Friday, August 29

Fall down

I was chatting with some friends and one of my friend remind me something that I felt so funny.

This crazy girl was walking up the stairs with her few friends.. This crazy girl don't know what happen, maybe she was thinking some leng zhai or what. Then she almost fall down. Thank God there's someone behind her to "save" her. Not really save la.. Just "tahan" her from falling down.
[End of Flashback]

Today we were chatting, talking bout how gentleman he was. And he remind me THIS! oh no! Not again. Is this counted as gentleman?!

Haha.. I don't know. No comments. Ok.. Actually a bit la... SWEAT!

*I am sorry for posting stupid post. i was just too bored today. I do nothing. Oh Gosh. I want to sleep*

If you get wet, You'll get sick.

Credits to:Pon & Zi

Should I do that to you?
Or you do that to me?
I will protect you and for sure
You will protect.

If you get wet,
You'll get sick.
If you get sick,
I will get sick too.
You get sick,
I will get worry.
So please..

Take good care of yourself.

Coming mission! (^0^)

I am exhausted. I've been working until 10.00 p.m. from Tuesday until yesterday; Thursday.
I am super tired. Tonight will be going to City Harvest Church for some workshop around 6.00 p.m. So later I got to go back earlier around 4.00 p.m.. Wee Ric will be fetching. I hope he remember to fetch.

I like this layout. The picture really cute. Can you see the girl hugging that guy from behind. So sweet and cute. This layout will be remain until I feel bored with it.

I took an off day for tomorrow. So not going to work! Can get a rest day. Monday we might going to Gab place. I got a mission. The mission is to push them to the swimming pool!

I will not gonna get in that pool.


The way you talk to me,
The way you tease me,
The way you laugh,
It just so real.

Although I can't see you,
But I could imagine that you were here.

Hope to see you really soon.

Thursday, August 28

Anything, as long its YOU

Credits: Pon & Zi by Jeff Thomas
No matter is a flower
or is a grass.
I don't care
I will just be happy.

As long it given by you,
I am satisfied.
Because i just want

Written originally by: Lonely Girl

New Layout =)

How's the new layout..
As i said, I will change and now,
I edited it.. Hours for all the edit and colour and html. Sweat betul...

Dear Dear

I worked at Bumble bee yesterday until 10.00 p.m..
Luckily, my dear came and gave me 3 pkts of biscuit.
My dear so good!
So happy to have this dear.
I love you DEAR.

heh heh... Don't faint after reading this post.

Wednesday, August 27


I just hope..
Really hope..
You will listen to me..

Why now?

Please. Everything is enough. I am very tired for all this jokes!
One minute you want me to study, another minute you want me work.
What should I really do? What should I really listen?
When I don't feel like study, you keep forcing me to go for further study.
Now, when I make up my mind and search for courses and stuff,
Then another person of you told me NO. No need.
Why must you give me hope in this minute then break everything in the another minute.
I am really feel sick with all this thing.
Why now? Why went I got the heart to study only breaks everything!
Now who should I talk to? get advise from who? I don't know. You just make me scare!
I dare not turn to anyone anymore.
You make me feel very bad now.
You make me not to trust anyone anymore.
You make me dare not talk to people anymore.

I just feel like giving up everything!
Let go everything
To somewhere far and nice..........................................................

Tuesday, August 26

Layout changed

My blog is in pink colour. haha...
Sherina don't really like pink that much but, this layout is very detail. So i choose it. It will just be a temporary layout I think. I will find others when I am free.

Hug hug

Pon & Zi
Credits to fanpop website.

I'll just wait,
I'll just hope,
I'll just pray,
you will come and hug me one day.

When I am sad,
When I am happy,
When I am worry,
I just want you to be with me.

When you are lonely,
When you are sad,
When you need someone,
I will be the one who hug you forever without complaining.

Original by Sherina
When is not yours, please mind your own business.
Do not touch if is not your belonging! You just ruin my whole thing~
Arghhhh!!!! People have their own reason why is there!

