Tuesday, March 30

A silly girl

Everything will come to an end.
This is the end

Everything will not always be the same
We are not the same anymore

Not everything can last forever.


Remember someone asked me to not do this and that and must never ever forgets.
Silly girl who really hold it and listened. When I think about me. I am so silly. I am 20. I am no longer a teen.. I am a lady as many of my friends say. Why am I that naive? Looking back all the things that I've done just makes me feel so stupid. Not to say I regret. But, just funny. Those are memories though. Right?

Wednesday, March 24


You said today.
So I am waiting.


Why can't you tolerate too? Why me?

Why each time I need to tolerate?
Why must something or someone spoils my mood when I am happy?

You need early, I need it too!
I've been tolerate too much till I am fed up!

Tuesday, March 23


My phone is with me now.
Should I sms? Should I not?


Lasting moments never goes

You know,

Each time I decided of something, I will dream of something I hate to dream.
Each time when I dream of that particular thing. I am very frustrated. Seriously why I dream?

I won't care what I will dream anymore.
Because a dream is a dream. It is not reality.

Start from last week till today, I am so happy. Of course there are reason behind it.
I just feel happy and of course I hope it will last.

andiamcurioustoknowwhatisit.. =)

Monday, March 22

Fly up high- we go

the first picture was taken by Robenz today. I don't think it look nice. Face problem! =.= Robenz say I look like ghost. Oh well, I can't say anything for this. What he says I got to take it cause I am not pretty. So it's okay for him to say.. =)

The second pic was taken by Elisa long time ago. Suddenly feel like flying with balloons that's why I remembered this picture.


Sunday, March 21

1 week

I will be staying with my sis for this week because my friend that fetch me to work went to HK for HK film awards!

Today after church, Jonathan fetch me back home. My sis came to fetch me at 3 to Mon't Kiara.
Went to have fries, coke, and oreo flurry. This remind me of Gab always buys me Flurry last time. After that, we went to The Curve.

Family Day you know! xD

Now I'm going to sleep . Tata..


Saturday, March 20

Fire Eyes

I slept at 1 am yesterday.

was busy doing the design for Janise and chat-ed with one of my friend. I wonder what time he wakes today because for him is 6 am in the morning.. haha.. Malaysia 1 am there 6 am! LOL

My eyes are burning now. T_T

Friday, March 19

Where can I search for you

Waited for whole day.
Peeping here and there.
Searching here and there.
But, I can't find.

Where is it?

Thursday, March 18

Thank you for cheering me up

I don't know what is it
I don't how is it
I don't know when is it
We started to know each other so well

Wednesday, March 17

I love you

I never really knew you
You were just another friend
But when I got to know you,
I let my heart unbend.
I couldn't help past memories
that would only make me cry
I had to forget my first love
and give love another try
So I've fallen in love with you
and I'll never let you go
I love you more than anyone
I just had to let you know
And if you ever wonder why
I don't know what I'll say
But I'll never stop loving you
each and every day
My feelings for you will never change
Just know my feelings are true
Just remember one thing

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Tuesday, March 16

Two hearts

I still remember that brisk and cool day,
that day we met and my fears were driven away.
Your perfect smile, your joyous laugh,
the way your eyes lit up when we talked about the past.

We would sit and talk for hours on end
about our secrets and our future plans.
Our friendship started to grow much more.
It became a feeling so strong we could not ignore.

You told me, it would be for the best, just wait and see.
Fate. You said, has brought you to me.
We believed those words, we thought they were true,
but I guess they weren't because now we are through.

Now your gone and now I see that it was all because of me.
I hurt so many, yet cared so much,
about the wrong person and felt the wrong touch.

I played a game with two hearts,
I thought I was strong, I'd never be torn apart.
I hope you forgive and I hope that you see,
those feelings I have are smothered inside of me.

Someday soon I hope you will find a love that will last you all of time.
You deserve the best in everything you do.
Maybe someday I will see you, with a smile on your face,
hand in hand with somebody new.

