Wednesday, August 6


The one that I miss online at last. He is Eng Yew.
Er. Pls do not misunderstand ok. *he is her bf* I miss him because it has been years since we met.
He teaches me how to earn more $$ now. Now I am in! I want $$. Yeahooo..
For those people that want to buy cheap stuff and want to learn driving or whatsoever, pls visit this blog. LIM ENG YEW
Yes. his blog. He can recommend you some stuff. Don't bother of the layout. I know its a bit UGLY but what to do. Guys don't know arts *heh heh just joking*. He just started the blog. So you can take a look from time to time.

Ok... This is a short post to recommend something.. * Eng Yew, I am good right? Glad to have me as your friend right.*

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