Wednesday, April 30

You are my best friend. You are my love. You are my sis!

To the one & only
Without you my world will be full of sadness.
you brighten my days
i am sad now but u make me smile.
thank U so much Elisa!
Love You.
I m alll Alone in the office again.. All went to makan!
Somewhere else.. Haihz.. As I know they don't really willc are about me.
Gotcha! My guess was right.. *winkwink*
Smart huh?
Sad!!.. Nvm.. i m going to watch stuff.. wahahah.. BB

Giving Chance!

Pic.. Still waiting Elisa.. ;0
So need wait o~~
Yesterday watch Episode 5&6.. Wahahaha.. they together ler... o.O
So bahagia.. Today will be watching 7 le.. This couple so cute..
Bosco pula.. Haiz.. Crazy.. Kena Tipu!
Cham cham...
Oh Ya.. Sasa n sis Lai Ming told me gt overnight in church... But feel not like going d..
Cause... (donno how to say)
As I say, U don't want me help I can just leave everything...
I always think I am sensitive.. but now I noe I am not... Not only I feel this.. Even my Best fren oso feel that.. So.. I am pushing myself.... Don't make me bomb!
You want to say u donno.. Ok~ Don't know lor... I oso
I m so ANGRY already! I really feel like tell u all this thing! Confront u! Elisa u wan ma? We go together..?

Tuesday, April 29


Haven't upload the pic yet.. Elisa not yet give...
I will upload soon..
Yesterday watch 2 episode of Seventh Day! So funny lar. Kevin n Niki!
Like to c them.. Bosco N thta gal.. Not so like.. 2 of them gila wan!
Wanted to finish watch this DVD soon but.. Haiz.. Mommy wan watch other.. Baby pula don let me watch.. Argue with him yesterday!! 3 years old wan argue with me! Swt la! xD
Today nothing to blog ar..~~ Donno want to blog wat... hehe... ok la.. Tata
No One Can Replace You.

Monday, April 28

Dream again

Saturday night
I dream of you again. So real again.
I don't know why.. I really can feel your presence in my dream..
This whole weeks I keep thinking of you...
When I saw you i don't really wan to look at you..
I just act as normal as I can..
I can't control my mind.
I close my eyes. I saw you.
I sleep, I dream of you.!
can someone just pull me out from here??

Waited.. Came... Over...

Its picnic.. :) Waited for so long... At last it cames... hahaz.. First I should list out how many frens of mine came..
1. Yew Yew- went back early
2. Joanna-went back early
3.Michelle Loh
4. May Yoong
5.Michelle Chan- nt i called
6.Joanne Tham-nt I called
7. Dou Wei
We really had fun.. Joanna drove! Erm.. Eng Yew got scared and want to crawl out from the car cause of something.. xD
I sat Eric car. Elisa too. hehe.. Uncle S.T drive the Inokom. Sis Lai Ming drive Land Cruiser.. Only Ying Yi in that car... Sad case.. hahaha...
Dou Wei in Inokom, May Yoong and Loh was in Michelle Chan car..
our mission complete! haha.. What a long walk! Poor guyz helping us to bring the stuff but need walk so far!
We played, We ate and we cycle!
I like the cycle part.. Erm.. Cause I long time no cycle ler...
Picnic is really fun!! Love it! Will upload some picture that we took later.. But a few only.. No time take!

Went to church. YWAM Ppl came.. The perform 2 skit.. Nice!! Then wen youth time the perform 1 skit.. Its called EVERYTHING.. This... our youth perform oso de wen easter nite..
Haha... N it also very nice lar...
Told Elisa I got lot stuff to blog today.. Hahaz.. Later I will blog somemore.. But not so happy stuff le... Cause.. Again... Haiz...
Wau.. I watched finish D.I.E le.. Someone died!! But Eric told me that got 2 version o~ Swt.. Who call me buy pirated de le!
Only got version.. Now I am watching The Seventh Day! haha.. I like Kevin.
He so handsome.. Want faster watch finish! Tonnite go back want watch 10 episode... haha.. if my mom let!! ;)
1st of may anutie ask me to help her watch her stall at Giant! Aku Tak Mahu! Aku mahu keluar! Help~~~~

Friday, April 25

You are the one I long for. ^^

I waited you for weeks..
At last you come to me..
I'm scare anything will go wrong..
But because of you I will make everything go right..