Monday, August 25


Oh Gosh, I feel like blogging blogging and blogging.
What happen? I want to write something very personal here.
I need to talk to someone! Yes, I need. But then, hahaha, SHY!
Shy?! Oh. What happen to Sherina?! Is she ok? No, she is not after went to watch Wall-E yesterday. I miss yesterday. Yes! I want go out. I am so sien!!!

You are there, I am here

You are there; playing
You are there; talking
You are there; driving
You are there; teasing
You are there; eating
You are there; drinking
You are there; watching

I am just here; sitting right beside you. =)

Just talk

I had a great weekends.


Wee Ric fetch me and we went to secret recipe. *recommended by Esther*
We waited outside for the others. Ying Yi and me told Wee Ric to go other place and he wait Esther. But then, he went in to secret recipe and ask them to arrange the chairs and tables for us.
then he came out and ask why are we standing outside.. HUH?? Wee Zcent me and Ying Yi are blur!! Oh gosh, we going to eat here? NO!!! We went in to take a seat. I can see that all the waiter are smiling to us. Sure la.. Its going to be a big group wor. Haiz. Then Ying Yi and me still *pujuk* Wee Ric says that go other place. Then he call Esther. Then he say... CABUT! NANI?? CABUT? So Ying Yi and me cabut first.. heh heh.. Wee Zcent came out. Wee Ric went to tell the waiter and waitress there that we are going off. I can see that the waiter stare at Wee Ric with a fierce expression.. Then we headed to Giant Pizza Hut. Esther and Chee Kean was there but, Wee Ric say go KFC. Hahahaha.. i wonder the pizza hut waitress want to kill Wee Ric or not. Then at last we settle down in KFC. but, we don't have much time . So, our cell group is there too. Wee Ric do the word. GOOOOOOD.
On friday, we had so much fun. In the car, secret recipe, pizza hut, kfc and word.. Hahaha

Nothing much to tell. I sleep for whole day! That's all.

Worship is good. Gabriel lead worship. Not bad~~ *music is not the main point anyway*
Sermon was good to. *by pastor mal*. He is a great speaker!
After service, the youth had a prayer time. That is the time I break down. Not going to mention here!
Gabriel gave us the cd's... The cd's not enough. So a family get one. i got one too. Thanks Gab.. But then, I gave him back.... Since he not enough then give him back ba. I don't really have a chance to listen to cd's liao. After that, some of us went to IOI for movie. I want to tell you guys something. If you guys are mature, please don't watch Wall-E. I kinda disappointed. Those people say nice but it not so nice for me. There are some parts funny but not really nice la for me. Oh ya... Joshua, Zhen Bi, Joel Goh, Ying Yi, Me, Chee Meng, Kalven and Wee Zcent went! We had A & W for lunch. *3 of us share 1 meal* Had a great time too.. At least can go out with CMEng and Kal they all. =) Went back home around 7.oo p.m. I want to go out with them again but do other thing!

Friday, August 22


Dead Rats.

Do you notice nowadays there are dead rats everywhere. Dried rats, full-blood rats. So scary.
I think last week, I stepped a dried rat!!! Woooooooo... Then yesterday morning, I ALMOST STEP A RAT THAT THE HEAD ALREADY HALF DE!!! Yer...
What happen to all the rats. All those rats are not small. They are HUGE! FAT! Oh gross.. It is so scary! Even Sis Janice said SS2 too.. All dead rats! oh Rats... Poor thing. All die.. haiz...


As I posted yesterday, I fell down.
The whole night I can't sleep.
My butt pain, my whole body ache.
Now, it feel so terrible. especially my back..
Help~~ hahaha...
My own fault.. What to do..
Now, I can't sit too long..
I felt that something wrong..

This Sunday,
Going out with the ying yi and some youth to IOI play bowling/ maybe other... wahahaha...
But den.. I got to place to go.. Another one is with irene and jo.. I miss the time when we always hang out in IOI and play. Hope can go la...

