Monday, March 1

Chinese New Year

Yesterday is the last day of Chinese New Year. Hence Chinese New Year say adieu to us.
This Chinese New Year has been amazing. What so amazing?
You see, at first I thought the whole Chinese New Year will be a very terrible thing for me because this year I don’t celebrate with the people I use to celebrate with and I don’t go back to hometown, so, I was so disappointed in the beginning.
However it is not that bad lah…
We clean the house on the day before Chinese New Year.. Terrible right? Haha.. i know..

Though for the first 2 and half days almost bored to death. I keep on watching Astro until I feel so sick with it. Thank Sis for coming back on the third day and we set off to Genting. It was my first time to go there. Sis bought me a Rm30 ticket to play but I wasted it because I didn’t play anything. I don’t like to play alone. I like to play in a group. Besides, the queue was so long. So I give up and just walk around. I told myself the next time I come here I will come in a bunch and will play!

The next day I was at home again taking care BabyBoy because my mom went out and his mom working. I watch my K.O Sanguo till crazy. I was excited for the next day visiting my ex-classmate house.
So the fifth day Siow Kay fetched me around 12 to Soon Loong house with Sara. We gamble, eat, and talk and so on. Not many of our ex-classmate came. Sara went back around 4.00p.m... While Siow Kay and me wanted to wait for Lam to reach first. However we changed our mind and we head to Winnie house and wait for Lam. With Winnie and Lam, we head to Mei Ling house and back to Soon Loong house. LOL. Soon Loong kinda blur with us. After 3 of them take their Ang Pau we head to Eng Yew house. His mom can still recognize me. =) Then head to Kai Loon house. We don’t really plan to visit so many house at first but we ended up visiting so many houses and from 2 people became 6 to 7 people. We gamble again in Kai Loon house and it was already 7.00 something where I need to go home at 4 actually. They went to have dinner and I think they went to Sara house around 8.00p.m..
No picture taken on that day. So sad.
The next day went to Sunway Pyramid with Ivy and boyfriend to catch a movie but we gave up because the queue is too long. So we walk around and have some snacks.

The ninth day of Chinese New Year I went to hospital in the morning for x-ray again. I need to go again in March. In the afternoon, we went to Sri Petaling.
Lion dance.
This is the real Chinese New Year tradition. Praying to this and that and having so much fun together.
And now, start work.

A good thing for this Chinese New year is my mom’s daughter called her. My blood related sister. Although it just 1 day, my mom is very happy. ^^

Picture will be in the next post...

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