Monday, June 30

Confident lack of

You dare to dream
But not dare to go for your dream
You are so useless
I have nothing to say bout you anymore

Hopes are gone
Feelings are so strange
Just like the reality
I can't afford to lose you

Again this words came out from my mouth
thousands of flower in my heart
I do not understand why
I am so confused

Each time I say I love
i really meant to love
But the hope always gone
And I do not have enough confident to myself

You to me
i to you
many things

When can I get you; my dreams?
I just hope I had enough confident
People around me support me
So what now?

Oh Lord please show me another signs
I know I should not test
Only you Lord can show me

Dare to dream?
So dare to goal!

Downs and ups x ups and downs

Thank God for granted my wish.. Even though *********** but den also better than none.. xD
Friday is so T.T sobz la... I was in charge with the word.. It's so so so funny looking at them so @.@ I think they donno wat am I saying.. Luckily Sis lai ming help me LOTZ... T.T I am so useless.. Haiz..
YESTERDAY.. Was at Chee Kent house.. Hehe.. Not bad.. I miss the food. Auntie really cook until so NICE. NICE. Really NICE. Woo~hoot.. Next time we should go there again.. xD.. After the lunch we watch Kungfu Panda brought by me (forgot to bring back..) Then we played water balloons and water.. hahaz.. then they play ps for a while.. Syiok o..
But den haiz.. haiz.. and haiz.. *pif*

FORENSIC came.. I'm watching it liao.. wahhahaha.. N i going to watch X-family and I going to buy IT started with a kiss 2.. I can't wait all of this shows.. Woo.. woo..woo.. hahaha.. I want to watch.. I'm still hoping there's HanaKimi 2.. pls got la.. I want to watch them la.. T.T WuZhun and Ella!

Oh ya.. something change.. My HAIR.. looks so short and funny. I cut it on Friday.. Short and neat and ugly! T>T I NOT GOING TO CUT MY HAIR AGAIN!

Study? Should I? Shouldn't I? I don't know!

Friday, June 27

I am so blesses

You can be the one for me
Through the happiness or sad
I just want to share with you
Everything in me

I want to be the one I want
But I could not
So I can just dream about it
Cause it will never happen in the reality.

Thank you to the one that had fun with me
I really appreciate it

I love the one I loved
I miss the one I missed
I need the one I needed
It's YOU!


I can't stop smiling after I've read my friends blog. The secret code guy. ;) And also her best friend going to ahem for cell group. Just so funny! I can't stop smiling. Oh my sis~ You gonna get it tonight~! xD

I still haven't finish the things that should finish by today~ T.T I need help!! T.T nvm.. I leave it to God ba.. hahaha..

Sunday worship? er.. choose but all old songs.. Don't know how o~ Leave it to God la. xD

Today had a bad day.. Cause of someone. I just don't like to be in this office. haiz. Leave it to God ba. T.T

God wlil help me de~ I believe! wahahaha...

That's all la.. Nowadays nothing to say~ haiz.. life terrible~ !

I need the one that should be needed!

Thursday, June 26

Just I need

The one who need the one needed
The one who sees the one who seen

You're just so nice to everyone
Can you nice to me too?
I know you got a kind heart
Even you didn't show

You're just so cool went you talk to me
But I know you just act

Am I right?
The one I need.


Edited my friendster profile.. Been a long time since I last update! Sad today cause.. HAIZ!
Tomorrow Friday already. I got to finish it fast. anyone can help me?

Finish watch HanaKimi. Now watching Love angel. Old one also. Then The Money Maker Recipe came yesterday! I taught Forensic! Cause kor said Forensic one!! T.T So long still not yet come.. So now I currently watching Love angel, The Money Maker Recipe and also Monkey King! I tv addict already! xD Now I am waiting for butterfly lovers starring Ah Sa and Wu Zhun.. I just want to see Wu Zhun.. Every time after finish watch HanaKimi I will gila of Wu Zhun one! ^^

Boy is going back to Petaling. So I am free from him!! YEAH YEAH!! Naughty boy!! I go sayang baby lu!~~~~ MUAHAHAHAHAHA...

Sunday cell church at Chee Meng house. Suddenly I don't want to do worship cause I do not have the time to type the song or choose cause busy doing Friday's duty! ANYONE CAN HELP??? T.T

Even though you are not here now
But in my heart I can feel you are with me.

Wednesday, June 25

moment misses

There! The place where you scared me.
Its still fresh in my memory.
I deeply miss that moments
When you laugh at me
I just hope what I plan
will happen.
Cause I really hope can see you more.
I miss you~
Deeply.. so much~

I wanted to shout your name so loud
But.. I know I can't
I can't do that
So i will just whisper your name softly
Shout your name
in my heart!



Today is wednesday! Means friday is so near. I still haven't finish the Philip: Consistency! T.T
I gotta finish it very fast! Hope by today! I do hope they won't snore on that day! xD I still haven't finish my worship song on sunday. I want to do but I not yet even know what song should be sing on that day. MUST PRAY!

Work place... Work?Place? I don't want to be here. T.T Why must I stay and work here? Is there a purpose.. Maybe. God place me here with a purpose. I can't discover yet.. Time haven't come...

Nothing to say today. That's all.. So sorry..