Thursday, August 21

i gonna beat that staircase

I don't know what happen to me today.
I fall down from staircase. Ouch~
Its so painful!!
oh gosh... my butt is like swollen now..
And my back really hurts..
My stomach too.
My head gone crazy after I fell down.
I am laughing! hahahahaha
I told some of my friends who are online..
n they have nothing to say..
All say I too clumsy!
I know..
N they say I really bump my head.
Cause... I talk nonsense liao..
n for those who reading this post now,
will think i am really insane now!!!


to keep friends and give up lovers or to keep lovers and give up friends?

Looks familiar? Sounds familiar? hahax
I get in our Forum~ Actually this is a good question.
I chose too keep friends and give up lovers. I still think friends are important in life. A friend loves all times. For those who are reading this.. Think! friends are important or lover. If you have one now, you might think lover is everything. But think again. Lover is not forever. They won't be your everything forever. For those who are like me, still single, what do you think? Lovers cheat? hahax.. Some friends did that too!

Think it ba~

God is great! Trip canceled because You know today will be raining!! Our God is an awesome God.

Wednesday, August 20


This should be posted earlier. But, I just get this few days ago from one of my best friend ; ELISA


Elisa sherina & Jayzee~

us & del * i edited the pics actually*

No matter how I edit I am still that dark

ugly betul la me~~

*No comment*

~the prefects~ xD *winks*

That chee meng block joel, want to take joel goh serious face de. *winks*

I wonder where is Wee zcent~ *winks*

Chee Meng~ *winks*

There's Wee Zcent

Ah Zcent~~ *Winks* see what i going to do end of the post~

Gab~ act don wan't to see our camera. HMP~~

Edited Chee Meng *blek

the star of the day. Uncle Chris~ *clap clap*

preparing *take one*

preparing *take two*

Chee Kean.. Traffic lou

I say there! Not here! LISTEN TO ME! THERE!!!

Leng lui.... come here~~

Sir. bo place liao.. You can go home now~ *hahaha*

car keys still in there..*muahahahaha*

Haiyo~ say no place don believe de wor!

Junior and Senior GABRIEL

Josh~ I wonder why his pic so little de!

Korean Kids

Korean Kids

Korean Kids

Korean Kids

Korean Kids

There all believe in Christ! Amen.. 40 over of them perform. Wanted to take photos with them but they balik d.. T.T
Ok.. Go back to our worship and our youth photo....

Worship! Hosanna hosanna
My looks so evil here.. haha

my forever only 2 leader.
Joel Chan & my best friend ELISA!!!

Photo taken: Sherina
Camera used: Elisa
Models in the pics: My youth.
Go to take pics with me: Ying Yi
All photo edited by : Sherina

Thanks everyone~
Oops... almost forget... haha.. ZCENT!
wakakakaka... Target the tie pls~ xD I am so bad..

Tuesday, August 19

I have nothing to say

First post = laugh
Second post = tears

Hard to explain. Nothing to say to you.
My life is a puppet.
I can't do what I want.
I need to follow instruction.
I am not the way you think.
I hope I can do whatever I want.
Isn't it good.
I've told Kien.
Every month and how..
She will come every end of the month.

We are chatting in msn now.
I understand what are you saying.
I am glad to have you as my friend.
Elisa, both of us shared our secrets but we do keep some cause those some just for us right.
Why others can't understand this?

Sorry for calling you.
And sorry for hang up.
I just can't continue to talk.
So sorry.

Sherina Sim
Stop crying.
Not worth it!!!

to u

I am sick!! T.T
I just recover but now I AM SICK!!!
I don't want to see the doctor again. So costly.
No money lar. Later people say i got money pulak. Haha.. JUST JOKING~
This Thursday, the youth going to Orang Asli. For one day. NO NEED $$ de.. so i go lor..
Haiz.. nothing to say ba..



