Monday, April 11

Penang Island

Well, let the pictures do the talking okay? 
Some of the photo I've taken when I'm in Penang. 

Prangin Mall

Him Heang, where you get Tambun biscuits

Ghee Hiang, Tambun biscuits also

Ghee Hiang

Mom, Sis & Nephew

Mom and Ghee Hiang Mascot. =)


Queensbay Mall

My necklace

Mom school

Toilet? haha

Gurney Plaza


<3 Mom and me

Mom took for me

Temple that we went

Kuan yin at there

Last Dinner

Thailand food

-to be continue-

for clearer pictures - pls click on the picture itself. =)


Nava.K said...

Gurney Drive is a food galore, plenty of choices and eat till you drop.

jamiey writes said...

agree with nava! but the prices are ridiculous and the best of penang's food is not in gurney drive. buzz me when you're in penang again, will take you around for some real Penang food! hehee :D