Friday, August 1

Just in thoughts...

Just in thoughts...
Again, lack of sleep for this week. Yesterday slept around 1 something or 2 a.m. Tomorrow need to go bumble bee early n the morning. I had change my shift to morning due to afternoon going to Chee Wen for helping. Actually tonight should be sleeping earlier but there's cell group tonight. Sunday is the Anniversary. Got to go earlier. So it will be very tired for this week and next week. The routine will continue until I can have a day to sleep whole day. Poor thing~~ T.T

Furthermore, I am still sick. I will be more and more and more and more tired. O.O I am finishing my medicine and I am still sick. The medicine is like no effect at all. i am still SICK~~ T.T

August arrived! 2 more months. I got to save money now to buy something for mommy. Let's see what should I buy. A cake? Again??? Shirt??? I know! Should be pajamas! xD I think I should buy a cake and also a small gift. If I got extra money $$ then I'll buy a bigger gift! I will be buying a fruity cake. She loves that. She loves to see all the fruit on the cake! Maybe I should buy a sponge cake - cost around Rm4? Then I buy all sorts of fruit; 1 mango, 1 strawberry; apple; orange and etc, then I put on that sponge cake. That will be more fun! hahaz. Imagine!!!
I think its A BIT too early to think what to buy. Its in October. After my birthday only its her birthday. So now, I just save money only! On that time see I got how much $$ then only I decide what to buy!!

Dreaming of you makes me dream of us!

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