After talking to one of my best friend, I wanted to sms another friend to say sorry.
Maybe I don't understand what he/she saying or he don't understand what am I saying.
hahaha... I don't know.. for me CAPS = let u see clearer!
sometimes friend chat in msn i use caps de la. But den, no one tell me that caps is use for angry oso. I dumb gua~ xD
i think I should make things clearer for those people that are doubt.
But, sometimes I can't make things clear by myself. How to make things clear to u guys?
As I said, everyday I also don't know what to do. Now, I am listening to instruction, not my will.
You offer me a job. I am so glad, thankful. But, not just said I want to work then I can work. There are things between it you guys can't see. Because you are my special friend I don't want to tell. You helped me once. I am so guilty. Yes, I know what are you thinking. If i am guilty why not I explain and talk to you guys. and a due date and whatsoever. But, Sherina have no idea what to do in her head. dare not tell, dare not explain, dare not do,DARE NOT THINK. This is Sherina. Sherina became a useless person since last year when those things happened. she has been trying to overcome it but she can't. Fear is inside her. Confident had left her long time ago. You guys din not gone through it. You all can understand?
I've been saying I want to save money to buy this la buy that la. But, what I bought? nothing!
I also don't have enough money, can buy kah? Can I just dream? Dream also cannot.
I read your post! I smiling all the way. Haha.. I don't know why!
And I don't know what to say. CAPS=BAD?? hahahahha... Anyway, what you want to think you think ba. I used to it d. I think the sorry no need to say ba? Should I? Ok... SORRY.

Monday, August 18


Your eyes; big and round
Your look just makes me smile.

just gila

Yesterday indeed is a good day for me..
Even though two sis not here but I had fun.
I back up singing with Kal.
He not happy o~ Somebody scolded him.
Not really scold him but he not so happy.
He really very not "song" that person.
Look at him like that makes me laugh. *evil betul*
Luckily after practicing the song "light of the world" he became better.
I understand why. *winks*
Then back to normal back.
I feel happy.
Really happy... Then when we going to start, we ask Wee Ric to sing with us.
The beginning is a bit "funny" but the back is ok *gua* nvm... Worship the Lord not the music~~

After the service and youth meeting, we got to clean up..
Kalven is so funny`
There's diapers inside the toilet.
He ask me to help him to pick it up and throw..
I say no...
Poor Kalven got to pick up and throw it by himself.
Sheng Jian close the door and hide himself.. *so bad*
I just can't stop laughing at Kal.
*hahahahahahahaha LOL*

This Thursday going to Orang Asli!!!
Although someone is not going.
Because of something.
I still will enjoy it.
Yes~ I will...

Saturday, August 16


Like father like son

For you. Only you.

I sms,
I wait,
I know,
the same.


This is all the question that I want to ask you.

Maybe, I will not have any answer from you.

I know

its impossible.

Giving up maybe is a good way~


Friday, August 15


I worked at bumble bee yesterday until 7.
I try to hold back my tears but they just roll down to my cheeks.
I went back and my mom ask me what happen.
I wanted not to tell her but I bla everything to her.
n I started to cry...
She look at me and said.

Thursday, August 14

why must u said that to me

You are my best friend
but today
you say something that make me feel so pain
I never cheat you all.
Can your words be more careful when you talk

I did mention I want to buy a new camera.
But what in the world.
You think I can afford?
Who told you I bought a camera?
If I got,
I wont' be using one of my friend camera to take pictures
In my life you are a special friend
but today
you ruin everything.
Tears are rolling down because of your words..
Thank you so much
Today, I've been full with problems
and not only today
But i never want you guys to know
Keep smiling whenever I can
Every Hour
Every second
I got things to think
to solve
i am not sitting there
spend on things that useless.
but why u said that to me?!!!!!!!!

Thank you for the job you've found for me..
Thank u
I don't want~
I don't want you to help anymore.

n kien..
If you have the same thinking as him..
i have nothing to say.

I will try my best to find a way to solve that thing~


The feeling are so strong
I say it out.
But I know they won't agree
Cause it still not a good thing

I have the feeling
but I know I am just thinking.
I don't know
i am confused!!!

Help Help

Why those people that I need not online..
i need advise
I need
I really need!!!

Wednesday, August 13


Someone ask me about you
Want to know whole conversation between us?

She: Hey, do you know what happen to teddy?
SHE: Er.. ah... Teddy? Teddy is GOOD.. FINE~ ahahahahaha LOL
She: So fake...
SHE:LOL hahahahha
SHE:Ok la.. Teddy is busy with school stuff and exams and TEDDY IS BUSY.
She: Teddy really ok? I heard there's some "xxxxxx" problem?

