my best to treat you as good as it can be
i know in times, with my bad emotion i do make people around me annoyed
but i tell you
start from today
i will "love" you as i can
to protect you
to listen to you
to care of your feelings *got to try very hard*
to just be a best friend or i can be called as a best sis
not to replace position in your heart
but to let you find someone to lean to

i am sorry for what i've done in the past
i know you treat me good too
i will
to treat you like my real sis
to treat you as good as i can..


are you touched right now??

This is for real~

The Saturday - I think again.
I wish I can only make it vanish from my head but still it stuck in my head each time I saw you.
Now, saw you really makes me very uncomfortable especially when you ignore me the fullest!
I know I should get used with it. This is not the first time I get pain from you~ But, I don't know why I am still like that - Always.
I said that I want to give up on this friend but I never do so although each time I got hurt deeply in heart. I always go to you even I you always treat me like that. I don't know what to do and I feel like not doing anything anymore.. I just feel so tired!

This time, for real, i going to let go everything~

To you. little xxxxxxxx

To someone whom is special in my heart.

You have chose this decision.
You have make a choice.
You want to be in this.
So you got to be ready for all the circumstances.

Circumstances is not easy.
It is challenging.
When you overcome it, you will be happy
when you can't, you will get pain.

Challenging is fun.
We like challenge isn't it?
sometimes it is not as fun as it would be.

I am here to support you.
I am here to lend a shoulder for you - although you need not me
No matter what, I will be here for you
Cause we are best friend forever.

What I can do now is to pray you will be happy.
What I can do now is try to make you happy.
Happy always -
my dear friend!

Tuesday, October 14


The title for this song is Everyone No.1.
I saw this in the tv. I am really touched when i watched it.
the song is about a guy who is an athletes. Always won a lot of medals.
Unfortunately he got an accident and his life changed! He became paralyzed.
Anyway, just watched the Youtube. it is so so so touching.

SEPTEMBER 2: Disabled ten-year-old girl Qian Hongyan warms up before swimming during a training session at the South of the Clouds Swimming Club on September 2, 2007 in Kunming of Yunnan Province, China. Handicapped Qian, known as the "Basketball girl", joined the club on August 6 to learn to swim and dreams of competing during the London 2012 Special Olympics. She lost both of her legs in a traffic accident in 2000 at the age of three, but struggled to live her life with a basketball as her underpinning.

Pat Anderson and Joey Johnson (Best players in the world-Canadian) defending Lior Dror (top Euro player-Israeli)

People always think that they are useless, they cannot do, this and that but look at these picture and the youtube. They are not like us. Without their feet, they can still survive and do great things. Who said we can't do it? They prove that they can! So we got to prove that we are not useless too! WE CAN DO IT.


Five hours??

The mens were waiting for the ladies.
And it takes forever for the ladies to get changed and dress up.
The mens were so frustrated to wait.
The ladies were still in the rest room changing and putting on make up.
The mens gather together and talk about the ladies.

"they will take hours and hours... LADIES" - one of the guy said
"haiz. I always suffer when I want to bring my wife. Now, I suffer in the office too." - the other guy said
"WE knows" - the rest of the guy said.

"Guys just need five minutes. Why girls need five hours??"

Monday, October 13

4334 = orang gila

We do have something in common =)
Sounds so familiar with this sentence.

a number that i evented yesterday.
i will remember this number for now.

I am looking at the common things we have
with your picture in it
your picture is just everywhere
I can see it even my eyes are closed

the something posted

I was called to do
But I was busy
Then you do it
I am happy
Although its a small conversation
Although its a small tiny things
Although its a small joke you said
My smile will be there if its only you

We will meet again very soon
I hope what I wish will come true
I know it is impossible
Cause its YOU

Those memory

I got many things to blog for today and tomorrow and one of the post will be very meaningful for me and people put there. Stay tune....

As for today, I will post about what happen on Sat and Sun (yesterday), and also, something.. *lala*

Saturday we went to 3k for the Project: Shout. I am not commenting anything cause I have no comments. I prefer the ori Planet Shakers and I prefer City Harvest. However, it is still a good night for many of us especially Jonathan Chong, my special friend in Kuantan who are studying interior design at One Academy College now, won the DVD player. He should thank me because I invited him to go with us.. Haha. Nah.... I am not those people.. I really feel happy when he get the DVD. I feel that this is the reason I have a feeling to invite him. I really feel great he get the DVD. His lucky draw number is 0044. What a nice number. The rest of the youth is hoping to win a Ipod but unfortunately we are not that fortunate. =)
Oh ya, we start our destination quite early but still we are late due to we sesat jalan. Haiz. My friend waited us for kind of long time. Poor friend.