Until that day comes I will be here,
I will be your angel in the light that's so clear.
I'll look out for you when you need me the most,
I will always be around, I will not let you down.

I have found someone better
I hope you do
We are friends forever
Even we won't see forever

I love you now and I always will, and even though your not mine,
my heart holds you still. on earth,
For this is surely it.

by anonymous
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Monday, March 15

how does "menuiq" comes from?!

People asked me whether menuiq is my real name!

Seriously, I do hope it is but too bad it is not. Sherina is my real name.
So, why menuiq?

The story starts when I am in form 2 or form 3 where people are popular on friendster, ym, and, msn. On that time I am still noob with all these stuff. I wanted to register in friendster but I don't have and email account. So I tried to register a yahoo acc. I remember I register it as sherin_jaecline. Why Jaecline? Haha. One of my special nickname too. But I don't really use it.
After a while I notice most of my friends use hotmail more than yahoo. So I changed to hotmail. But what name to put? sherina@hotmail.com? Nah, that's too normal. So I take notice of my friends hotmaill address. Most of them starts with "m". What's with m?! I don't know. Murared, mimick, magma. So, I am curious and wanted to be with them so I keep thinking of a name starts with "m". Minnie? Mickey? Michi? I don't know.
Suddenly, menuiq came into mind! I don't know what is that. So I decided to use this name. menuiq@hotmail.com? Nah, too common. menuiq_cute@hotmail.com. This is what i really regret. WHAT IN THE WORLD WITH THE WORD CUTE? Seriously, I am not self proclaim I am a cute person! I put the word "cute" is because of "menuiq". I think it does sound cute but people thought I am cute? *vomit blood*

This is how menuiq came from. From that day onwards I really stuck with the word menuiq. I do really like it very much.

love from,


Which and which

Sometime you never know the answer till the last minute but sometime you can predict the answer beforehand.

Which is better?

Know it earlier or last minute?

I don't know. I feel that I don't want to know the answer forever.

Wednesday, March 10

Which to choose

Course starts on 22nd march 2010 and I am going to hospital on that day?

Apa macam?

Don't know!


Only can skip one

The small says

You know what,

I feel happy talking to you and know you better yesterday.
Don't know why

Tuesday, March 9

My heart says it all.

我沒有勇氣 對妳說一句我愛你







因為 I love you


美麗的愛情祝福著 未來



PTPTN loan rejected!

I have no more mood to continue my life anymore....

Not that extend..
But still very no mood cause it's not my fault. Haiz

Friday, March 5

I love you, Brandon!

I am going to blog this!

Guess what?

I love Brandon! Love you Love you! Although we just know each other but I really LOVE YOU. Muackssssssssssssssssss

Who's Brandon? My New BF? ^^

Read the rest and see his handsome picture!

Yesterday, my sis came to fetch me from Life College! Yeah! My mom's daughter! MY REAL SIS! I am so happy! She brought her son together and we went to have Sakae Sushi at IOI Mall!

Oh well, Sake Sushi quality is not as good as last time! Their food makes me so disappointed. Not to mention their service! One word : DISSAPPOINTED!

Sis paid with her credit card and we went to have a walk and went to Sense Cafe to have some drinks. My MOSHA blended taste nice! Actually should be MOCHA but I don't know why they spelt it as MOSHA! Haha. My nephew, Brandon is cute! Like his mom, DAMN FAIR.

I know Mommy very happy because she waited for more than 12 years to talk to her daughter. At last God bless her with her wish this year. Besides, my mom became a grandmother. How happy is it? I can't describe. For me, I became Auntie! Oh my, sounds so old! But, I am happy because I got a NEPHEW!

Let me show a few picture of my nephew! ^^

Tuesday, March 2

Life is tough

Just forget about the pictures that i wanted to post. Blogger was a little crazy just now and now I was lazy and I don't feel like posting it up here. I'd posted it up in my Facebook so just forget it.

