Wednesday, December 8

A slap on her face

Mom and Sis had a fight last week and were in cold wars towards each other past few days. Mom and I have decided to move out from this house. I am looking for cheap houses or cheap apartment for my mom and myself and of course other rooms can be rented out. =) So if anyone have any idea of house/apartment to rent at Subang Jaya near SS15 or in Puchong, please do let me know.

Well, yesterday Mom and sis do talk and we went to Asia Café in SS15 to have our dinner. Mom told sis that we will move out. Sis did not even ask us to stay instead; she is saying she will find someone to look after her son. I know Mom feel sad but what to do? This is the fact. My sis has her own family and she can’t stay with my mom. My mom and my sis have lots of common things. They are too common. And I believe when two common people stay together, things will goes wrong. Temper, the way they talk, the heart, and so on. They are just too similar to each other. My mom slaps her last week. I know my sis is angry my mom slaps her. But, she is wrong also when she knows my mom is angry why she add salt in her wound and she even want to fight with my mom. No matter what mom is still mom right? Whatever my mom did is for us. Maybe she always thinks that when she was young, my mom did not take care of her but left her to my grandmother. And for my mom, she is upset that my sis did not even call her and my sis actually avoid her for 12 years without knowing the reasons.

From my point of view, no one is right in this. My mom has her own fault and there goes my sis. One more thing is mom is mom. No matter what she is still our mom. My mom is always bad at her mouth. But she is good in her heart. My mom always say want to move out but if my sis willing to ask her to stay, she will. However, I know, maybe when we move out everything will be better.

Let’s hope better to come

Monday, December 6

No morning call, please?!


I guess most of my friends that knows me, they knew I hate something. Yes, you guess it right – Calls in the morning. Maybe I should tell you why I dislike morning call and morning sms-es.

  1. I sleep late very night due to teaching tuition or movies
  2. You make my wonderful, beautiful dream gone.
  3. You makes my health worst (Vibration and not enough sleep)
  4. Once I received a call/sms in the morning I can’t continue my sleep
  5. I will auto delete my smses and forgot about it totally when I am awake.
  6. I will scold you on the phone if I am still halfway sleep without me knowing it
  7. I just hate it!

Yea, I am weird. Seriously I dislike people call me in the morning or sms me in the morning. It affects my whole day. My body will become hot because of the restless sleep.

This morning, my colleague sms me at 7.00a.m telling me that she will be late and asked me to do something that I will do even she need not to ask me to do. I just leave it and around 8.00a.m she sms me the same message! Oh well, I am so freaking not happy. Around 8.30a.m she called! What in the world?! T_T I did not answer and off my phone. I feel so bad that I did not answer her call but I am so not happy now.

Frankly speaking, am I weird? Or I am normal?

Friday, December 3

dEcEmBeR - cHrIsTmAs

Christmas is around the corner. Wao! It’s like bullet train. It is the end of the year now. Season of greetings is back now and I am thinking should I prepare any Christmas gifts or cards for some of my friends. And now, I think I will just send e-cards for all the friends that I know. =) Save our environment kays?! And of course, $$ =)

Well, I kinda realize this year the theme is like pink and blue. Wait!  Is it just me or it’s the theme for this year? I went to Tesco last week and I saw a pink Christmas tree. I wanted the pink Christmas tree at first. 
Pink Christmas Tree

However mom prefer white this year.So I bought a white medium tree and want to get all blue ornaments. However my mom wants the tree to be more than 2 colors. I guess if white and blue the tree will look nice too right? JUST SAY YES!

I want this 

Can i get another Christmas tree by myself? LOL Since mom wants it different from me, ISH ISH. >.<

Let's hope we have a wonderful Christmas yea!


All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth
My two front teeth
Just my two front teeth.
Gee if could only get my two front teeth
Then I will wish you a Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 2

Thank God for my IC

PHEW. I almost have forgotten my IC just now. I went to the printing shop just to get my stuff be printed for tonight. What happen is I forgotten bout my IC and went back to office and my lunch. Thank God suddenly I think of something that related to IC and I check my IC. I ran down and went back to the shop. She apologizes to me and handed me back my IC.

Sherina! Please bring your brain to work. =)

Oldies - Moon River

Moon River, wider than a mile,
I'm crossing you in style some day.
Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker,
wherever you're going I'm going your way.

This song was stuck in my head yesterday and yes, now! I have no idea why but it just stuck in my head suddenly. =)



Picture 1+ Picture 2 = MOON RIVER.

Pictures for Moon taken here
Pictures for River taken here

Wednesday, December 1

Mom curiousity, My answer

I have loads of pictures to be edited and to be uploaded in Facebook & this lovely blog. Memory card reader cannot be detected anymore. Dear took back his memory card reader too. So, my pictures remain in my phone and I am fed up looking at them without molesting them. =p

Previously when the card reader is fine, I am lazy to edit and bro in law laptop keep crashing. Now when the laptop is fine and I have the spirit, the reader K.O.. How sad right?

Yea I know.

Anyway, I have something to blog today. It happens yesterday night when I am helping my mom to “guat sa”. If you have no idea what is that, let me explain.
Normally this “guat sa” is for older people. When they have back ache or they called it as wind in their body, they would want to be “guat” away (scratch it away? xD). So what we need to do is get a coin normally 20 cents and put some oil/cream on the place that you want to “guat” (cap minyak kapak, massage oil/cream) (not those lavender oils/cooking oil and of course not baby cream!).
Then you can start to “guat”/ “scratch” on the body.


Minyak Yu Yee
Cap Minyak Kapak

That is not what I am going to tell you! =p
It is about during I “guat sa” for my mom, all of the sudden my mom asked me something. She asked me whether I really want to study. I know when she asked me such a question that means she doesn’t really like me to further my study due to financial problem of course. So I only can answer her wait when I got the money then only study.

I am 20 this year. How long I need to wait? In my heart I know that I won’t able to study anymore no matter how much I want to. My mom really curios about why I like to study. Maybe I should tell her here. I like further my study because I know how important if I can get another cert. I’ve been working for 3 years. Everywhere wants a better certificate employee. If I want to get promoted, I need to have a better certificate. I experienced it before. Because a diploma cert, it makes a big different. And of course, if I can study what I want (mass communication) I can be what I want to be. However, those are dream. Dream that I hope can come true but I don’t think it will. I know I shouldn’t give up but, since I am form 5 I hope that I am given a chance to study. Yes, I was given a chance… To study for 1 semester. And during the one semester, it makes my life worsen.

Let’s hope the best to come.

I want my face to be pasted on the wall? LOL