Wednesday, April 30

Giving Chance!

Pic.. Still waiting Elisa.. ;0
So need wait o~~
Yesterday watch Episode 5&6.. Wahahaha.. they together ler... o.O
So bahagia.. Today will be watching 7 le.. This couple so cute..
Bosco pula.. Haiz.. Crazy.. Kena Tipu!
Cham cham...
Oh Ya.. Sasa n sis Lai Ming told me gt overnight in church... But feel not like going d..
Cause... (donno how to say)
As I say, U don't want me help I can just leave everything...
I always think I am sensitive.. but now I noe I am not... Not only I feel this.. Even my Best fren oso feel that.. So.. I am pushing myself.... Don't make me bomb!
You want to say u donno.. Ok~ Don't know lor... I oso
I m so ANGRY already! I really feel like tell u all this thing! Confront u! Elisa u wan ma? We go together..?

1 comment:

Poh Yee said...

seventh day is VERY NICE!!!hahahaha..
Love the couple very much..looks so bahagia..
Cute couple..
I wanted to watch d new AOD drama..muz wait till dvd got oni watch=(