Tuesday, October 28

Sunday - part 2?

After sermon on Sunday morning, we-the youth, quickly get changed and prepared our self for the next activity - BADMINTON! Heh heh..
I totally feel so uncomfortable with the SHORT pants. Most of you know, my leg, with those dots, since six years old, until now, still like that, scary, horrible, haiz.
But, I just ignore it. Cause I can't be wearing jeans and play badminton. Although I can but that will be weirder that the short pants.
We walked to the badminton court located just opposite our church. Or to be accurate, slightly further lah.
Me and Elisa was walking, and, talking about those so-called gentlemen. Let me name them. MR G, MR JG, MR JS G.
They don't even care the girls behind them. They walked as fast as they can to reach their destination to PLAY! Phoebe and Christa was behind them! They don't even care. Hello?? They are still YOUNG and they are so-called kids still! Why no one protecting them? Elisa, Rachel and myself have no hope on the guys anymore! hehe
The other 2 guys, JC and JY *i think* was behind Elisa and me.

"Luckily we still have both of them to protect us"
"Yea.. Not like those gentlemen there"

We are wrong! After crossing the road, both of them join the three in front and left the girls behind, once again! GUYS???! haiz!

Badminton is great that day. Played with mostly all of them.. *I think* Had fun. *justthatsomethingbothermetheentireday*
We finished everything around 2 something. We got to get back to church for CLEANING! T.T

It should be a surprise but it is not due to Gab so terus terang say in front of me.
"We got to get back to church for cleaning and also celebrating Rachel and Sherina's birthday"

Joel Chan looked at me with his eyes widened and giving me a expression like
"why he said that out when you are here!!"
I smiled to Joel Chan
Then I saw that ice cream box and I said I want to eat ice cream.
Joel Chan looks so serious and ask me,
"You want a? You really want a? I buy"
*jaws dropped*
"I don't want I don't want"
although I want it so much but still I don't want to waste his money. But, Joel Chan really looks cute with that expression and his serious look when he asked me I want the ice cream.

When back to church and we noticed that santuary is cleaned and chair was arranged. Then I lie down on the chair. I was called PIG by someone!!!
Then those surprise came, those people dragging me and as if I and Rachel knows nothing. Joshua keep pull my hand and say
"come la come la"
I stil ignore it. Then rachel say let's go. Both of us try to escape from them but we failed. So we went in and stand beside singing happy birthday to . . . . no one? those aunties asking who's birthday. why no one? Rachel and me keep smiling.

The cake is nice.. I guess so. I did not eat it due to they said its cheese. Ew. Sorry, i don't really like cheese cake and I knew that someone buy that cake because Phoebe likes to eat it.

Elisa, thanks for trying to help me that day for something.
But, if its happen, I won't be eating too.
Cause, I really said that this year I won't be eating any own birthday cake.
i have my own reason to it.
Joshua, thanks for helping Elisa to get something for me too.
but its useless.
Cause I already knew it won't happen.
but both of you have the heart to help, I am happy.

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