Tuesday, March 2

Life is tough

Just forget about the pictures that i wanted to post. Blogger was a little crazy just now and now I was lazy and I don't feel like posting it up here. I'd posted it up in my Facebook so just forget it.

I realize there are people visiting my blog but no one comment me or put words in my Chatbox. Hey, come on. I know you are here. Write something for me man. I feel like blogging is waste of time when no one even care.

Wait. then why in the world I am blogging now? *haha*

I am so ridiculous.

I think I am just being so lame nowadays. You know, I just love to "ss" with my phone although it is so "ciplack".. but.. I just love it. Why? Oh, it is because I am getting older. Yea, I am old. I remember those days when the youth say I am getting old and I just don't want to admit. Now, I really feel old. So I have to treasure my teenage life with all the pictures for my memories. Although I am JUST 19 but everyone gets old okay! Yea, I am 19 not 20 because my birthday just past a few months ago and it is still MONTHS for my next birthday (October).

Oh my, Ptptn loan is still in progress. I am still waiting for an answer. O'Lord, please make it APPROVE! I need it.

Life is so tough but no matter what we still need to go on.

This remind me of my friend. Last week he told me one of his secret. And, it is a big one. I am trying to be "the me" again but I think it is not easy for me because this is the very-special-case. What I can do is just to encourage him when he needed me.

Quah Quah,
I said before. I don't care who you are or what you are. YOU ARE MY FRIEND. I will support you. ^^


to a special one:
968 9455 259297 23 69 374363

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