Monday, August 11

We need you deeply

It might be a long post for today...
Elisa was not there with us.
Feel so empty without her.
We used to talk and passing papers.
laughing and teasing,
but she was not here yesterday.
Suddenly I miss her so much.
Adele was there and Ying Yi too.
But, we don't talk.
Pastor Malcolm sermon was really good.
Really like his preaching.
After the sermon, as usual headed to MPhall
Yam cake was there for us to eat.
After the yam cake, went to chat with Sha Leen
As usual we talk about someone, something and somewhere *winks*
Then Gab ask us to go up to library.
Sha Leen need to go up too..
funny~ Normally they won't go..
The older ones and the younger ones was called to go up
So we went up.
Auntie Nancy was there.
*No wonder they go up*
Older ones : Chee Meng, Kalven, Zcent,Ch,Ck Chooi, Sha Leen, Gab
Younger ones: Me, yi, rach, Jg Sj Eumun
Maybe some left out*
Ok.. Then there start auntie Nancy telling us stuff
So to cut it short,
I was happy auntie nancy back with us.
Ok.. I admit, sometimes/most of the times, she is scary
but at least she can do something for the older ones.
Ok. we are not calling them older ones anymore.
They will name their group and we will name ours too.
After auntie nancy explain all this, we separate into 2.
They go to discuss and auntie nancy discuss with us.
GGSUS won't be our name anymore.
Yes, I agree to change too.
There are some reasons.
So we will discuss on friday.
This friday, might be going for concert.
So this is the end of church.

After everything, when to tesco with auntie mag and makan.
I realize abel is a good boy.
Very gentlemen
I helped auntie mag to take something from auntie nelly
Abel don't let me to take heavy stuff.
He gives me the lightest one.
Little boy but good hearted.
Went back home and play digimon until 6
then bath, then continue play until 10

Something happen
Someone sms me and told me something
Heart pain.
I will be missing this special friend.
I really started to miss her.
I know I won't be meeting her as much as usual.
I hope God will make a way for her
her family
Although she did not tell me what really happen to her family
I pray that God will protect their family
bless them
take care of them.
I promised not to tell anyone.
Yes. I won't!

I changed my blog layout again
adele said that not so nice..
So changed to this.
Anyone think this not nice,
can tell me.
I can change again~

That's all for now.
I got to work.
And if anyone got job for me pls contact me

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