Oh gosh.. Why? Why ask me... T.T

SHE: hah? Oh.. Teddy is busy. *smile*
She:Ok.. Busy? But er.. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
SHE: heh heh.. BUSY wat~ What to do?

Ok.. Actually the whole conversation is not that short.
We talk more.
But just feel that I am SO FAKE yesterday night when I talk to one of our LXAXDXR
I am sorry..
Ok Teddy..
I did not say anything that I promised not to say.
And, If you want to know the entire conversation,
you can talk to me later.
We are friends..
Forever friends~~

Tuesday, August 12

what to do

As usual, every tuesday, I will be at bumble bee until
Started last week. I am not sure who going to fetch me. SO I am going to wait.
Yesterday chat with Shan in sms.
She studying and learning singing. Stop dance d lor.
Hope to see her a.. Long time we didn't meet.
5B having gathering soon. Yew said de. But not sure whether really got or not.
She said next year go together o..
Where can lar...
I am not pro like you all.
If i am, I want lor..
ok. I wanted too but. I just lack of confident~
This is what my weakness is.
I feel I am so useless.
They're not afraid of anything but I am.
Maybe due to One person gua.
So this one person really strong enough to make me change my mind~

Only yourself

To Sherina

What you want to do now?
To continue what are you doing now
Go to learn something?

Do you think you should further your study
work there and do nothing?

Do you think you should go to learn dance first
just forget about it?

Do you think you should go to learn singing
don't think about it anymore?

Do you think you are wasting your time
you are not?

Are you cheating yourself
you are not?

You are giving yourself excuses

Are you trying to give up
people around you are calling you to do so?

Why people around you keep asking you to do this and that?

Should you follow your heart desires
follow instruction?

You want to be yourself
you want to be a puppet?

Who can help you?

Who can advise you?

Only yourself.

Original by Sherina
All right reserved

Monday, August 11

One day.

I saw one of your friend there
Then I started to find you
But you are not here
Disappointment in my heart.

I waited and waited with a hope to see you
But still you are not there.

Looking for someone close to you
They are not here too.

When I almost give up to look for you
I turned back and I saw you
Smile crafted on my obvious face
I hope you don't take a look on my face.

Peeping you is a fun game
Got shocked when your eyes contact me
Try to avoid to see you when you facing me
Its so funny what am I doing.

Although no words come out from you yesterday
But my heart will have you everyday
Maybe today, maybe tomorrow
I know we will sit there together one day.

Original only By Sherina
at 1.36 p.m on Monday 11/08/2008.

We need you deeply

It might be a long post for today...
Elisa was not there with us.
Feel so empty without her.
We used to talk and passing papers.
laughing and teasing,
but she was not here yesterday.
Suddenly I miss her so much.
Adele was there and Ying Yi too.
But, we don't talk.
Pastor Malcolm sermon was really good.
Really like his preaching.
After the sermon, as usual headed to MPhall
Yam cake was there for us to eat.
After the yam cake, went to chat with Sha Leen
As usual we talk about someone, something and somewhere *winks*
Then Gab ask us to go up to library.
Sha Leen need to go up too..
funny~ Normally they won't go..
The older ones and the younger ones was called to go up
So we went up.
Auntie Nancy was there.
*No wonder they go up*
Older ones : Chee Meng, Kalven, Zcent,Ch,Ck Chooi, Sha Leen, Gab
Younger ones: Me, yi, rach, Jg Sj Eumun
Maybe some left out*
Ok.. Then there start auntie Nancy telling us stuff
So to cut it short,
I was happy auntie nancy back with us.
Ok.. I admit, sometimes/most of the times, she is scary
but at least she can do something for the older ones.
Ok. we are not calling them older ones anymore.
They will name their group and we will name ours too.
After auntie nancy explain all this, we separate into 2.
They go to discuss and auntie nancy discuss with us.
GGSUS won't be our name anymore.
Yes, I agree to change too.
There are some reasons.
So we will discuss on friday.
This friday, might be going for concert.
So this is the end of church.

