Tuesday, November 30

A mother's LOVE

Mom actually asked Joe to wash the air conditioner on Saturday. However, before me and Joe reach home, she cleaned it by herself and I should say MOM RAWRKS! The Air Conditioner is now as cold as snow? Or perhaps ICE? Every night I was freezing and I always have two blankets with me and sometimes Mom covers me with hers. Aw how sweet. =)

Yesterday night, I guess as usual I sleep like a pig and I was freezing cold. Mom get me my jacket and wake me up. She said “ Silly girl why not wear your jacket when you know it is so cold.” I smiled at her and raise one hand for her to wear for me. Then she said, “Stupid girl, wear it yourself.” Hahahahah.. MY mom cute right.. Ahahahah.

Saturday, November 27

Stop Child Abuse

Do you know what God loves? God loves children.

There’s always a saying “Parents love their children more than anyone else”. However, why are there people still abusing their child? Children are innocent. Children are not to be treated this way! STOP CHILD ABUSE!

Child abuse is not something that we can take easily. It is a major problem. It may cause the growth of the children to be a trauma, physical and mentally injured, emotion and so on. They might end up suffering for the rest of their life or even worst, death!

There are many types of child abuse, not only physical abuse. Some was sexually abuse! This is cruel to treat them like that! The very first case that happens for child abuse is Mary Ellen Wilson in New York. After her father’s death, her mother took a job and left her with a woman name Mary Score. When her mother financial situation went worst, she couldn’t pay the wages to Mary Score and did not even visit her after some time. Since her mother did not pay Mary Score, Mary Ellen was sent to New York City Department of Charities. The Charities then placed Mary Ellen under the care of Mary Connolly and Thomas McCormack, where the start of trauma begins. Shortly after Mary Ellen came into McCormack care, Thomas McCormack died. Mary McCormack remarried with Francis Connolly and moved to an apartment. One of the neighbor was concerned bout the little girl mistreatment, therefore asked a missionary, Wheeler, to check out the girl. Wheeler, under the pretext of asking Mrs. Connolly's help in caring for Connolly's new neighbor, the chronically ill and home-bound Mary Smitt, gained access to the Connolly's apartment to see Mary Ellen's state for herself. Wheeler began to research legal options to redress and protect the young girl. After finding the local authorities reluctant to act upon the child cruelty laws currently in place, Wheeler turned to a local advocate for the animal humane movement and the founder of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Henry Bergh. With the help of neighbors' testimony, Wheeler and Burgh successfully removed Mary Ellen from the Connolly home and took Mary Connolly to trial.

The child testified
“My father and mother are both dead. I don’t know how old I am. I have no recollection of a time when I did not live with the Connollys. Mamma has been in the habit of whipping and beating me almost every day. She used to whip me with a twisted whip—a raw hide. The whip always left a black and blue mark on my body. I have now the black and blue marks on my head which were made by mamma, and also a cut on the left side of my forehead which was made by a pair of scissors. She struck me with the scissors and cut me; I have no recollection of ever having been kissed by any one—have never been kissed by mamma. I have never been taken on my mamma's lap and caressed or petted. I never dared to speak to anybody, because if I did I would get whipped. I do not know for what I was whipped—mamma never said anything to me when she whipped me. I do not want to go back to live with mamma, because she beats me so. I have no recollection ever being on the street in my life.”

Mary Ellen Wilson

What a cruel act?! How can they treat Mary Ellen this way?! She is just an innocent girl who lost her parents and wants to have a caring family who can treat her like a daughter.

Now child abuse is widely happening and we shall not sit there and look or when there’s child got abuse we just feel pitiful. We should come together joint hands with hands and stop this act immediately!

God loves children. We once are children. What if this happen to us instead?! Stop all the acts on child abuse now! Change the world to be a better place!

Mary Ellen stories taken from Wikipedia
Mary Ellen picture taken from Google Search


Stomach pretty pain still. Working is not good like it used to be. My colleague also got fed up and I feel so helpless and stress. No matter what happen I am the one they come and I should know what’s happen it seems although it is at night or the last call off the day or when I am not in the office and I am so blur of knowing nothing. The only time I feel happy is Ray and Jay is in the office and the others and we can chat happily and order our delivery. Is not that I want to be harsh to her. Is I can’t stand the way she treat us. She has new people she has “that” look that even we can see it. How sad.

Thursday, November 25

An admire

I have an admire. Today is the 3rd time I received his call when I pick up answer for the kenny rogers delivery order. Once I heard the number 014, I was laughing madly in my heart and say "OMG! What?! AGAIN?! LOL" I asked him to hold the line and I asked my friend to answer for me. To my surprise, he even ask my friend to say "Hi Sherina" for him.

LOL >.<

Wednesday, November 24

A sweet dream indeed

I dreamt of something yesterday.
A dream that I can't remember what it is.
But, I know it is a sweet dream with a sweet friend.
I woke up and I smile.

She is 35472.

Monday, November 22

If only I could

Click the photo to enlarge to see the effect. Nice? I did it by myself! Ahahahahah. =)
The caption for the photo is - "if only I could"

Saturday, November 20

I just love this picture. =)

Sherina is stretching! =)

If a person thinks he/she knows everything, KNOWS NOTHING.

I am trying to edit my phone camera picture but I can't save it. Memory card was protected. Hmmmm... Maybe later..
Life without internet at home is so suffering. =( I can't go online now at home and because of bro in law laptop always crash, playing game is difficult too. =( Dear is coming today to help me reformat the laptop since he so "SMART" =p. And I am so going to watch TINKERBELL later. I bought the DVD on Wednesday. Yeap, pirated. =p Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. ;)

These few days colleague asked me why I looked different. Maybe due to lack of sleep. However, today I know another reason that makes me look tired. =) ahahahahah..

