Thursday, April 24

Never satisfied

Its Thursday...
Yesterday night i dream of something.. I saw Kal, Chee Meng, Eric & Zcent..
Kal was saying something and I was very angry.. What a dream I had..
But I wonder why only d old ones.. I don't even see a younger youth in my dream yesterday..
Yesterday in the office talk with Sis Janice.. Talk bout youth stuff and my mom stuff..
Oh my Youth! I donno what to say.. Each and everyone with a very different
character.. How to change everyone.. I can't get along.. I feel so stress up..
I try to do whatever I can.. but its still the same.. They are my family.. I want we maintain this relationship..
I was excited bout the picnic.. But.. I don't know it will be a success event or not.. Everything seems not right! My games.. I really tired bout it.. elisa ask me to help for 2 games only.. But what if Joel Chan don't know what to do that day?
I can't just leave him alone! Or maybe I am just too worried..
But I don want something wrong happen...
Really don't know! @.@
Hope today I can come out a check list so that on that day can back up him la..

HmMmM.. really tired! I want help but always think of 'her' feel like not helping.
Since u don want me help I can always don't want help.. But I still help.. =.=
I oso donnoe want to do wat.. Myself always never stand still! Grrrr
Sherina.. wen u want to change...
ok! I will change after picnic...
(Nobody will understand this except me)

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