I need you
more than words can say
more and more each day
Jesus I love you

Planet Shakers!

Tuesday, June 24

Just Wondering

Who did he talk to?
Girlfriend? Friend?
hmm.. A bit of uncomfortable feelings
Hope He don't have one~

Need someone

18 years of stories~ I really do not know how I can be a grown up child that been through so many circumstances. Really cannot believe myself and my mom that take care of me. 18 years. I believe God really love me so much cause I'm still in this world and had a bunch of loving and caring friends around me! Thank you Lord. I really want to share my stories with some people that are willing to listen. Cause I need to burst up to people.. Yesterday burst my own self. Cried for a night! really been a hard time. Burst to my own self can't works. I need to burst to someone. Anyone willing to hear? I do not think so. Even my best friend also have no time for me. She is busy and have her own life. we are just friends. Friends is friends. There's still a border line. I really feel want to cry again! Today I was asked to make a decision again! Hey~ I can't make any decision. I hate to make any decision~ Pls let me out of this kind of things! If you want me to make a decision. i would want to do what I want. But it never happens. So? End up no decision.

I need a shoulder

I need a listener

I need a person that I really needed
Can you?

I saw you now
with your cool-ness

Monday, June 23

Everlasting love to them

Thank You for those who are still with me
My friends; My loved ones
Bear with my attitude, my character, my emotion~ness
This is because you guys are a real friend
Not a friend with a mask on his/her face.

I need a friend who
cares for me
talks to me
chat with me
share with me
play with me
gossip with me

I do not need a friend that use me as a tools.
when you need me, you'll find me
when you do not need me you just LAZY to care bout me
This is not friends that I need.

Thorns were there; in my heart
I need time to remove it
one by one.
Give me time.

To whom I care:
I know I need time to show you

To whom I love:
Mommy I love you xD

To those love me:
I love you guys too.
Just that not that love.

To those whom care for me:
Thanks. I care for you guys too

To whom I treat you as an enemy:
Sorry. I will change

To my 2 lovely sister:
I love you both equally.
Love both of you so much.
I really mean it.
I do not know what you two thinking bout me.
But. I just want to say

To whom I love in Kuantan last time:
I love you. Really love you. Friends forever!

To the twins:
Both of you forever my bro.
I will love you 2 FOREVER!

To another bro in aus that coming back in July:
Thanks being a nice friend and bro to me
Thanks for the cds with autograph that you gave me in 2006.
Thank You so much!
Love you too.

To whom I sing with in worship:
Thank You for encouraging me

To the older youth:
Even though we are so far apart and I do not know why.
I just love you guys!

To my Youth:
You guys are great.
Love you guys.


~Family we are~

Yesterday went to church at 9 o'clock fetch by Chee Hon~ Reach church I was asked to sing. Cause Kal played drum (replace Eric that was not here). And I am so happy cause I really want to sing more! Sing with Auntie Mag. After service, we had a youth meeting without the leader. Only us there. Elisa, Me, Yi, Bi, Jian, JoelG and Chee Kent. We discuss bout Cell Sunday. A fast discussion. WE had fun while discussing cause we have those guys crapping around!
Ok... Important things that I am scare of. 1st~ly. This friday, Cell! Oh Gosh. i don't know what to do~ But I know God is here with me. So I hope everything will be ok~ be strong and courageous! 2nd~ly is the older youth. I do hope they want to join us. However, they said no cause they are going to do by their own self. So... Maybe needs time. I know its not easy. We tried. We failed. But I know. If u don't give up of them miracles will happen one day! I suddenly have a strength inside my body! I do not know what is that! I just want to have them with us. Cause we are FAMILY!

Yesterday after those youth meeting and crapping at the santuary! Yi and me went to kal house to play WII!!!!!!!!!!! Oh gosh its very fun! 4 of us played. Wee Zcent, Ying yi, Kal and me. We played! Its so fun! Just can't thinking how we play boxing. chee meng and his bro was at kal room.. 4 of us down there play and laugh until so funny. Now I know family really is a family. Ying Yi and Wee Zcent there really 'cute'. Only two of them having problem to connect the remote.. haha... Played bowling, tennis, boxing, resident evil and that gun~ny game... Sorry to Zcent and Ying Yi cause need to go back. My mom say too late.. So they fetch me back. T.T sorry o~ I hope we can play again but I got problem going back! ~ So don't know how.

What am I going to do?
1. Finish my HanaKimi and re-watch again. xD
2. Finish the monkey King series. The version that twins act one. I watch lot of times d..
3. Learn to be patient
4. Love one another
5. Try to change 'something'
6. Get ready for Friday and Sunday
7. Buy something for my loved ones. *(Don't know why have this thought) *sa & yi & other ppl*
8. Watch Forensic on this Wednesday!
9. Be responsible
10. Plan something for the youth! Like what I suggest to Lai Ming sis. But its still a secret until the time comes. Only YOU and YOU will know.

~Hope this 10 things I can do la.. Watching tv is a no prob for me.. Other than that got a bit prob la.. xD~

If I don't give up
I know one day
I can!

I am here to care for you
Even though you don't know
But I will continue to find ways to care for you.
Cause I love you.