A ThankYou Card

Brother Chee Kean
Sis Lai Ming
Thanks for your help.

Tired.. Sleepy.. Panda eyes

Jayzee promise to call me 10.30p.m.. I waited until 12.30 also didn't call..
So i just give up.! Slept around 1 something... I keep thinking of the games..
Hope really everything ok for tmr.. Today i gotta do a lot of things to make thing rite.. find stuff n stuff.. haiz.. Now i calling joel chan and hope can discuss lar... Really tired...
Today only me in the office.. Sis Janice went for aunty nancy seminar.. aunty sue will be back around 1 hour like that.. Nobody in the office... Scary.. But luckily this is church!
haha.. Oh Father.. Protect me! :) haha

friends for picnic
1. yew
2. nana
5.eve (cant come due to kawad. T.T)

douwei comin

not confirm
1. aaron
2.jason (nt comin due to I donno.. whateverla)

Edited: Discuss with Joel Chan already. Thank God everything ok a bit now!

Thursday, April 24

Never satisfied

Its Thursday...
Yesterday night i dream of something.. I saw Kal, Chee Meng, Eric & Zcent..
Kal was saying something and I was very angry.. What a dream I had..
But I wonder why only d old ones.. I don't even see a younger youth in my dream yesterday..
Yesterday in the office talk with Sis Janice.. Talk bout youth stuff and my mom stuff..
Oh my Youth! I donno what to say.. Each and everyone with a very different
character.. How to change everyone.. I can't get along.. I feel so stress up..
I try to do whatever I can.. but its still the same.. They are my family.. I want we maintain this relationship..
I was excited bout the picnic.. But.. I don't know it will be a success event or not.. Everything seems not right! My games.. I really tired bout it.. elisa ask me to help for 2 games only.. But what if Joel Chan don't know what to do that day?
I can't just leave him alone! Or maybe I am just too worried..
But I don want something wrong happen...
Really don't know! @.@
Hope today I can come out a check list so that on that day can back up him la..

HmMmM.. really tired! I want help but always think of 'her' feel like not helping.
Since u don want me help I can always don't want help.. But I still help.. =.=
I oso donnoe want to do wat.. Myself always never stand still! Grrrr
Sherina.. wen u want to change...
ok! I will change after picnic...
(Nobody will understand this except me)

Wednesday, April 23

Excited for comin picnic! ;)

Today is Wednesday!
Its getting near to Saturday! Yahoo! Picnic! Picnic!
I'm excited! Its been 2 years since we had a picnic!
Invited bunch of fren! Hope they can come la!..
Yesterday PM Kal n ask him whether he coming o not.. he say no..
Haiz.. then as usual.. So end up not replying lor..
OK den like that.. He say is not 'my' matter he don wan to come. Is 'his' own matter.. N blablabla..
Whatever la! ... Since kal not coming means chee meng oso not comin... Haihz..
Wee Zcent oso not comin.. The older wan! What happen to u guys?
HAihz... Bz bz bz.. Is this an excuses or wat?
I do not know.. I know Chee Meng need to work la.. But.. er.. DONNO La!
Depends God ba.. God change them ba!
Chee Hon might be coming for picnic..
I hope he can come.. MAybe we can be better! Maybe..
Haihz.. LEt me list down who I invited for Picnic

1.NA NA Liew Kim Foong Joanna
2.YEW YEW Lim Eng YEw
3.Ling Ling Loh Chien Ling
4.Pau Pau Wong May Yoong'
5.Dou Dou Lim Dou Wei
6.Nie Nie Hoon Hui-Nie Winnie
7.Ron Ron Aaron?
8.Mun Mun Yan Eu Mun Eumun
9.Mond Mond Raymond
10.Son Son Loh Chwan Chwin Jason xD
11.Eve Eve Evelyn
12.Dre Dre Andre

Who confirm going?
1. My Ling Ling
2.My NaNa
3.My Yew Yew
4.My PauPau
Who Confirm not going?
1.Me Nie-Nie
2.My MunMun
Who can't confirm?
1.My DouDou.??
2.My RonRon
3.My MondMond
4.My SonSon
5.My EveEve
Somemore who??
Sorry.. I cant remember.. My hp $$ ar... Can claim bo?? keep calling them

Tuesday, April 22

Should I Change?

