Monday, October 3

Mean it!

I guess I never meant what I say is the biggest problem that I am having.

Saturday, May 21

A short post

I've received my Can Glass.Photos will be upload next time.

and, I am happy with my new work. Colleague are so friendly. WAYYYY too friendly. =)

Sunday, May 15

McDonald Can Glass

Tomorrow is the day where I am going to get my McDonald can glass set. Once I got it, I will be taking picture with it and also upload it in Facebook and here!

Monday, May 9

Wednesday, May 4


: that the better will come and the worst will go away

Sunday, May 1

"How are you?"

"So how are you nowadays?"

I dislike this question - a lot. Seriously I don't feel comfortable when people ask me this especially those I don't really know. Those who I know it's okay because I can tell them my stuff. But for those I am not very close, how to answer when I am not very good? "Fine! (with a smile)"? If I am fine I am okay but what if I am not? 

Perhaps you might think that what a weird person I am. I can always just reply "fine". But I always feel that what if I am not at that moment? So means I have to lie? A question that I can't find a good answer to answer. 

Anyway, back to myself. Nowadays things just goes good and, bad. Nothing is perfect. So I have to bear with everything. Sometimes I feel that I want to lock myself to somewhere that I can hear nothing and see nothing. At times I feel I am a big burden for my mom. I am very tired. Although I always looks like I am crazy and talk a lot, I am not what you think. I seriously don't know what can I do. I want to have a better life but things just don't look good for me. When things started to look good, suddenly something else will come out and I will feel down. What can I do? I think what I left to do is to PRAY. I really need the Lord to show me the way and lead me and of course, BLESS me and my mom. Sometimes I feel like I want to talk. But I don't know who can I turn to. I am just so feeling weak. I need a break - from this real world. 

Sign off,


Blogging used to be part of my life. I used to blog everyday. At times I blog few times a day. However now you can see that I am not very active in blogging. Sometimes I am on hiatus or sometimes once a month.
Every time when I am online, the first thing I do is of course - Facebook. Sometimes my purpose is not to go facebook but i automatically will just open that web and do nothing. Most of the times I think of something I wanted to blog but when I switch on the laptop, I will go to facebook or some other sites like news and email but not blogger. If I am in blogger, I don't feel like blogging anymore cause I feel is a waste of time. I don't have the feeling like I used to have. Perhaps it is because my English is not so powerful. Sometimes I feel that when people read my English they will laugh because my English is not good.

I tried to close down this blog a few times but, always, I open it back because I just want this blog. Don't know why. Maybe this is one of my best memories.

I hope I can still continue with this blog. Now I think if there is no one single person that read my blog, it is okay. Because my purpose now is to write my thoughts. Maybe with this I can prolong a little longer.

Sign off

Wednesday, April 20


my foot was stuck between my sis' car tyre because she didn't notice i already open the car door and my leg is already out. Mom massage for me and now i'm in deep pain. What a day!

Saturday, April 16

I'm lovin IT!

I wanted to continue to blog about PENANG however, I've something BETTER TO BLOG!
The title sound familiar? Yeap!


From 15th to 27th of April Mcdonalds is giving out 125 Coca Cola Can Glass DAILY! Don't believe it? UP TO YOU!

I won a set today! heep heep hoooooraaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy~

What you need to do is simple.

Log in to your facebook and then goes to this link
Remember to like it first yea. Then on the left hand side of the screen go to LIMITED edition Coca Cola Can Glass. Then something like this will come out. If nothing comes out. Keep refreshing IT!~

Once it appears click JOIN NOW and read whatever come out next. Then click Join now again to register then choose the collage that you prefer and then start tagging 50 friends and TADA.
Well, actually not so easy though. You are only allowed to click join now at 1.25pm daily only. And it opens for 10 minutes if I am not mistaken. So you have to be very fast and pray that your internet line is BEST at that time and make everything FAST!

I had trouble today trying but thank GOD I got the whole set for FREE! So whatcha waiting for Go GET YOURS! or You can wait till 28th of April and buy the meal at Mcdonalds to get 1 free..

MY PROVE. Click the below picture to see no. 91! I am IN!!!! hahahahaha...

I'm lovin it!

Monday, April 11

Penang Island

Well, let the pictures do the talking okay? 
Some of the photo I've taken when I'm in Penang. 

Prangin Mall

Him Heang, where you get Tambun biscuits

Ghee Hiang, Tambun biscuits also

Ghee Hiang

Mom, Sis & Nephew

Mom and Ghee Hiang Mascot. =)


Queensbay Mall

My necklace

Mom school

Toilet? haha

Gurney Plaza


<3 Mom and me

Mom took for me

Temple that we went

Kuan yin at there

Last Dinner

Thailand food

-to be continue-

for clearer pictures - pls click on the picture itself. =)

Friday, April 1


I am in Penang!

Very tired. Eat a lot and walk a lot...

Friday, March 18

What to do?

I found a job in Sunway Mas. Too bad I do not have a transport to there.. How?