Saturday, June 21


I'm here again in bumble bee~~ Nothing to do.. Planning something @.@

Little baby is in the house. He is super cute~ Very good boy.. N he is so so so small~~ a tiny baby~ love him so much~

Forensic is going to finish~ HappY~~ Hehe..

Nothing much to say today~ Going to read stories now.. Cya

Just there you are.
Where the place i sit before
N now you sit just the right place
I understands!

Day and night passes by..
My love will not pass~
To Only One
N One Only!

Friday, June 20

Synopsis for tvb drama~


Ballroom dancing emphasizes rhythm and mutual trust between the partners. If we can apply the same philosophy to our daily communication practices, we are likely to find ourselves in greater harmony and our lives will surely be enriched.

Dance lover Lee Sum Ying (Bernice Liu) is going to audition for a place in the Hong Kong Dance Company. Before the audition starts, she bumps into her brother Lee Lik Keung (Wayne Lai) and his colleague Ching Ka Tsun (Steven Ma) at a supermarket, where she is accidentally run over by Tsun’s trolley and hurts herself. Due to her arm injury, Ying does not perform well in the audition and fails the assessment. At the invitation of Tsun’s mother, Ying goes to teach Latin dance at a local community center, in the hope that she can save up enough money for further studies abroad. Ying has a very warm personality and is well-liked by many of her students. Her popularity eventually lands her a teaching job at a dance workshop, which makes another dance tutor, Ching Ka Man (Fala Chen), incredibly jealous. Man dislikes Ying so much that she means to make things difficult for her in every possible way.

Yeung Sze Man (Kate Tsui), the daughter of Tsun’s boss, is appointed to take charge of the company. In order to improve staff morale, Man has announced a series of reforms. She needs her staff to learn dancing so that they can get more physical exercise. Ying is hired as the dance teacher of Tsun and his colleagues. Tsun, who has some knowledge in dancing, has soon resumed his interest in this expressive form of art. Ying and Tsun have gradually developed a close bond with each other and even decided to take part in an international dance competition as partners, but the pair’s relationship is put to the test when Tsun and Keung later fall out over business matters. The discord between the two men has put Ying in dilemma.

Not long after, one of the employees, who has worked at the company for long time until being fired by Sze Man, told her father about the reforms and his being fired. As a result, Sze Man was relieved of her duties. Sze Man's life took a turn for the worse when she found out that her boyfriend Dickson has married already. After some time, they broke up. But during the relationship, Keung's brother-in-law has a crush on her but didn't know how to say it to her.

Meanwhile, Keung and Tsun were still mad at each other. This makes Ying and Tsun's relationship difficult. But when they found out about the fired employee's plan to take over the company, they worked together to bring him down. In the end, they got along. However, Sum Ying's eyes were damaged due to a previous injury and had to take surgery.

Before the surgery even began, she was set to be in a dance competition with Tsun as her partner. But during this time, Ka Man was as angry as ever with Ying for two reasons. One: Ying "takes" Ka Man's spot in the company commercial. Two: She thinks her mother thinks Ying dances better than her. After an altercation with her brother Tsun and her mother (by which it ends with Tsun slapping her in the face for pushing their mom), Ka Man leaves the home.

When they found Ka Man, they also found out that she is the student of her mother's rival, who has a dislike against her. The mother and rival started dancing to see who is better, but the rival intentionally stepped on Tsun's mother's leg, making her unable to dance forever. Tsun and Ying enters the competition to not only avenge Tsun's mother, but also to help Ka Man.

At the competition, Ying and Tsun enter the competition along with Ka Man to advance to the finals. The rival however has ordered her to use damaging dance moves to kick them out of the competition. The incentive of this, however, is to see her rival suffer with a family spat. But Ka Man, seeing that Ying is injured, relents. When the rival disowns her as her pupil, Ka Man accidentally pushes her down (actually if you watch carefully, Ka Man didnn't push her down but the rival just trip over herself anyway) the rival's leg was damaged. As a result, Ka Man was sent to jail, but Tsun and Ying forgive her.

Some time later, the company held a party. During that time, Tsun (with the help of Keung, Sze Man and the others) proposes to Ying and she accepts. The series ends with everyone dancing to Papa Loves Mambo.

(credits to wiki)

This series I finished watch yesterday. The ending kind of funny. Snowing part.. Really very funny! I rate this series for 7/10..

In the last epi. fala was sent to jail.. But I and my mom saw that she didn't push that 'evil woman' That woman fell by herself la.. But fala sent to jail.. Swt~~

This series very long d de.. Sorry ya~~ xD


Life is so sien for me. Can I do what I want? T.T Won't happen...


I watch HanaKimi until 25 already~ Actually I watch a lot of times already but I still like to watch it over and over again cause Wuzhun very handsome.. Ella very cute!! xD
Finished watch STEPS.. The dance series that last year on air one~~ Not bad that show.. Hmmm.. So now waiting kor kor to bring Forensic heroes 2 then I can watch~~ *Faster Faster*

Working here really suffer leh.. Anyone wants to offer me a job??? I need other job.. I just cannot stay here~ Life is so terrible for me. T.T

Credits to... K for tvb.