I wanted to change my blogger layout.. But I lazy to edit HTML..
But i saw lot of nice layout..
Better than this white wan! What shall I do ler??
hmm.. Donno!

I saw one layout reli very nice..
The title is Love Hurts.. Its suits me.. Haha.. Hmm! How le.. What to do..

No matter how hard you try
You could not help

Thinking n thinking

Yesterday i went back home n i realize something.. No wonder not feeling well the whole day!
I slept around 8 something.. Early leh?? The previous day slept so late! received sms from Eumun zhai! haihz.. he said he not going for picnic le.. i know de la.. He always don wan de.. What to do wor.. Oh ya.. I keep thinking Chee Hon nowadays.. its been half almost half year we talk less.. Hmm.. cause of something.. HAihz.. wat to do~ C how le~
Still doing my games.. haiz.. so much to do.. yet time is not enuf for me!!

Monday, April 21

Nice Dream but Pain Dream!

I dream of u yesterday after church..
I dream that u hug me..This makes me miss u again..
Oh gosh.. what a dream!
it was so real! Really. Like a person hugging me on that time..
Can feel it! oh no no no..
Stop thinking bout it..
Over means over!
Its hurt to like a person that don't like you!
I will stop! Sure I will.. I getting less n less n less like u.. Er.. maybe not..
I will try my best!
As long as I c u less.. talk less. N don dream u.. I will stop!
Don't let me dream bout you again.. even though nice dream..
cause its painful for me!

Let thy gone be thy gone!

Let's start with Friday.
All i can say for Friday is..
When love turns sour.
OK so we go to Saturday!
Well, Sat is our Youth Celebration day. We reached Sea Park around 2 something..
We linger around and wait for Eric and Sheng Jian..
Then we start practice.. Hmmm.. I think its okok for our practice...
Then we prayed at 4 something where ppl start to come in..
I n Joel G want to buy prize. Then Lai Ming jie jie give us Rm 10..
I want to bring Joel G together to buy but Esther say he VERY BUSY cause HE is the USHER. Er..
Me 2. So i m not busy? I go to buy by myself? Alone? I'm a gal k? Very safe ar there? hmm..
Then i just walk down lor.. But then at last Joel G came oso lar.. Then v bought some sweets for them.. SWEETS!!
Ok.. let's jump to the end there..
all sad things don wan say ba..
We finish around 7 something.. Went to SS2 Murni makan.. Mummy cook d.. So i didn't eat! T.T Just look they eat lo.. But i drank MAngo! That was so Nice! NICE!
hehe.. Oh ya.. Ask Kalven to sing with me for Sunday cause I will be alone.. But Kalven need to play drum.. So i was asking Eric to play drum.. But he want to sing o! ok lo.. better than no one sing with me.. But he heard aunty Pat then he say er. er.. C 1st wor..
Went to church around 8.30 a.m.. YAWN!!
ERIC is there.. Oh.. Thank You Eric! we practice.. The songs is not too bad until cannot sing.. Can lar.. But seems like Eric having sore throat.. Hmm.. Feel so sorry! Service as usual.. Youth as usual.. n bla bla bla.. No Elisa no mood.. T.T She went to camp.. Sad~~
So this Sunday over like dat lo.. haiZ..
Sms with Ivan a while.. was asking me to go out.. Working o~ Wait he come back c how la.. Then.. I will remain secret and give u guyz surprise ba.. xD.. (Don't think too far ya!)
Then was thinking sms Eric n say Thank You but lazy n hp $$ not so much.. so no sms.. What a bad gal I m xD.. At night watch that D.I.E.. Funny.. LOlz... mummy make coffee for me.. So nice..
Sure la.. my mom make wan wor.. but too nice until can't sleep.. lolzz.. Then was thinking bout picnic games. So end up sleep at 3 am.. haiz.. Panda~ing soon.. xD.. . Now in the office.. Headache n sleepy! Somemore planning games n stuff for picnic.. So sleepy.. Hungry~kili kulu!

