Tuesday, October 28

^^One & Only^^ YOUTH

This is for all of you,
those who shed the tears together
those who play the board games together
those who laugh the stupid things together.
Here we go....

From dolphin to starfish
we talked about.
From angelfish to secret code
you know it all.
Thanks for sharing your story and listen to mine
I am glad to have you as a friend of mine
^^One & Only^^ Elisa Tan

The girl who loves to sleep.
From night to noon and noon to night
She can sleep as long as she like.
She is a girl who is as blur as her brother
but she is very smart indeed
she always gives happiness to us
by her piggy face that she show us
^^One & Only^^Kim Ying Yi

The guy who we once nicknamed him hamdan
Now he is nicknamed teddy bear
Once, we are so far away
Now, we are getting closer
I just like how you played your violin
Its so sweet.
And oh teddy bear, our future pastor
believed in Him and He will do the rest
^^One & Only^^ Joel Chan

The guy who told me the truth last week
I was shocked but still happy
I knew I always bullied you
But I know you won't angry
Thanks so much for all your help
Thanks so much for that very day
Trying to help me with the secret code
I appreciate everything you did
You will be my brother, forever
^^One & Only^^ Joshua Goh

The guy who have the same surname as above
You are smart
Too smart
I wonder where you get the smart genes from
Sometimes we wished to get some from you
Can you send some to us
I know you are a great friend too
I like the way you play piano
If you are WANG LEE HOM
I tell you, I will fall for you
Too bad, you are not
^^One & Only^^ Joel Goh

To a sui zhai that I am having
You always make used of me
Asking me to do map and stuff
But I am willing
cause I really treat you as my brother too
Be a good boy and study well
^^One & Only^^ Eumun Yan

To the guy who always argue with me
I don't know why we always did that
Maybe I just like to argue with you
But I know all this arguments
never makes us turn away from each other.
I know you are a good brother
I always appreciate what you have done
Just that I never want to show it
Thanks for the present you gave me YEARS ago
it is still in a good condition
and also the little notes.
I am your siew mui mui
you are my big kor kor
Thanks for everything you have done
^^One & Only^^ Gabriel Cheah

To the one who likes to tease me
During practice or even worship time
you will say something that make me laugh
Although sometimes you are over the limit
But I know you just try to have fun
Thanks for the accompany on that certain day
Crying in front of you is unexpected
Thanks for making me happy back
Although is short
But I appreciate every moment.
^^One & Only^^ Kalven Lee

To the one who likes to joke a lot
To one who always tease me too
You too never fail to make me smile
Every time you said something I will surely laugh
Thanks for fetching me every sunday
Although you said you don't want to fetch
but the next day you sure will appeared to fetch
I know you are good in heart
You always did not show you are caring
but you are caring
And I still remember how you scare me behind that door
when we played hide and seek
I miss those moments.
^^One & Only^^ Chee Meng Ong

To the brother of the brother above
you are quiet but you are caring
Just like your brother, you did not show but you are caring
I am glad you take the initiative to pray that day
Remember God is with you
Do not afraid
^^One & Only^^Chee Kent Ong

I miss the time how you treat me so good
I miss the time you bring me to that cafe
I know you are caring
but sometimes over caring
I know you want to take care us
I hope you will be with us more
^^One & Only^^ Chee Hon Tan

The good friend of the above
You is a good brother too
May the God bless you
^^One & Only^^ Chen Hooi

Thanks for being a great leader to us
Sometime communication makes us frustrated
But I know you take good care of us
^^One & Only^^ Esther

To the another half of the person above
Thanks for being a great leader and tell me what is right and wrong
Thanks so much for helping out
Hope both of you will happy always
^^One & Only^^ Chee Kean Tan

Thanks for you who take good care of me
Thanks for your prayer through the phone
Thanks for respect the decision I made to not tell the rest
Thanks for advising
Thanks for fetching me
Thanks for you necklace you gave me last year
Thanks for everything
For you, I just can't stop thanking to
^^One & Only^^ Lai Ming Boey

To both of you who joining us less
Please do come to our youth more
We miss you presence here
Hope we will get closer than before
^^ One & Only^^ Evelyn
^^One & Only^^ Vivian

To someone who is younger than me one day.
Just one day that makes me older than you.
We had fun all this time aren't we?
I expect more to come from both of us.
^^ One & Only^^ Rachel

To the little girl that all guys chasing
Believe in Him
Don't worry
He will protect you from any harm
^^ One & Only^^ Zhen Bi

To you who seldom I talked too
Hope you are having joy in your life
May our God continue to bless you
Any guide you
^^ One & Only^^ Grace

To the one who asked me when is my birthday
Until now I sure you have no idea
Don't worry about that
As long I remember yours is enough
^^One & Only^^ Arron

To the one who chatted with me in msn today
You told me you are just 18 years old this year
and you called Chee Kean uncle
You said I am just 10 years old
and you gonna bring me to primary school tomorrow
But you don't want to bring me to casino
What a naughty boy you are
Happy belated one day birthday
^^ One & Only^^ Richard Goh

To the one who we named you sotong
You looks like one too
You are a great brother that we have
You always bring us to groceries
Thanks so much for being there when we need you
^^One & Only^^ Wee Zcent Kim

To the one who are so far apart from us now
I am afraid of you from last time until now
You looks scary all the time
But I know you is a good guy
^^One & Only^^ Wee Ric Kim

To the one who always gossip with me
Always talk about this and that
Always remember me
Always talk with me
^^ One & Only^^ Sha Leen Lim

To the sister of the sister above
Thanks for helping around in bumble bee
Hope to see you soon
Happy always
^^ One & Only^^ Sha Mein Lim

To the one I left out
3 of us having our girl talks and couldn't sleep
Then when we want to sleep "that bunyi" came
The next day three of us became panda
I am glad to have you as friend of mine
You too always never make me failed to laugh with your COOLNESS
^^One & Only^^ Sheng Jian

To the one who always jokes
But your jokes always make us cold
I hope one day you will know HE is your everything
to the
^^One & Only^^ Jonathan

This is for the youth
Each and everyone has given me all the joyfulness
I hope we will all meeting and sitting together once again
Laughing and talking again
I know God will bring us back one day!

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bi bi said...

thanks so much for all the compliments ^^
but not ALL guys chase me lar..
haha... it's sweet..