Thursday, June 19


Wau.. Realize that there are lots of tvb series coming out.. Woo_hoot~~ Can't wait!~ i'm going to catch up~~ hehe~~


First of all... I want to thank someone very special to me.. Little yi~~ Thank you for an encourage sms yesterday night! You really did make a difference. I knew that sometimes I always say I want Elisa but I do want you too.. Cause you are a special friend to me! I love you so much. I said before in my post here.. You and Elisa always the one I needed. hehe.. Me and Elisa always need you to be with us cause we are 3 best sis!!! xD But den.. I want to tell you something here.. You are the pig k~ Sleep until what time oh~~ Sommore dare to say me piggy??! xD

Will be discuss with Elisa at 4 o'clock today for something ~.~ I should not give up on them yet. They are my family. Hope I and Elisa can come out with some idea to saved them~ xD saved... Hope that we can do something extraordinary cause God with us~!~

Oh gosh.. My mom again ask me to find a boyfriend~ Aiyoyo.. I taught if I am 20++ or 30++ then she need to worry la.. But~~~ now~~~ I am 18 nia ma... Worry so much for what. How to find?!~ Go to the street and grab one. This is what she said before to me~~ Nani!!!! what la... Can grab wan kah?? Swt lo~~ Mommy.. I got like people. But people don't like me ma.. Then those guy that like me.. I don't like them. U need to be patient~ One day.. God will send me 1 guy that I like and also he like me... (hope so la).... xD

I can't see you anymore.
Cause you are not here.
I know we will meet again very soon.
I miss you

I am happy or sad?
All depends on you!~

Wednesday, June 18

A long post...

Monday I went back home around 11 cause I'm not feeling well. Tuesday also mean yesterday was at home whole day. I really need rest. These two days, guess what I do? I become pig for whole day... Just so tired and sleep. Sleep, wake up, eat, sleep, wake up, eat sleep. What a routine? I agree with 'someone'. I am a pig already. hehe.. I hope I don't become a fat girl can liao. But den I will never get fat.. Don't know why. I eat until so 'geng'.. But still not fat.. its a good thing anyway..xD..

I saw one of my best friend post. She say out something that I really agree. Cause I'm going through the same thing. Oh my best friend. I wonder when she will change. She did say she realize and will try to change. She tried already? I don't think so.. I'm so tired with all this. This is not the first time I give up. I've been giving up a lot of times. I taught it won't happen since we had our P4C. However, things just changed. I miss everyone in a group so much. I miss the WHOLE YOUTH in P4C. since when we separate with the olders one we just feel so weird. We are youth, why must we separate? On that time I know it will be a gap between us and them. And since Gab when to Aus we getting so far apart with the youth. Few of us tried to say something but always still get no reason. You guys blame us for we don't appreciate the older youth. You know why this happen. Its because you separate us from them. N you guys want us to be more self discipline and all sort of things..Anyway, I know the older ones cannot accept us now. So? we will continue with this kind of situation? In the end, the older ones will get old.. n become adults.. n den the gap between us will remain gap. I knew some of the youth will read this post and if you guys feel that I'm wrong just tell me! Or for those agree with me pls tell me too.
Okays.. Not to say the older ones and us... Let's say bout us.. the younger one. The youth! I realize we really get to know each other closer. Such as Sj. Josh. JoelG. Ckent. I'm happy with that. However, WHY EACH TIME WE HAD EVENT THERE WILL BE SOME UNHAPPY STUFF IN IT? I do not know you guys realize or not. But I always got some argument or something that make me not happy. Such as the parents day thingy. I know you guys think its a successful event. Yup. I agree half.. In the process do you guys think the process is successful?! No. If I do not ask and I didn't tell Elisa she won't be knowing 'that thing'. We are youth/ family. We should know what really happen. Its not a one man show thing. IF you want to take in charge in everything.. Why are we here? We do all this is for only one person. OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST right? I always think its ok. Cause I do it for Him. So its ok. Its ok. But if I want to do something you don't let. And then when u want me to do something then you just say. SHERINA DO THIS. apa ni? You don't want do/ you can't do then you call me to do. The things that I want to do you don't let me to do. Hey! its not right kays? You did say before. You don't do things that you don like. Then why you never ask whether I like or not. Or maybe in a nicer tone to call me do things. Not to say I do not like to do but the way you instruct people its not good. I always want to help but if you tell me something with a harsh tone.. I'm so sorry! DO IT BY YOURSELF. N if you give us to in charge the things pls do not try to interrupt us. You can advise us but not to take the whole charge of it. Both of them really try to help a lot. But if they did mistakes you should help them not to DO EVERYTHING.

TO My best friend!
You agree?? Comment a bit pls.. You know who you are..

For the one sms me n ask me to chat yesterday.. Sorry.. I am not feeling well and really frustrated to something. Hope you don't mind. Don't angry with me k?!

Sorry for all the grammar and all those silly mistake.

I just lazy to use proper language to blog.
N do not have the mood to type in order!!!

Monday, June 16

You could not predict what will happen

My 'special friend'.
Do not leave me alone. I need you. If you go, please bring me. You know who you are. I always think I am sensitive, but you always have the same thoughts as me. Same mind?! If you not here anymore, I would just get out from here too. I am tired of this already.
Only you the one that I need :)

Hey guyz, do you realize this few days its getting so hot. The sun burn me~ O.o I am so pitiful. I need to travel by bus from house to work and from work back home.. I do not know how to drive and I do not have a driver (boyfriend) so I am so so so pitiful.. Then, this few days the sun really scary.. haiz.. Last few weeks is raining. Weather really unpredictable.