Temporary argument/fights with dear has stop and we still ok for now. Gary is outta my sight at the moment. Haha... Woo hoooooo.. ~ In a very high spirit mood. Know why?
- -
- -
- -

I am gaining fat back.. Wait.. More than I needed -.-
Remember Mom onced was worried when in end of 2009 when I am SHRINKING. lol. She was so worried. However, now she is worried of me STRETCHING? =p =p Nowadays I ate lots of stuff. For example, I ate chicken rice for my lunch at 12 something and 3 o'clock I went to Ali Berkat and get 2 packets of Nasi Lemak for myself. Or, at times we will order McD/Dominos/Kenny Rogers for our lunch. Not only I'm getting fat, I am losing my money. T_T $$ fliesssssss....
Normally when I asked " Anyone want McD Ice Cream?" No one would want it. Now when I asked, ended up we will have it. I think in one week I ate sundae choco for 3 times. I am going to be like a pig! I realize my leg is getting bigger and bigger and my sis says that my butt soooooooooooo BIG. =(

Mom asked me to control on what I am eating. I am going so crazy nowadays by eating so much. You know what she did? She bought KFC itself and she is asking me to control? WAO~  Cute her! Hahahaha
So how am I going to control? -p

Thursday ate KFC at night. Yesterday ate Domino's because need to eat if for Jennifer. We kinda make a farewell for her. So.... What you think? Not fat jao fake lar =p
-- --

Yesterday I found out Darren got a admire~ =)

Monday, November 8

Fat is gaining sherina

This few days gain lot of weight due to “MAKAN” here and there with relatives. They went back yesterday morning after breakfast. You know what I had for breakfast yesterday? BAH KUT TEH. What a heavy breakfast?!

Yesterday mom and sis had a little argument because of me. Sis was calling us on the phone and ask what we wanna eat. But the stupid line was very bad in the house! I walked to the front gate and talked to my sis but she still couldn’t hear me. She was a little “pek chik” and “mang zhang” and said why I don’t know how to go out from my room and talk. Where she want me to go?! I am outside the gate and she still can’t hear me. I also very angry and tell my mom. Mom also angry and say don’t want to eat. Sis call again and mom replied “I don’t want to eat. Don’t show your temper”. LOL

I am kinda guilty for what happened. Trouble maker I am =) Mom asked me to order domino pizza and yes, I ordered. =)

The pizza is in the fridge now due to that we can’t finish. =) We got a free coupon for 1 regular pizza since there are late.

Fat sherina! Fat! 

Saturday, November 6


I always want to write a song and now I finished this song of mine.
It is not related to any one nor about anyone.
It is just a song that comes out from a "inspiration & imagination"


Verse 1
Wo yu jian ni de shi hou
Mei xiang dao hui ai shang ni
Mei xiang dao hui fen li
Mei xiang dao hui xiang nian ni

Verse 2
Zhe xie nien wo hui xiang dao ni
Kan dao ni, wo hui hen shang xin
看到你, 我会很伤心
 Ni yi jin you le ling yi ge ren
Wo de xin  sui dao zai hai li

Wo mei xiang dao ni shi wo jui ai de ren
Mei xiang dao ni hui wang le wo
Ni de xin xian zai zhe you da mei le wo
Wo de xin zhe ke yi an jing de zai zhe li

Ni he ta fen shou, ni de xin hen dong
你和她分手, 你的心很痛
Kan jian ni de xin tong, wo de xin wei ni tong
看见你的心痛, 我的心为
Ni de wei xiao yi jing bu shi zhen de le
Wo xi wang nen zai zhi kan dao ni de wei xiao

 I'm not sure with the title yet but I just came out with this.. It's called xin sui. 心碎

A full emotion day

Yesterday my relatives came. It’s has been 13 years since we last met. I was excited in the beginning. My grandmother’s sister – therefore, should be my grand aunt, coming. Well, I was excited for no reason. Perhaps is a feeling that I can go to somewhere like window shopping, I-city, food, Food & FOOOOOOOOOD! She reached our place yesterday noon. When I looked at her, I feel that she looks like my grandmother who passed away 13 years ago. She looks old too.

She wants to watch some Hokkien drama series at 3.30 pm, so we decided to “ta pau” back our so called LUNCH! ( I was hungry till dizzy on that time). After lunch, I went to sleep for a while. I don’t feel like sitting and talk “great stories” because I am not that “mature” -you know.

We went to Empire shopping mall for a while at night. I don’t really feel happy when I am trying to enjoy myself. Thanks to my sister. I know that she is always closed to all the relatives. Why? Cause she was the first born and she was raise by my grandmother, therefore, she is closed to them. She looks like my mother too. That makes her always teased me that I am an ALIEN. I know she is just joking but I do feel hurt because she has all the relatives, dad, cousins, and so on to be closed with her. But I don’t have! I don’t have a dad, my relatives look at me like strangers, cousins that I have no idea who the heck is it, and I doesn’t look like my MOM AT ALL.

She at times treats me like a maid. Mom said to me that the youngest has to do all the stuff. Well, this I get it, but let me act like I am useless is another thing. At times, she does love me too - I shall admit. But the way she act at times, makes me feel so hurtful.

Thank God my mom loves me a lot. And also my grand aunt told my mom that I am a good girl. HAHA.. I know I am =)

Yesterday when I walk with my grand aunt, I look at her hands. I feel so sad. She is old and I feel that I don’t have enough time with her. We never know will this be the last time to meet her, but, I do hope we can still meet in the future. Last time, I don’t love my grandmother. Due to she loves my sister more than me and not really close with me .I can’t really remember her. Now, when I look at my grand aunt, I feel that I kinda like her and want to treat her better.

May God bless her and her family