Friday, April 25

Tired.. Sleepy.. Panda eyes

Jayzee promise to call me 10.30p.m.. I waited until 12.30 also didn't call..
So i just give up.! Slept around 1 something... I keep thinking of the games..
Hope really everything ok for tmr.. Today i gotta do a lot of things to make thing rite.. find stuff n stuff.. haiz.. Now i calling joel chan and hope can discuss lar... Really tired...
Today only me in the office.. Sis Janice went for aunty nancy seminar.. aunty sue will be back around 1 hour like that.. Nobody in the office... Scary.. But luckily this is church!
haha.. Oh Father.. Protect me! :) haha

friends for picnic
1. yew
2. nana
5.eve (cant come due to kawad. T.T)

douwei comin

not confirm
1. aaron
2.jason (nt comin due to I donno.. whateverla)

Edited: Discuss with Joel Chan already. Thank God everything ok a bit now!

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