Friday, April 18


Durian cake!! xD
I ate durian cake in office yesterday.. At first i tot it will be YUCKS.. But actually not bad.. hehe.. Soon there will be a girl (40 years old not yet married can call auntie boh? better not xD) will be comin in to take over the accounts.. What about auntie Seow Yen? I donno.. What about me.. I'm what? If auntie Seow Yen stop then what I going to do.. they don't really careme le.. I need to talk to auntie Seow Yen later.. I need to know what should I do. I can help everyone.. But at least tell me what am I ma.. @.@ T.T

See how la...
hmmm.. Eng Yew introduce me a job.. part time.. sat n sun only.. RM80 ar!!
1 day Rm 80 ar.. Sat n Sun.. I donno how wor.. cause know ;a.. I want to active in church.. I need to train myself.. Next month somemore going to learn stuff with Chee Kean for graphic n stuff.. HMm... Donno what to do!@
God will make a way! Leave it to God ba!
For those who still study.. Appreciate ur friendship.. After u guys graduate those friends maybe seldom c u all.. Don't argue always.. no turning back o~ frienship is important.. You all try to think! Friends are friends forever! They always with you through your happiness and sorrows...
This is for the one that having friendship problem I saw in ur guys blog.. Pls be happy.. Cheer!~

Thursday, April 17


Can I stop seeing you?
haha.. To those friends that are worry~ing bout me... Im so ok..
No sad d lar.. Just a bit.... er.... Nvm.. Over.. Everything over liao..
Cannot continue to emo.. hmmm.. Can't write nice stuff ler... No feeling liao.. NUmb..
hmmm.. Bored la.. ntg to do.. after blog this want i go find stuff to do...

Wednesday, April 16

Rain Down...

Thank God for yesterday rain.. It was so good.. At first I'm not so happy and a bit moody..
Thank God it rain.. When I look the rain drop I feel happier.. All the unhappy feelings gone..
So now I'm back to normal.. But maybe a little bit changes in me.. Maybe my frens can sense it.. Hmmm...
Everything now depend to God ba.. Just let it be.. Let It be...
I still got bunch of fren around me.. I got sasa, yiyi, kien, ling, yew and much more..
So I'll ok wan... hehee...
The rain is really nice...

Tuesday, April 15

My last post for today

I saw something i should not see..
I thought I'll be ok.. But the more I check the more my heart... Crack... Creak.. Piang.
My tears not yet flow out.. I still stand it..
I try my best to stand!
What a sad day today.. I'll never go to ur xXxXxxX again..
So pain.. Still pain.. FORGET IT BA!

That's All....

I've been thinking of you day and night
I think I was stupid
I should just forget you
Because you are earn by someone already.
Maybe I should not like you in the first place
It just bring sadness to me
Maybe I should just let you go
So that I can start a new life too.
The more I think
The more I sad
The more I cried
The more I unwilling to let go
I promise to never let you go
But if I don't let you go
My heart continue to pain
So I've made this decision.
I can promise I will never like anyone again
It's pain to love someone and they don't love you
Sitting there wait for them it's a useless thing
So I'll always remain single.
I'll remain single until God sent me the Mr. Right
It is better than finding someone that you don't know the conclusion
I'm still pain now
But I know I'll recover soon.

Why Why Why?

Why must you just always teasing me non stop?
Why can't we just be friends?
Why must you angry me because of her?
Why you like to backstabbing ppl?
Why can't you just keep quiet there?
Why Ppl always like to lie?
What wrong with you?
Can I just help you?
Can you just let me help?
Can you just forget the past and start a new life?
Can you just pls become a new leaf?
Why ppl hate ppl backstabbing but still they are the one?
Why ppl hate ppl lies but still they lie?
Why ppl hate get disturbing but still they disturbing ppl?
Why ppl like to get attention from others?
Why ppl like to annoyed ppl?
Why ppl can't behave theirselves?
Why ppl like to act?
Why ppl like to show that they are SO cute but actually they are not?
Why they can't just be themselve?


