Monday, March 15

how does "menuiq" comes from?!

People asked me whether menuiq is my real name!

Seriously, I do hope it is but too bad it is not. Sherina is my real name.
So, why menuiq?

The story starts when I am in form 2 or form 3 where people are popular on friendster, ym, and, msn. On that time I am still noob with all these stuff. I wanted to register in friendster but I don't have and email account. So I tried to register a yahoo acc. I remember I register it as sherin_jaecline. Why Jaecline? Haha. One of my special nickname too. But I don't really use it.
After a while I notice most of my friends use hotmail more than yahoo. So I changed to hotmail. But what name to put? Nah, that's too normal. So I take notice of my friends hotmaill address. Most of them starts with "m". What's with m?! I don't know. Murared, mimick, magma. So, I am curious and wanted to be with them so I keep thinking of a name starts with "m". Minnie? Mickey? Michi? I don't know.
Suddenly, menuiq came into mind! I don't know what is that. So I decided to use this name. Nah, too common. This is what i really regret. WHAT IN THE WORLD WITH THE WORD CUTE? Seriously, I am not self proclaim I am a cute person! I put the word "cute" is because of "menuiq". I think it does sound cute but people thought I am cute? *vomit blood*

This is how menuiq came from. From that day onwards I really stuck with the word menuiq. I do really like it very much.

love from,


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