Tuesday, August 19

I have nothing to say

First post = laugh
Second post = tears

Hard to explain. Nothing to say to you.
My life is a puppet.
I can't do what I want.
I need to follow instruction.
I am not the way you think.
I hope I can do whatever I want.
Isn't it good.
I've told Kien.
Every month and how..
She will come every end of the month.

We are chatting in msn now.
I understand what are you saying.
I am glad to have you as my friend.
Elisa, both of us shared our secrets but we do keep some cause those some just for us right.
Why others can't understand this?

Sorry for calling you.
And sorry for hang up.
I just can't continue to talk.
So sorry.

Sherina Sim
Stop crying.
Not worth it!!!

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