Yesterday aunty is was not here.. I'm so bored.. Nothing to do.. Keep on blogging and msn only..
Waited Elisa to update her blog.. But she didn't.. Bored Bored Bored!!!
Hmmm.. want to play Angel Online! But the installation very slow..
Haiz... Next time ba la... T.T. Today sit here and do nothing.. haihz.. so Cham!
Today is tuesday! FAster Sat la! Den next Sat I can go picnic mar.. Excited for picnic!
This Sunday got worship.. Elisa not here.. Only me n kalven back up singer... Haiz.. Donno wat will happen again!

Monday, April 14


I saw you sitting there.
Without smiling at me.
Why must you treat me like that?
I'm so pain
No matter how you treat me,
No matter you don like me,
No matter you hate me,
I still will wait you.
When I close my eyes I saw you,
When I sleep I dream of you
WHen I open my eyes I can see your image everywhere
Can I just stop thinking of you..
I'm so confused.
What shall I do?
I'm so pain..
Really pain!

To the Youth

I love you Elisa
I love you Ying Yi
I love you Rachel
I love you Lai Ming
I love you Evelyn
I love you Vivian
I love you Khai Jeik Kor
I love you Chee Kent
I love you Joel Chan
I love you Joel Goh
I love you Joshua Goh
I love you Sheng Jian
I love you Eumun
I love you Chee KEan
I love you Esther
I love you Aaron
I love you Eric
I love you Chee Meng
I love you Gabriel
I love you Kalven
I love you Chee Hon
I love you Chen Hooi
I love you Raymond
I love you Sha Leen
I love you Sha Mein
I love you Wee Ric
I love you Wee Zcent
I love you Zhen Bi
I love you Jan Sen
I love you Yi Ling
I love you Jonathan
I love you Christa
I love you Sheng Hui
I love you Phoebe
I love you Richard
I forever love you... YING SHIEN! Forever!

TO Ying Yi

I Love you Ying Yi!

The bridge

This is the bridge at Putrajaya.. Long ar... haha.. WE going to go there on 26.. Hope u guys like it!

3 days.. happy.. sad..


We had our cell group as usual.. Really thank God thank we really have a good time of fellowship..

We was discussing bout those who are not here. We want them to come back with us again.

Suddenly Joel Chan said that last time he and Chee Kent went to catch butterfly. HaHa.

We really can't imagine JOEL CHAN cathing butterfly.. xD

Then we was discussing Raymond.. Then Ying Yi said he like swimming.. Sheng Jian was saying that swimming mostly for gurls.. Then he said. "I long time did't wear swimming suit"

All of us start to laugh until i really cry.. I keep imagine Sheng Jian wearing swimming suit!!

The youth was a bit high that day! Every keep laughing.. Then the atmosphere change when we start to pray!

The youth really change a lot!



It was planet shakers Day! Everyone was excited with it.. I went for practice around 4 pm and as usual it start at 4.30p.m.. Youth culture! haiz.. Then we parctice.. I saw ERIC drove UNSER. HE says that will fetch us to planet shakers.. Around 5.10p.m Sheng Jian mom came to fetch him.. I followed him.. He joke with me and say don wan la.. wat la. this la.. that la.. Nowadays i really sensitive of all this.. So i told him.. If he don't wan then ok.. I just stay and ask Wee Zcent.. Then he say just joke lar.... Followed him..

Then around 6.35p.m Eric came to fetch me.. SMS Elisa.. Ask her she reach or not.. She ask me me.. HAHA... (hidden meaning)
When to church... Then i sit with elisa.. behind us is YING YI SH AND CHRISTA. I and Elisa keep saying new fish and star.. SWT!

Everyone was very happy that we can go to planet shakers...

When was reaching there.. There was a van beside us at the traffic light.. Eric was saying maybe they also go to planet shakers.. Then he started to do something.. All of us in the UNSER started to turn away from the van.. We was paiseh.. haha..

