Tuesday, August 12

what to do

As usual, every tuesday, I will be at bumble bee until 10.pm
Started last week. I am not sure who going to fetch me. SO I am going to wait.
Yesterday chat with Shan in sms.
She studying and learning singing. Stop dance d lor.
Hope to see her a.. Long time we didn't meet.
5B having gathering soon. Yew said de. But not sure whether really got or not.
She said next year go together o..
Where can lar...
I am not pro like you all.
If i am, I want lor..
ok. I wanted too but. I just lack of confident~
This is what my weakness is.
I feel I am so useless.
They're not afraid of anything but I am.
Maybe due to One person gua.
So this one person really strong enough to make me change my mind~

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