Sunday which mean is yesterday. Elisa and myself went to boys brigade to observe again. =) Nice~~ After the boys brigade we went to McD talking, chatting, joking, laughing. We went there due to we got free drinks to redeem.

Today, I can feel my body is getting weaker and I know I am going to getting sick very soon. Oh Lord please help me.

Isn't it good if everyday I can see you?

Saturday, October 11

Special post~

Another writings here I come
To write something for someone special
Someone who are special in my heart
That no one who can replace now.

These days - I will never forget in my life
These days - is so special to each of us
These days - makes us happy
These days - makes us get closer.

Not only one
more than one.
Not only us
But more than us

These is the day that the Lord has made us.
Thanks to him for bringing us to this world.
thanks to our parents who bring us to this world too.
thanks to the people around us that make us feel so happy in this day.



These are the few listed name
1. Sha Mein
2. Aaron
3. Richard
4. Grace
5. Rachel
6. Myself
7. Celine
8. My mother
9. Wai Hoong
(I could not remember all and those listed
not sure correct or not. )

Delayed tag by the ghost


Three names you go by :
1. sherina
2. nana

3. salmon

Three screen names you have had :
1. menuiq
2. menuiqx
3. menuiqlovez

Three physical things you like about yourself :
1. body
2. fingernails
3. ear

Three physical things you DONT like about yourself :
1. legs
3. legs

Three things that scare you :
1. lot
2. lot
3. lot

Three of your everyday essentials :
2. lot
3. lot

Three things you are wearing now :
1. Shirt
2. long pants
3. necklace

Three of your favorite bands or musical arts :
3. SHE

Three physical things about the preferred sex that appeals to you:
1. No
3. :p

Three of your hobbies:

Three things you wanna do really badly right now :
SLEEP and stop doing this tag

Three careers you're considering / considered before :
no idea

Three places you want to go on vacation :
1. Japan
2. New Zealand
3. London

Three things you want to do before you die :
Somewhere over the rainbow

Five people that you would like to see take this quiz now :






Layout change

Instead of changing the whole template, I change the background photo.

i changed layout for GGSUS blog
i changed layout for Kim Ying Yi
i changed layout photo for myself.

Friday, October 10

looking around

Cars, Trees, Leaves, Puppy, Doggy, Catty, Rock, Grass, Buildings Children, Students, Working People, handsome boys, pretty girls - this is what I am seeing now.

How great is OUR GOD.
Almighty He is!

Thursday, October 9

Never ending hope to

Everything just the same
Yesterday Today Tomorrow.
Will we be the same too?
I hope we will be different one day

The stars are bright
The skies are blue
My heart will gone
To somewhere soon

I know it is impossible to see the stars when the skies is blue
but, the stars is there although we can't see it
Just the same - although I did not say out my feelings to you
but, the feelings is there although you can't see it.

i don't know why I have feelings to you
but i know the feelings is so true

The leaves fall down slowly and land on the ground.
I want to fall and land on you

Twins are attached together and they want to split.
but, I want us to be attach and not split forever.

My eyes are weak
Closing so soon
i can't see anything
but I wonder why I can see you!

I am writing and writing
hope not to end so soon
but I know it will so
i just unwillingly to do that

Although I got to end this very soon
but, my feelings will not end that soon
perhaps I hope it will never end
but i know everything got to come to an end.

Original only by SHERINA
Inspired by: Crazyness
loving: some sort of animal in some sort of places


Headache now... Very tired...
yesterday work until 1o something. I really cannot tahan anymore. I scare I will faint! Hope can find people as soon as possible!

The Clara "People"

Mei Theng and me (so sleepy)

Just a small part of us~

Kinda dark wor~~~

Sean say Rosy "terperanjat"

I am the darkest one

Sean like this but say me no smile~

Mei Theng last day today. Evelyn last day tomorrow. Hope they happy always!!
Tomorrow our company got steamboat, I want to go but... Not going la.. Saturday going for city Church! SHOUT!

Wednesday, October 8

just another crazy post

I know.. I will seeing you soon.
Very soon.
I know...
I will wait here and see until you go.

Something that can make me smile





I wonder why???

Morning to you too =)

You said good morning and you bowed.
So gentleman - so cute.

Do that again next time.


Its night time now,
why good morning?