After everything, when to tesco with auntie mag and makan.
I realize abel is a good boy.
Very gentlemen
I helped auntie mag to take something from auntie nelly
Abel don't let me to take heavy stuff.
He gives me the lightest one.
Little boy but good hearted.
Went back home and play digimon until 6
then bath, then continue play until 10

Something happen
Someone sms me and told me something
Heart pain.
I will be missing this special friend.
I really started to miss her.
I know I won't be meeting her as much as usual.
I hope God will make a way for her
her family
Although she did not tell me what really happen to her family
I pray that God will protect their family
bless them
take care of them.
I promised not to tell anyone.
Yes. I won't!

I changed my blog layout again
adele said that not so nice..
So changed to this.
Anyone think this not nice,
can tell me.
I can change again~

That's all for now.
I got to work.
And if anyone got job for me pls contact me

Saturday, August 9


At bumble bee again. No one except me in. Feel so relax.. No sound. No argument. Only me with my voice.. xD.. No one is here.. So its my world.. Ok.. Now. I am planning to save $$ for a few things. I want to buy a camera... Yup.. To do something. *what can I do with a camera* take pics lar... haiyo~ I got a big project on. Besides, I don't want to take ppl camera always mar... So PS PS.. heh heh.. hmmm... tomorrow sunday d o... Go back home, got to ready stuff. tmr got to bring experiencing God book. then need to take out my jeans and shirt.. If not tmr don't know what to wear.. haiz. Oh ya.. Planning to buy more jeans and shirt. Or maybe something else... Hmmm. see how...
haiz... SIEN SIen Sien.. Go to watch movie lar.. BYE

Friday, August 8

To see a better view of you

I walk closer to you
Hope to see the right you
When I am right in front of you
I just see nothing but just you

When I stare right to your eyes
Your eyes electrified me.

Your joke make me smile
Your smile melt my heart

My mind is full with your picture
I just cannot delete it.
The picture of you getting clearer now.
I am sure I see YOU
(Original by Sherina)
I'm thinking of you
day and night
even though you don't speak a word
your voice is still in my head
do you know i think of you everyday?
do you even know my love for you?

i wish you knew how much i love you...
(taken by some other place)

Just see

I've been searching blogs template for hours but still, I end up using this. I am not sure whether this is nice or not.
Yesterday something happen. Scary.. Someone's dad chat with me in msn. SCARY.
I wait them to collect the durians but end up no too.. Sweat~~
Not sure tonight there's cell or not. I think I'm in charge of worship.. T.T Scare!!
Yesterday, friend of mine, said that I am not confident with myself. And, I always depressed. Am I?? I think so.. Another friend of mine said the same thing to me today. haiz. So I think I am.

Finding job.. Anyone got job for me?? If got can tell me o~~

That's all.. TaTa

Thursday, August 7


1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog.

Starting time: 10.30 a.m.

Name: Sherina Sim Siew Ting
Sisters: 2 - 1 same mother 1- same father. *complicated leh*
Brothers: 1 *but stupiak father sell him away* same mother and same father de
Shoe size: 4,5
Height: 157 cm?? *I'm short
Where do you live:Malaysia, Selangor, Puchong, Bandar Puteri 7.
Favourite drinks: Ice blended that the youth drink at Sea Park. *miss it*
Favourite breakfast: Normally I don't take breakfast
Have you ever been on a plane: Plane? In my memories, nope. My mom say yes.
Swam in the ocean: No. My mom say NO WAY! T.T
Fallen asleep in school: Yea. Always but not like ENG YEW =p
Broken someone's heart: maybe
Fell off your chair: yes gua...
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: Yes~
Saved e-mails: yes because lazy to delete.
What is your room like: room? A bed, a small tv, a dvd, a ps, and bla bla bla.
What's right beside you: now? In a office. so what do you think?
What is the last thing you ate: just ate biscuit given by Sis Janice
Ever had chicken pox: A buh den?
Sore throat: sure. even now too~
Stitches: NO!!! scary~
Broken nose: i am not MJ
Do you believe in love at first sight: Yes~ xD
Like picnics: Yes. Miss my last picnic with the youth.
Who was the last person you danced with: danced? hmmm. forgotten.
Last made you smile: HIM
You last yelled at: my mom. 8not scolding her or wat. we we're playing. xD*