Yesterday Chee Meng fetch me to church. He a bit late.. Then he 'lap yao' lor... xD I tot its a better day for me but end up a bit not so good. 2 people really make me feel so bad.. I really do not understand. I am really that sensitive or you just be TOO ANNOYING. I know you not happy with me yesterday cause I read. Ok.. Next time whatever you in charge I won't want to care anymore. Not only that, anyway, I give up hope on you!! Sorry! To the another one, you say you will change but why you want to hurt me and her?! You can say in a nicer tone right?!

Joel C, Joel G, Joshua G, Sheng Jian, Chee kent, Chee Kent friend, Rachel, and my two best sister I ever had YING YI & ELISA.
You all really did a great job. Oh ya.. miss out some fellows, Chee Kean for it his birthday but still he help us. Sorry for the wrong song we played. We do not know what song. But I know its not bad for your age.. XD. Also, Chee Hon and Uncle Kim that help us to take up the tables and help us to cut the watermelon. Aunty Taufan for the salad. And the most important is our Lord! Thanks for the donation box.. really unexpected. thanks to all the nice song and message that all the uncle dedicate to their wifes. "i love you".. So sweet~~

Thanks to Kalven that even though sometimes he really make us feel so ~~~~.....~~~~ but still you make me smile went we had practice and also yesterday! You just so "salty".. Always think wrong things. ( ;

Thanks to another friend for hearing.

Saturday, June 14

I want to know what happen?!

I will never ever trust you. Cause you are the one I cannot trust.. I just cannot trust you. And I hope you know I am telling you. You just want attention. You just want me to know. Even though he tell what or WHATEVER LA i won't care. Its between you n him!!! Your character is too weird for me. I just dont understand you! N i not going to understand you. I try to accept you but you just make me feel more weird each time I want to accept you.... As I said. If that vampire do not believe the owl. The owl will just wait the vampire to know the truth 1 day. I am tired now. I am not going to care anymore.. Try to help but end up I am the one get hurt! What in the world? I am so angry now. Vampire told the owl that 'some creature' say about something.. This already feel so weird and don't know what that 'creature' said.. Then know 'the creature' trying to tell me vampire say negative things bout me. What you both trying to do!!!!!!!! I am so TIRED! Now i am the one confused. Can someone pls explain?!

I still trust you, the one that I trust before!

What a sad day!

Went to school yesterday for that CF thingy.. I am upset with James they all.. Then I am not feeling well. For whole day I am so pain~ At night went to cg and then upset again due to 'something'.. Eumun pula don't know what happen... GRrrrrrrrrr... I also need people to talk to! But seems like I have no one to talk to! In 1 day i got so many things that I am not happy about.. Still, I want to know what happen!! SHERINA!!! U very free meh now??
I am bumble bee now.. Part time.. 1 hour Rm 6.. can online.. So good ler...
Today still not feeling well.. haiz... Bad day for me again... Tmr need to go church early.. I hope tmr is a better day!!!
I am here to be the one that can be the one you want me to be.

Thursday, June 12

~let's sleep~

Ok.. I want to post 1 picture... Erm.. I noe I am 'evil' if I post this. But I still want to post.. Sorry Chee Kent.. I noe you wont be see~ing my blog.. N I hope you wont be see~ing.. I don't want you to kill me~~~
Why I got this picture.. Oh.. thanks to 1 of your friend... That you so 'sayang'..



Yesterday 2 something until 5 I at bumble bee with sha mein. Use her laptop to onlne and play games. So sien... Luckily she work in bumble bee. So sorry for her.. Use her laptop and play..

Yesterday mommy cook nice food.. Asam Curry Fish. Wah.. I like spicy and sour.. O.O hahaz... Because of my mommy dishes my face volcano become bigger! So pain.. T.T


Yesterday Chee Meng & Kal fetch me to practice.. Sotong at the sea.. So Chee Meng play~~
We finished very early.. Then 3 of us went to yam cha... hehe... As usual kal will ~kacau~ me lor..
Drink for a while only... Not so long..

EUMUN!!! If this time the map summore wrong den u will kena from me!!! xD naughty boy!!

There's few ways for me to choose
Which should I choose?
I want to do something I like
But I scare I choose wrong

Should I follow you?
I have no confident?
But is this what I ask for from God.
So what shall I do now?

Suddenly I showers with so many things..
Oh Gosh..

Wednesday, June 11

(^#^) ~sienness~

Tired.. Tired.. Tired... I've been thinking what she said~~ Hmmm.. I tried not to think but still I can't get it out of my head.. Oh please... Do not think about it anymore!!
I want to watch forensic heroes 2!! I want.. Where can I watch.? The DVD not here yet! I cannot watch in the office.. So where can I watch?? T.T

Tonight having practice for this Sunday~ Hmmm.. Don't know Chee Meng got or not cause I need people fetch. Should I open the door and ask him? He is just outside there. Hmmm.. But in the schedule his name not there. So he maybe not coming! haiz.. Got to ask sotong den~~ Sotong ar~~ ?? haiz.. Hope he can ba..
Yesterday can't sleep. N.. I realize I got PANDA EYES already! WHAT??!! Gosh.. How to get rid of that.. Dahlah keep build the volcano then explode one by one with all those 'jap'..and then now... UGLY n more UGLY! Ok... my explaination getting to be disgusting.. owhhh!