Its you.. and forever you will be like that,

I thought you won't be there
and amazed- you were here and there.
If only I can see you everyday,
I know I will be crazy one day!


Click the image to enlarge or click here

Aren't they cute. I found it in this web
I like it and I edited it.. So cutey la...
pls enlarge it to read.

Leave a comment to me too! =)

Happy always!


If you think my blog is sien,
Press Alt + F4 and don't come back.
Or click the x button up there.
I just don't want to waste your time.

I said this because some said its sien. So if it is so sien, don't come and read. Read other blogs that you like. This blog is meant to write my feelings, thoughts, facts, life and etc. If you don't like it, you can always Alt + F4.

Not meant to be harsh, not harsh at all. Just to let you guys know.

Why I blog it as public but I don't want some people to see?

Everyone is welcome to my blog, just that I not so welcome those people - such as the young ones "youth" to come because I feel uncomfortable. They tends to misunderstand what, who, when, how, where. They don't know what we are saying but they think they know. SO this makes me feel uncomfortable.

What I post is not they same as you think I post. Maybe you might think I am saying this or that but actually I am not. I am just hiding those "truth".


Tuesday, October 7

You know what?


I miss you

Monday, October 6


What we did yesterday?

Elisa and myself went to observe the boy's brigade. Both of us going to join the them soon. So to get prepare and make sure we like it or not, we went up and observe them. I had fun looking at those kids. They are so cute and funny. They really make me astonished by the way they answer question and the way they talk.
Elisa tease me with something. xD

We went for lunch with the youth after that. Normal lunch this time. No more bumbu bali or Aha Thai for lunch. The price really kill us. We have to share each time. If not we will die! Anyway, yesterday we went to Puchong Fatt Kee. There are lots of dishes. We are so tempted with it. ....
So this is what we did yesterday.

Saturday, October 4

Someone special on this day

before I go back,
I want to wish someone.



~May u happy always~
we are october babies =)

I remember when we had our pmr. Its your birthday and you walking around the corridor and said " today my birthday a, today my birthday a."
I remembered those days. FUNNY days~

brother =)

Yo! Sitting here waiting for my bro to come online but he won't be here soon.
Lala.. Mana you? Yesterday waited for your reply for so long but I just could not wait.
I know you are busy but I really miss you lots.
I still remember those days when I am so stubborn and you got to listen to everything I said.
Now, I feel that I am so bad to you. But I know you love me so much.
I can't find any brother that are like you. SO good, so caring, so loving, so kind to me and mommy.
Mommy misses you so much too. Miss you more than your brother.
I knew your brother is not happy sometimes.
I remember when "that" girl make me cry.
You came to my house and ask me who bully me.
You wanted to ask those other kor kor to revenge for me.
Do you know you are so bad tempered? What to do...
You are from those dark side people. DARK SIDE =) xD but to me, I am the dark people to you.
You will always got to listen to me, help me with all the dishes =), fetch me to school sometimes when I lazy or late, fetch me back, bring me go mall to buy something, every sat and sun wake up early because I got to buy grocery for mommy and etc. I don't know where to find someone just like you.
But now, everything change. I am in puchong, you are at kuantan. We are so far far apart.
You got a new girlfriend and you are busy with life.
I will be here and just alone without anyone. I miss you so much. I always recap those memory. I remember every single thing I had done it to you.
I remember you like to play with my nose. Pinch me.
I remember you always say I like your brother and your brother always say I like you. *even now he said that too*... =.=||
Without you, I really can't find all those happiness again.
When I got problem, you will be the first one to let me punch, beat, kick, slap... Er... Not like that... Just joking. I am not that GANAS... Just a bit.. *giggle*
I really miss you so much! *as a brother, friend*
Nobody can even replace you. Because nobody can treat me like that. Only you.
Because you sayang me too much. Now, I can't change already!

MANA YOU?!!! The brother that I love.

By Sherina

Dimana engkau sudah pergi?
Ku kena cari dimana lagi?
Ku ingin jumpa mu.
Bolehkah mu muncul di depan ku?

Hatiku terasa kepahitan,
Kerna mu telah menghancurkan,
Hati ini susah dihidupkan lagi,
Cuma mu yang boleh menghidupkannya sekali lagi.

Mimpi ini ku mimpikan
Mimpi ini ku inginkan
Bolehkah mimpi ini dicapaikan?
Memang ku harapkan ia boleh.
- by Sherina -
- First Malay post-
~I don't know why suddenly want to post this in malay~
~I got to go to check my brain later~