Today did you:

Talk to someone you like: No. I can't sms him or even call him or even meet him. So how to talk?
Kissed anyone: no wor....
Get sick: yes lar..
Talked to an ex: Today.. nope
Miss someone: yea.. why not...=p
Best feeling in the world: Huh? happy?
Do you sleep with stuffed animals: yes. my peanut, my doggie- 1 from ey and 1 from darren, my alien, my lion and so on. *they are small oni~
Who do you really hate: hate? The Lord say love your enemy as yourself. xD
What time is it now: 10.41 a.m.

Randoms :
Q: Is there a person who is on your mind right now: sure
Q: Do you have any siblings: yes..
Q: Do you want children: not sure.. yes gua..
Q: Do you smile often: in front of people, yes. alone, no.
Q: Do you like your hand-writing: depends. sometimes i like it.
Q: Are your toenails painted: Now? NO
Q: Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: erm.. someone bed...
Q: What colour shirt are you wearing: black
Q: What were you doing at 7:00pm yesterday: on my bed waiting my mom to stop playing ps
Q: I can't wait till: ... er... what does this mean?
Q: When did you cry last: ermz... last week?
Q: Are you a friendly person: No. For me, I think no. Some of my friend say yes. But I think I am not.
Q: Do you have any pets: Now, no

Where is the person you have feelings for right now?: Now? Working?? don't know.
Did the last person you held hands with mean anything to you now? : Most probably is a girl wor.
Do you sleep with the TV on?: No. Mom kill me if I do that
What are you doing right now? :Typing...
Have you ever crawled through a window?: NO!
Can you handle the truth? : sometime yes sometime no...
Are you closer to your mother or father?: MOTHER
Who was the last person you cried in front of? : My stuff toys/ The Lord. Cry to him~
How many people can you say you've really loved?: No one.
Do you eat healthy? : What do you think o?
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex?: Never take pics with him. So where got leh.
Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you? : ermz.. yes.

How often do you go to church?: Er.. Monday to Friday. Working ma~ Wednesday sometimes for practice singing. friday cell. Sunday lor.. sometimes Sat too.
If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to? : myself? no one will ever bother about me
Are you loud or quiet most of the time? :in front of them yes. alone no.
Are you confident? : Waoh. NO~ That's why always got problem.

5 things I was doing 10 years ago..(1998)
*studying standard 2..

5 things on my to-do list today:
*add songs in blog
*listen to music
*watch series

5 snacks I enjoy:
*kinder bueno
*potato chips
*kit kat

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
*buy a house for mom
*go to other places
*learn singing
*build a church!

5 of my bad habits:
*no confidence
*don't know how to communicate
*easily get angry
*like to gossip~

5 places I have lived in :
*Kuantan, Pahang
*Kuala Lumpur
*Kulim, Kedah

5 jobs I’ve had:
*AJK for Rumah Hijau
*Secretary for PBSM
*AJK for computer club
*work in maxis

5 best friends name:
1.Chien Ling
3.Lim Eng Yew
5.Ying Yi.

5 people I tag:
1. Elisa
3.Ying yi *if she know how*
5.Poh yee

Wednesday, August 6


The one that I miss online at last. He is Eng Yew.
Er. Pls do not misunderstand ok. *he is her bf* I miss him because it has been years since we met.
He teaches me how to earn more $$ now. Now I am in! I want $$. Yeahooo..
For those people that want to buy cheap stuff and want to learn driving or whatsoever, pls visit this blog. LIM ENG YEW
Yes. his blog. He can recommend you some stuff. Don't bother of the layout. I know its a bit UGLY but what to do. Guys don't know arts *heh heh just joking*. He just started the blog. So you can take a look from time to time.

Ok... This is a short post to recommend something.. * Eng Yew, I am good right? Glad to have me as your friend right.*