Finally we reached there! Wah.. when we went for parking.. We went for 360 degree and then another 270 degree... SWT! We walked to menara KLCC.. er no! menara FGA.. There's the Q! We went in the basement there.. And then walk until the back of basement, came out from the basement.. THAT WAS A LONG Q! We say Ivan! As usual.. LAI MING LAI MING.. haha..

Kalven, Chee MEng they all reach up there d.. We Q.. Then we went up the staircase.. then we reached.. but the usher was asking us to go to level 5.. LEVEL 5?? That's not live.. We only can c projector.. Wat in the world.. We came from so far and ask us to watch projector? haihz.. We was discussing this and that.. At last we end up at Tesco McDonalds..



Went to church.. Eric came and tell me.. No planet shakers cause some of the parents don't let..

Actually I'm not so happy with it.. However, I don't really show la.. Then we was discussing what to eat for lunch.. Beef? no.. Squid.? maybe.. Chicken.. er.. Then worship then service then finish service. Joel Chan was so worried that he cannot go for planet shakers.. We had a meeting for the

youth celebration and picnic.. Joel Chan was so so worried.. Esther said that why he worried.. Its just planet shakers.. Its not important.. But I was thinking.. for those who waited for 1 year and and now planet shakers is here.. For sure we will want to c them.. Since they are here.. You don't like to listen to this kind of music but we like.. So its depends to the individual.......


Lunch actually should start at 1.30p.m but Joel Chan went to find his mom.. Then lunch start at 1p.m We went to the Korean B.B.Q.. We ate.. Then the older youth came in too.. Then Joel Chan want to go fast!

We went to PutraJaya to scout for the place.. We went to The botanical garden first.. its really nice.. (I will post the picture of the bridge later...) Then we went to The Wetland.. So sorry to say..

I don't like there.. That was so messy!

Then we went to Sunway College for PLANET SHAKERS.. oh ya.. josh reached there 2.30p.m.. SWT.. Planet shakers start at 5p.m.. He was so Kiasu..! Swt.. We reached there around 4.20p.m..

We went in.. No shirt this year! T.T.. They bought the CDs.. I didn't buy.. Cause my wallet is in my room laundry basket! T.T

haiz.. The worship was not bad.. The songs I like the most is Rain Down where it really nice...

Then there's pastor teaching.. Then finished around 7.15p.m.. Went down to entrance.. Elisa say want go toilet.. So I teman.. I asked kor kor to help me to take my bible and also my bag.. Elisa wan is Jayzee.. We went to toilet.. I saw the boys was so funny carrying our bag and followed us to toilet.. HAha..They are so kind... Ohya! This outing no adults.. And.. I'm the oldest there.. T.T
feel so scare.. Cause if anyone disappear.. I don't know what to do!

Friday, April 11


You are in my heart forever..
Never will be replace by anyone.
Until the day you are taken by ppl.
Only I will let you go from my heart..
If there's string,
That are strong
I will tie you and me together.
So that we wont separate forever.
I know I'm crazy,
But its all because of you!
I couldn't be concious back
Since I start to be in love with you!
Now my mind is full
Full of your picture
Full of your smile
I can't get out of it!
Help me!

Can't wait...

I was working in Bumble bee yesterday! Not bad huh?
Quite fun cause what i do is.. ONLINE!.. haha.. bad huh?
I know.. I'm bad.. haha.. I kinda crazy of saturday!
I can't wait anymore even its tomorrow!
Time faster past! I want planet shakers! Then on 19 i want youth celebration!
and then the most important thing is 26~ PICNIC!
FASTER!! I really can't wait.. I think tmr there will be crowded.. I think my schoolmates going..
The CF oso!
I want to meet them!
Leon angry ler.. No choi me at all.. haihz.. NVm ba.. hope his hot soup can turn to cold soup..
Donno what to blog ler today.. maybe yesterday blog the Here I am d.. My brain cannot function cause blog that, use up all my brain.. Can i buy a better brain? With higher quality.. haihz.. TEll me if u noe where got sell ya!

KAyz.. i will blog later... now go minum coffee dulu!
lovez ya!

I'm still waiting for u
Forever wait u!

