Monday, August 11

One day.

I saw one of your friend there
Then I started to find you
But you are not here
Disappointment in my heart.

I waited and waited with a hope to see you
But still you are not there.

Looking for someone close to you
They are not here too.

When I almost give up to look for you
I turned back and I saw you
Smile crafted on my obvious face
I hope you don't take a look on my face.

Peeping you is a fun game
Got shocked when your eyes contact me
Try to avoid to see you when you facing me
Its so funny what am I doing.

Although no words come out from you yesterday
But my heart will have you everyday
Maybe today, maybe tomorrow
I know we will sit there together one day.

Original only By Sherina
at 1.36 p.m on Monday 11/08/2008.

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