Monday, August 25

Just talk

I had a great weekends.


Wee Ric fetch me and we went to secret recipe. *recommended by Esther*
We waited outside for the others. Ying Yi and me told Wee Ric to go other place and he wait Esther. But then, he went in to secret recipe and ask them to arrange the chairs and tables for us.
then he came out and ask why are we standing outside.. HUH?? Wee Zcent me and Ying Yi are blur!! Oh gosh, we going to eat here? NO!!! We went in to take a seat. I can see that all the waiter are smiling to us. Sure la.. Its going to be a big group wor. Haiz. Then Ying Yi and me still *pujuk* Wee Ric says that go other place. Then he call Esther. Then he say... CABUT! NANI?? CABUT? So Ying Yi and me cabut first.. heh heh.. Wee Zcent came out. Wee Ric went to tell the waiter and waitress there that we are going off. I can see that the waiter stare at Wee Ric with a fierce expression.. Then we headed to Giant Pizza Hut. Esther and Chee Kean was there but, Wee Ric say go KFC. Hahahaha.. i wonder the pizza hut waitress want to kill Wee Ric or not. Then at last we settle down in KFC. but, we don't have much time . So, our cell group is there too. Wee Ric do the word. GOOOOOOD.
On friday, we had so much fun. In the car, secret recipe, pizza hut, kfc and word.. Hahaha

Nothing much to tell. I sleep for whole day! That's all.

Worship is good. Gabriel lead worship. Not bad~~ *music is not the main point anyway*
Sermon was good to. *by pastor mal*. He is a great speaker!
After service, the youth had a prayer time. That is the time I break down. Not going to mention here!
Gabriel gave us the cd's... The cd's not enough. So a family get one. i got one too. Thanks Gab.. But then, I gave him back.... Since he not enough then give him back ba. I don't really have a chance to listen to cd's liao. After that, some of us went to IOI for movie. I want to tell you guys something. If you guys are mature, please don't watch Wall-E. I kinda disappointed. Those people say nice but it not so nice for me. There are some parts funny but not really nice la for me. Oh ya... Joshua, Zhen Bi, Joel Goh, Ying Yi, Me, Chee Meng, Kalven and Wee Zcent went! We had A & W for lunch. *3 of us share 1 meal* Had a great time too.. At least can go out with CMEng and Kal they all. =) Went back home around 7.oo p.m. I want to go out with them again but do other thing!

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