Games that are meant to played by two can played with 3 too?
take turns?
then who's going to start first?
Sure one of them will not happy with it..

When you think everything is perfect,
the real problem starts~

Tuesday, June 10


If its called a secret why would people tell their friends the secret? Maybe each person have their own definition and ways to keep their secret.
For me, I would share some of my things with my best friend. Not all, but some! Even though how much you trust your friend I believe you will keep some of the secret; the important ones, the things that you shy to speak out and etc. This is because you do not 100% trust your friend! Or maybe you just do not want people to know bout it. You save it for yourself. I am 1 of this. I will tell my best friends a lot of things.. (only my best friend). I shared, I discuss but still there's some I keep it for myself. Just like my friend. She told me lot of thing but still she will keep it for herself. Make sure that nobody else will know. I been shower with lots of secret nowadays. I'm glad that I still keep it for my own. When a friend tell you his or her secret that means he or she trust you. So as a friend of your friend, you should keep this secret. So I'm still keeping. And I hope I won't tell any of it to anyone..


I do not know what she said. I taught that she is an innocent girl. I hope she is. I'm trying to treat her as my sis. I do not want the annoying girl again. If she haven't change then I have nothing to say! From last time my classmates, my schoolmates told me she is annoying. She is a terrible girl and sort of bad things they say bout her. This is what I heard. People say she likes to talk behind people but in front of them she will act.. However I do not believe cause I want to see by my own eyes. I hope I won't see it now.. I hope what I think is true and what people say is not.
If you we're torn between two
I would like you to just trust yourself.
Games that are meant only for two person,
cannot be played by three person,
if to force to play
in the end there's just unhappiness!

If vampire do not trust owl
Owl is ok cause owl will wait vampire to see the truth

Dear Aaron,
I hope the news i get is not true! I'm worried! Hope you will be ok.. May our Lord protect you from any harm.

Monday, June 9


Posted some pictures! Hmmm...
I'm sleepy cause I chat with Eumun until 12 something/ 1a.m..He told me lotz of thing..
I'm glad that he talk to me... I enjoyed listening to people already! hehe..
Let's talk bout Eumun today...
Friends was curious why I so sayang him.. hmmm.. Am I?
Yes I am.. I sayang him very much..I also sayang those josh, sj, joel n bla bla bla la.. Just not that obvious as I sayang Eumun.. Ppl tot that I like him.. Hmm.. Once I do think of that but actually its not true.. I don't like him. 1st he is TOO young for me. 2nd It just impossible to like him. 3rd I just treat him like a little brother.. so it will never happen that I like him.. ;) why I sayang him????
1st Because I'm close to him.. 2nd.. He is younger than me. 3rd.. Because his sickness and weak~ I'm concern about his sickness. Like last time, sara.. When she was sick.. I also sayang her very much.. I just don't want to 'hilang' any of my friend anymore~ Thats why I sayang eumun so obvious.. Helping him is a type to bless him. The more I help the happier I am. So as long as I can help I will help.. just don't too much la~ He is just a little boy.. hehe.. I know some ppl don' really like his attitude.. but then.. If know him better you will know that he is a good friend~ (;
I just hope that he will recover from any sickness he is having..
May our Lord bless him~

Some pictures from cameron!

Girls more than guys (hehe)

Down the hill

Its WE

8 girls 5 boys

Bridge ;)

We're at BEE FARM

The 1/2 family

US (;

Bridge again~
(Get from GGSUS blog)

There are more picture but due to my lazyness I will just do it later.. This is from the blog.. Other pics will be up in a short while (i think??) Or when the lazyness in me gone~~~ C ya~~!!

Friday, June 6

Embracing the air

Embracing Air (Piano) - Kevin Cheng and Niki Chow

抱(po) 著(jeuk/jue) 空(hung) 氣(hei)

K:談(taam) 情(ching) 時(si) 太(taai) 美(mei) 妙(miu) 但(daan) 是(si) 已(yi) 經(ging) 告(go) 別(bit) 了(liu)
痛(tung) 愛(oi) 每(mooi) 天(tin) 困(kwan) 擾(yiu) 是(si) 沒(moot) 法(faat) 可(hoh) 預(yue) 料(liu)

N:愛(oi) 上(seung) 你(nei) 太(taai) 奧(o) 妙(miu) 為(wai) 甚(sam) 要(yiu) 開(hoi) 這(je) 玩(waan/woon) 笑(siu)
看(hon) 痛(tung) 苦(foo) 的(dik) 破(poh) 曉(hiu) 伴(boon) 著(jeuk/jue) 我(ngoh) 的(dik) 合(hap) 照(jiu)