Thursday, March 17

One World

Life is getting complicated now but I hope you can overcome it!
You might lose someone you loved, so much, but you must overcome it!
I will always be here to pray for you!
Indeed – everywhere, every hour, every minute, every seconds, most of the world are trying to help you and pray for you.
One world!

Japan Gambate! 

Friday, March 11


Blogger is getting more fun with the fonts and stuff. =) My blog is in pink! Yeap~ Since Chinese New Year till then, I am fond of pink colour. So let’s remain pink for now ;)

Well there’s something unbelievable that I want to share. I jog everyday! Yup! Can’t believe right? I also don’t really believe that I wake up early everyday for jogging. This is all because I need to diet! I gained 10 kg in two months therefore, now I have to lose it soon! I don’t like being fat because I can’t wear my small shirt anymore and my leg looks like an elephant! That’s not good right?

And oh yea, Life College still owe me my money. I am so frustrated with it. O’Lord when can I get it and pay back the church?

A happier note –
Penang soooonn~ 

Friday, March 4


Life might be complicated most of the times with the unsolved problem around us, it depends on how we look at it and how we manage and feel bout it.

Sometimes things might just be very bad and you are in a very bad mood with stuff that makes you feel so bad, how bout have a cup of coffee and look at the sky? It gives you the best feeling - I dare to say.

When you feel depressed how bout look at the rain? Rain is not tears of God, but, it is gift of God. Always, when I am not happy or feeling depressed and when it rains, I look at the rain and smile to myself. Why? Because after the rain, everything will back to normal.

If things are so complicated, look it in another perspective. The world is not as complicated as you think. If you follow God, everything is in His hands and he will lead you whenever you need him. Wait! God is with you all the time. You don't feel it? Cause you haven't open your eyes yet. =)


Amen. . .

Monday, February 28

Countdown to Penang

Booked flights to PENANG! =) Air Asia..

Penang, I will be coming soooooooooooooon ~

Friday, February 25

Penang, here I come~

I am going to Penang soon. It’s has been a long time since I am out of Selangor and have fun. Well, not really soon. 30 days to go since I am leaving around end of March. I am so going to take lot of pictures and post it. Really excited to go Penang since it is my hometown but I haven’t go back since ages! =)

Penang here I come. Any Penang friends there? Hehe   

Friday, February 18

A little long update bout Sherina

It’s been a long time since I blog. I am really busy of work and also stuff around. Again, I’ve changed job. Ever since I stop studying and chose to work. I haven’t found my true job that will make me stop and stay. Things are getting tougher but I know God will be here for me to work it out and walk with me.

And oh yea, I am officially single since last month or the month of December. (LOL). Can’t remember when is it but I know it is the best decision for both of us. Love cannot be force and once it is force it turns out badly. Well, let’s not make this so bad and ugly. Let time pass by and things will be better.

One good news! I am back to church. This time I open up my heart and want to serve in Subang. I had enough rest and I should stand on my feet and do stuff. Again, TIME is what we need and now IT’S TIME! Pray for the passion will stay.

Chinese New Year has ended like yesterday? I had a great Chinese New Year of course! Staying at home watching my Korean Drama until 4.00 a.m. and sleeping like nobody business. Well, not really sleeping since I can’t stop watching drama crazily. During Chinese New Year, I guess I had put on weight – a lot! I am getting fatter and fatter. My house is full with my Toblerone dark chocolate, Anglia Shandy, Carbonated drinks and so on. Hah! That’s why I put on weight! Did I mention to you guys on my weight? Haha.. I put on 10 kg in 2 months where doctor also got a shock and my mom is asking me to stop eating so much if not I will be like her and my sis! That’s so cruel. But seriously, I am getting fatter. Normally I don’t need to test or try the clothes/dress that I buy. I look at it and think I can wear, then I can wear. Now, it’s not this case anymore. Try before you buy it! My Chinese New Year clothes are kinda difficult for me to wear. Those tube-like dresses even worst. Can see how fat I am. And a few, I can’t even wear. (=.=)

As for Valentine’s Day, since I do not have a boyfie, my mom says that I won’t receive any gifts again. However, haha. My friend Andrew gave me my love! TOBLERONE DARK CHOCO with a note. He says “I know you do not have a love now. So now I present your new love TOBLERONE DARK CHOCO. The world is not gonna end if we do not have a love. We have a person that love us unconditionally and that is Jesus Christ. So dear…. No worry be happy on Valentine ’s Day ok? Loves you…” Oh Andrew, loves you for being such a nice friend. That’s not all I got for Valentine’s Day. I received a rose (I guess) from another friend. His name is Eu Mun. LOL. Met him back when I work at SS15 since he studying at Taylors. We have some business to discuss that’s why we met up and I receive that flower. MIRACLE that the flower still alive. =)

I am still staying at my sister house with my mom. Nothing good happen but arguments always happen. Let’s pray God protect everyone in the house. Sometimes I have no idea what to do. Leave it to God I guess.

So this is the update for today. Let’s enjoy some pictures. =)

P/S: Internet problem can upload my tonnes of photos. So Let's wait for the next time =)

Thursday, January 13


End of our story....

Our story has ended....