Wednesday, August 13


Someone ask me about you
Want to know whole conversation between us?

She: Hey, do you know what happen to teddy?
SHE: Er.. ah... Teddy? Teddy is GOOD.. FINE~ ahahahahaha LOL
She: So fake...
SHE:LOL hahahahha
SHE:Ok la.. Teddy is busy with school stuff and exams and TEDDY IS BUSY.
She: Teddy really ok? I heard there's some "xxxxxx" problem?

Oh gosh.. Why? Why ask me... T.T

SHE: hah? Oh.. Teddy is busy. *smile*
She:Ok.. Busy? But er.. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
SHE: heh heh.. BUSY wat~ What to do?

Ok.. Actually the whole conversation is not that short.
We talk more.
But just feel that I am SO FAKE yesterday night when I talk to one of our LXAXDXR
I am sorry..
Ok Teddy..
I did not say anything that I promised not to say.
And, If you want to know the entire conversation,
you can talk to me later.
We are friends..
Forever friends~~

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