* 合(hap) :曾(chang/jang) 快(faai) 樂(lok/ngok) 曾(chang/jang) 相(seung) 戀(luen) 曾(chang/jang) 擁(yung) 抱(po) 吻(man) 著(jeuk/jue) 你(nei)
曾(chang/jang) 吵(chaau) 架(ga) 曾(chang/jang) 生(saang/sang) 氣(hei) 如(yue) 今(gam) 一(yat) 一(yat) 記(gei) 起(hei)
如(yue) 果(gwoh) 心(sam) 仍(ying) 不(bat) 死(sei) 容(yung) 許(hui) 我(ngoh) 掛(gwa) 念(nim) 你(nei)
明(ming) 知(ji) 道(do) 迷(mai) 戀(luen) 你(nei) 而(yi) 可(hoh) 惜(sik) 沒(moot) 法(faat) 擺(baai) 脫(tuet) 別(bit) 離(lei) 抱(po) 著(jeuk/jue) 空(hung) 氣(hei)

K:說(suet) 再(joi) 見(gin) 那(na) 暗(am) 示(si) 現(yin) 實(sat) 要(yiu) 捨(se) 棄(hei) 情(ching) 意(yi)

N:但(daan) 是(si) 我(ngoh) 想(seung) 你(nei) 知(ji) 事(si) 實(sat) 我(ngoh) 很(han) 在(joi) 意(yi)

credit: TheTruthLies
get from this link: The seventh day


Yesterday was busy drawing map for Eumun so I did not post anything..
By the way run out things to post.. will be posting pictures from cameron next week.
Tonite will be going to cell group. To c all my love ones~ My GGSUS~ians.. I love them more after the cameron! Hope I don't change my feelings again ba.. Yesterday chat with chee hom in msn.. he told me bout his birthday. I show him this.. He got a shock! haha.. Then show him another one He say like that also can ar... haha..
Had fun talking with him!
this sunday might be eating pizza.. Me and ying yi.. C who summore want to come together.. Hope the GGSUS~ians will.. Nyam Nyam.. I want pizza..

Wednesday, June 4

My property~

Why your shadow left in my eyes.
I can see your shadow everywhere.
Can you come back and take it back?
So that I can click the delete button.
So that it may never appear to me again.
I saw you now
I dare not speak a word.
I can't see you now.
I started to speak everything.
I do not have the guts
I know everything has been a dream.
When you awake from the dream
its difficult for you to dream the same thing again.
Can I just stay in my dream
Forever having those sweet memories that we share in our dreams?
Do you know how wonderful is that dream?
Do you know I miss it so much?
Do you dream the same dream I had?
Do you know loving a person is the most painful thing?
I know!
Because I am loving You......

Original from Sherina
Created on 4/06/2008
Time: 3.42p.m.

Tuesday, June 3

Finding.. Searching..Peeping!

Ok.. Not suppose to post d but wanted to post
To the 'someone'
Why you can make me think of you?
Why can't I get rid of you?
I am so happy when I can see you.
I miss you so deeply.
How many days/weeks we didn't meet?
I don't know.
I can't keep think the days that we didn't meet each other..
Why I just can't find the one I need?
Why I just see those I don't need.?
Why i can't get one that we love each other
He love me as much as I love him
I love him as much as he love me?
I think Only 1 that love me more than words can say
Our Lord Jesus Christ!
Still finding the Mr. Right (;

When the skys are blue?

I change my layout. I like it this time cause I do not need to edit html. I lazy!
Yesterday something happen! So can't sleep.. Sms 'ppl' but den not really chat with. Just ask 'you sleep d?' Den sleep liao? Haven't Sleep? haha.. Swt rite? keep asking this only. So what happen today? Panda eyes lo.. However not tired.. Pastor Michael very funny. joke with me.. Bought me lunch too. Oh ya. Pastor Michael is Gab dad! My kor dad! hehe...
I am not fasting today due to got food!! (;
In the office today still ok lo.. I am doing layout now.. Woohoot~~~ Waiting elisa on9! waiting yiyi on9~ Also waiting evryone on9~ Thats all la.. waiing photo to be upload in the forum, my blog and GGSUS blog..
I want to say something.. I love GGSUS~ians...
The sky are blue?
The sky are grey?
Depends your mood!
For me now,,
Its blue~~

Monday, June 2

2/6/2008 tan Chee Hon

Happy Birthday Tan Chee Hon
Happy 2x Birthday.
May Our Lord bless You!
~we are friends~

100 % happiness from cameron but sadness in puchong overcome it!

ok.. 1 last post for now! Er.. I had so much fun in cameron.
Yesterday didn't go to church due to mom say no.
Sleep in the house and plan to wash jacket for Eumun but I lazy.
Watch tv for whole day.
Sms with Eumun around evening. He ask me want yam cha but at last he went with jan.
I went to sleep. eumun sms me at 12 something in the morning and this make me can't sleep and keep thinking now.
So funny
Now I know!
Anyway I am so no mood today!

Tagged by elisa and I am tagging ppl

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  1. I went to Cameron
  2. I love someone
  3. I dislike someone
  4. I getting closer with those GGSUS~ians
  5. I miss him, her, she,he
  6. I am sad
  7. I am bored
  8. I am sleepy
  9. I am so sleepy
  10. I am super sleepy

Sorry.. I can't think now..

