Saturday, October 25

Gembira? !

Yesterday, we had a great time in cell group.
Especially the prayer session! I prayed for everyone.
Everyone prayed for me too!
I realise the phobia of let people pray for me gone. But, er... just that...

Anyway, thanks for all the prayer from everyone.
And also hugs from Elisa, Ying Yi, Zhen Bi, Vivian, Rachel, Esther, Joshua.

Yesterday we learnt about Friends.
And I understand there are really my friend. I feel so comfortable with them now. =)

The best part of the night is going back home with 7 people in a car again.
This time is not me who got to sit anyone's lap but its JOSHUA! HE got to sit his bro lap. hahaha..
So funny! We, the rest of the people took out the camera and started to do our business! we are naughty right? Even the driving person ask us to take Josh pic. Poor Joshua...
Oh ya, the cat walk part is nice too. Especially Josh with the yeng style! xD Should put it in our blog one day!

To little girl Zhen Bi, everything will be okay. Be strong ok? Loves you

Friends is so important in my life now.
I found the correct happiness in me now.
I like this feelings.
I started to miss someone once again.
And I hope we will have fun on that day!
Can we?
I hope so!
Friends, me sayang you


bibi said...

ok! ^^
reli sorry about the gift with prize tag ar.. reli reli sorry ya.. T.T

sh3rina (^(@)^) said...

ok la.. i like it la... heh heh