Saturday, November 20

Sherina is stretching! =)

If a person thinks he/she knows everything, KNOWS NOTHING.

I am trying to edit my phone camera picture but I can't save it. Memory card was protected. Hmmmm... Maybe later..
Life without internet at home is so suffering. =( I can't go online now at home and because of bro in law laptop always crash, playing game is difficult too. =( Dear is coming today to help me reformat the laptop since he so "SMART" =p. And I am so going to watch TINKERBELL later. I bought the DVD on Wednesday. Yeap, pirated. =p Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. ;)

These few days colleague asked me why I looked different. Maybe due to lack of sleep. However, today I know another reason that makes me look tired. =) ahahahahah..

Temporary argument/fights with dear has stop and we still ok for now. Gary is outta my sight at the moment. Haha... Woo hoooooo.. ~ In a very high spirit mood. Know why?
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I am gaining fat back.. Wait.. More than I needed -.-
Remember Mom onced was worried when in end of 2009 when I am SHRINKING. lol. She was so worried. However, now she is worried of me STRETCHING? =p =p Nowadays I ate lots of stuff. For example, I ate chicken rice for my lunch at 12 something and 3 o'clock I went to Ali Berkat and get 2 packets of Nasi Lemak for myself. Or, at times we will order McD/Dominos/Kenny Rogers for our lunch. Not only I'm getting fat, I am losing my money. T_T $$ fliesssssss....
Normally when I asked " Anyone want McD Ice Cream?" No one would want it. Now when I asked, ended up we will have it. I think in one week I ate sundae choco for 3 times. I am going to be like a pig! I realize my leg is getting bigger and bigger and my sis says that my butt soooooooooooo BIG. =(

Mom asked me to control on what I am eating. I am going so crazy nowadays by eating so much. You know what she did? She bought KFC itself and she is asking me to control? WAO~  Cute her! Hahahaha
So how am I going to control? -p

Thursday ate KFC at night. Yesterday ate Domino's because need to eat if for Jennifer. We kinda make a farewell for her. So.... What you think? Not fat jao fake lar =p
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Yesterday I found out Darren got a admire~ =)

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~SirJoe² ~ said...

o.o "Smart" swt
Memory card has a small switch on it to prevent writing to it, flip it and it will be ok :D

Oh and Yay no gary XD nyahahaha =P

Stop eating so much -.-, no more soda for you tsk tsk =)
You can do it ;) !
Go go go! :D -supports fully- ~