I realize there are people visiting my blog but no one comment me or put words in my Chatbox. Hey, come on. I know you are here. Write something for me man. I feel like blogging is waste of time when no one even care.

Wait. then why in the world I am blogging now? *haha*

I am so ridiculous.

I think I am just being so lame nowadays. You know, I just love to "ss" with my phone although it is so "ciplack".. but.. I just love it. Why? Oh, it is because I am getting older. Yea, I am old. I remember those days when the youth say I am getting old and I just don't want to admit. Now, I really feel old. So I have to treasure my teenage life with all the pictures for my memories. Although I am JUST 19 but everyone gets old okay! Yea, I am 19 not 20 because my birthday just past a few months ago and it is still MONTHS for my next birthday (October).

Oh my, Ptptn loan is still in progress. I am still waiting for an answer. O'Lord, please make it APPROVE! I need it.

Life is so tough but no matter what we still need to go on.

This remind me of my friend. Last week he told me one of his secret. And, it is a big one. I am trying to be "the me" again but I think it is not easy for me because this is the very-special-case. What I can do is just to encourage him when he needed me.

Quah Quah,
I said before. I don't care who you are or what you are. YOU ARE MY FRIEND. I will support you. ^^


to a special one:
968 9455 259297 23 69 374363

Monday, March 1

Sunway Pyramid and Lion dance

more on the way

Chinese New Year

Yesterday is the last day of Chinese New Year. Hence Chinese New Year say adieu to us.
This Chinese New Year has been amazing. What so amazing?
You see, at first I thought the whole Chinese New Year will be a very terrible thing for me because this year I don’t celebrate with the people I use to celebrate with and I don’t go back to hometown, so, I was so disappointed in the beginning.
However it is not that bad lah…
We clean the house on the day before Chinese New Year.. Terrible right? Haha.. i know..

Though for the first 2 and half days almost bored to death. I keep on watching Astro until I feel so sick with it. Thank Sis for coming back on the third day and we set off to Genting. It was my first time to go there. Sis bought me a Rm30 ticket to play but I wasted it because I didn’t play anything. I don’t like to play alone. I like to play in a group. Besides, the queue was so long. So I give up and just walk around. I told myself the next time I come here I will come in a bunch and will play!

The next day I was at home again taking care BabyBoy because my mom went out and his mom working. I watch my K.O Sanguo till crazy. I was excited for the next day visiting my ex-classmate house.
So the fifth day Siow Kay fetched me around 12 to Soon Loong house with Sara. We gamble, eat, and talk and so on. Not many of our ex-classmate came. Sara went back around 4.00p.m... While Siow Kay and me wanted to wait for Lam to reach first. However we changed our mind and we head to Winnie house and wait for Lam. With Winnie and Lam, we head to Mei Ling house and back to Soon Loong house. LOL. Soon Loong kinda blur with us. After 3 of them take their Ang Pau we head to Eng Yew house. His mom can still recognize me. =) Then head to Kai Loon house. We don’t really plan to visit so many house at first but we ended up visiting so many houses and from 2 people became 6 to 7 people. We gamble again in Kai Loon house and it was already 7.00 something where I need to go home at 4 actually. They went to have dinner and I think they went to Sara house around 8.00p.m..
No picture taken on that day. So sad.
The next day went to Sunway Pyramid with Ivy and boyfriend to catch a movie but we gave up because the queue is too long. So we walk around and have some snacks.

The ninth day of Chinese New Year I went to hospital in the morning for x-ray again. I need to go again in March. In the afternoon, we went to Sri Petaling.
Lion dance.
This is the real Chinese New Year tradition. Praying to this and that and having so much fun together.
And now, start work.

A good thing for this Chinese New year is my mom’s daughter called her. My blood related sister. Although it just 1 day, my mom is very happy. ^^

Picture will be in the next post...