Thursday, April 10

Here I am

I am here to wait for u.
No matter how far u go,
How deep u go,
I m still here to wait.
If you know this,
MAybe U think I'm Crazy,
Or maybe I'm crazy,
But what to do..
I tried to let go,
But why must I let go?
Why can't I still hold on?
There's thousands of reasons for me to hold on.
I will never let you know this,
I will just keep in my heart.
I know you will never accept me
That's why it will stay in my heart forever.
I'm not selfish cause i don want to let you know,
It just because I've no confident at all,
Unless one day u said that U love me
on that time maybe i will let you know..
I am here for you..
I am here to listen..
I am here to wait you.

Think Again!

Are you thinking what am I thinking?
Yesterday Leon ask me to go Sunway.. Told him I'm busy.. Working la.. Mom don't let la..
Actually I know why I'm giving excuses.
When back home around 6 something.. Actually i finish my work at 5 but i waited bus for 1 hour... But at last Called Mun to come fetch me.. He is with his GF.. But he on the way back.. So came and fetch me.. As usual eat, bath and watch tv. When inside the room to read bible.. But before read.. I sms Leon and tell him I just want to be friends.. I don't want to.. er.. you know la.. Actually I like......... Haihz... Don't know how to say.. Y i can't reject ppl.. Y am I scare? *sigh*
He didn't reply me.. I guess he not so happy.. Sorry lar kays? I just hope can be friends.. T.T haihz...
Saw Dou Wei.. Past brochure to his DAd.. But.. HE didn't SEE me.. T.T.. Dou Wei you BAD ar.. DOn't wan c me.. T.T AT night he sms me.. i asked whether his dad got past him anything.. He say no.. = = Swt!!! haihz... He will ask his Dad later he said... haihz.. Invited him for the celebration and also picnic.. Hope he can come ler
Start from today going to work until 6 ler.. Cause Aunty Seow YEn say want teach me more thing.. T.T.. C how lar.. ..............................................................................................
I'm excited for this Sat where v are going to Planet Shakers.. N also 19 Celebration and Picnic on 26!! Cant wait for it.... Wahahahahha.. Invited lotz of frens d but donno kena aeroplane again a not.. haha... Time! Faster past!! Pls! Elisa I miss u! ahaaha.. suddenly pulak.. i m not lessbian k! but i likes to share my thing with u.. N my little piggy sister too... haha.. Guess who.. MS.. ying yi.. This 2 is my sis! lovez u!!!hahacrazy again!

Wednesday, April 9

Flow Away....

I'm here waiting for you!
Where are you?
Why you just keep silent there?
I can't take it....
Yesterday chat with Elisa.. Luckily got her.. HAiuz.... Poor thing me.. Can't stop dreaming..
I need her.. haha..
Yesterday msn that time pm kal n ask him bout planet shakers.. Den he started to tease me again.. Said this n said that. I just wan to try to be frens y can't he stop that attitude towards me.
I don understand.. M i so annoyed or wat? Y must he always say bad things bout me.. Y can't he change.. Or mayb i m the one should change...
I been changing a lot d.. I don't know what to do!
CF! They goin to gather.. Aaron told me... hmmm. Maybe can bring our youth oso..
den can slowly help them! HAihz.. But donno that G wan a not! haiz...
LEon... Nik... Bye bye... I'm FREE!! ahhaha...
AngelFish...... Bye too! So sad! Who call this fish so small.. haiz... If bigger ma good lor.
To er.. new animal... what shall i call u.. Elisa.. any idea??
haha.. if got tell me ya!
Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you."

Tuesday, April 8

U r gone....

You always on my mind..
From the time I wake up..
Till I close my eyes..
You everywhere I go..
You all I know..
Donno y this lyrics running in my mind... weird.. Maybe something happen to me again..
Can I just be still? Y I never change! T.T Help me Lord.. I gotta get out of my mind.. I keep thingking!
No! I should not! Pls!! Let Go! SHERINA! WAke Up!

Monday, April 7

There u go.

I don really feel like blogging.. Donno y.. Might be something.
Sasa grew up d.. Everyone is growing..
How bout me?
I don really noe... sO, what i noe? Donno,,,

You are not here when i need you.
You are with her when i miss you.
When the time u come to me,
Its too late...