I tag: Joanna, Gary Lai, Eve, Poh YEe Adele.. Thats all la.. zZzZzZ

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1. blogging
2. play
3. sleep
4. online
6. sms
7. chat
8. x

8 things I've read recently:
1. Bible
2. gary's blog
3. Elisa Blog
4. Poh Yee Blog
5. Evelyn Blog
6. Adele Blog
7. gab blog
8.My own blog!

8 songs I could listen over and over again:
1. Free by Ps
2. Hong Kong Tvb
3. Wang LEe Hom
6. x
7. x
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8 things I learned last year:
1. Not to love a person easily
2. Not to be so annoying
4. X
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~Poh Yee
.. To Entertain GAry I got to do this tag? So zZzZzZ haha.. jkjk

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What was I doing 10 years ago?
being my mom daughter

5 things on my to-do list today..
~sms with the one i think of
~missing cameron
~see my cactus

5 snacks I enjoy..
~mom food xD
~water?? xD

5 Things I would do if I were a billionaire
~Go to Hong Kong
~Buy Hp for my mom
~Buy a house for mom
~Buy a car for my mom
~Buy a car for myself

5 of my bad habits..
~easy like a person
~easy to don't like a person
~like to play ??

5 places I have lived n still living..

5 jobs I've had..
~Mafia in mafia
~Police in *blink*blink
~Killer in *blink*blink

5 people I tag..
i tag no one for this cause I did it b4. Just to entertain Gary. So i Did this. xD

Cameron History

Just came back from Cameron Highlands.. Had lots of fun.. Let start with 1 by 1.. (going to be a long post)

Sis Lai Ming came to fetch me around 2p.m then fetch Eumun and Goh's brother. Met at church around 2.30p.m like that. We start our journey around 3p.m.
I sat Sis Lai Ming Land Cruiser with Elisa, Ying Yi, Joel Goh, Joshua Goh, Zhen Bi, Sheng Jian. I sat infront. We had lots of fun.. I think we talk a lot.. We laugh all the way with Joel's monkey fart and all sort of things that he can think of to make us laugh.. Even though I am dizzy but still, I enjoyed.
We stop by at waterfall.. The view was nice. We took picture of course ;) The water there superb cold.. Just like ice..
We just hang around for few minutes then we continue our journey to our destination. I tried to sleep in the car but I can't. We almost finish the whole packet of 'asam' cause we are too dizzy especially me and elisa..
We reach our destination around 8 p.m if I am not wrong. Even though we reach but we do not know where is the right block. The 'guy' ask us to go block B then to block M then to block C. So poor thing.. We keep on going in and out of the car.. At last we settle ourself in block C (i guess) xD. We settle our luggage and divide the rooms then we head for our dinner.
We went to Brinchang (i think) xD. eve, rach, ckent, vivian wet to eat KFC. Our car followed Eumun cause he is a vegetarian. Besides, he is going to mamak. That means its cheaper!! xD. I and Ying Yi wanted to eat ice cream but Eumun stop us.. T.T Went we want to buy the ice cream the shop close d! T.T Eumun! U owe me 1 ice cream! After we finish, we went to kfc to find the rest and headed to PASAR MALAM. woo hoo.. We bought hp hanger, necklace. Mostly all of us bought the same thing.. I bought a cross, same as elisa. (broken liao the next day..) Eumun choose a bullet! He want to kill us!!!!
After finish walking we went back to the apartment.
We prayed then we played. we play pictionary.. O.o its a nice game.. My drawing was so terrible..hehe..
Then we went to sleep.. I sleep with elisa and zhenbi. The guys very noisy at first. They sleep around 1 something. When I wanted to sleep, Zhen Bi started to bite her teeth and snore beside my ear! T.T i woke up and can't sleep. Elisa too. Both of us can't sleep. I went to sleep on the floor. But Sis Lai Ming snore. Wah!! I tried to duck walking to make myself tired but still I am so awake..
I and elisa decided to go down with Sis Lai Ming permission. So I and Elisa brought our bags and blankets and we went down. We tried to sleep but it so noisy. We can't sleep. So we chat.. Then we heard someone went to toilet and its Sheng Jian, so we wave our hands to him. He came down and accompany us. (actually he cannot sleep)
He said Chee Kent snore so loud. haha. Chee kent and Zhen bi so 'secocok'.
The snoring King and Queen. xD. Three of us talk and talk and talk. Then one by one came down and went up. But still three of us still there could not sleep! Around 5 something we heard some sound. THE PRAYER. We don't like it. But its a good sleeping pill. haha.
We feel sleep after hearing that prayer.
Then Eumun came down, I woke up. After seeing him I wanted to go toilet and he is using. haha. He came out I go in. Then he said he can't sleep cause of Chee Kent snore. haha. We talk. We play. I 'kacau' him he 'kacau' me.
So we 'kacau~ing' and we chat. People coming down one by one and its time for me to cook. So the conclusion is three of us become super! Didn't sleep at all. Me, Sheng Jian and Elisa. Sad case. So i cook Fried mee hoon for them. They ate it and they still ok. So I think my dish is not bad! xD After finish eating it we went to bath and then we went out. We went a lot of places. We went to Bee farm. Looking at those bee and honey. (=.=) Nothing to do there. Those youth bought Honey for their family. Me and some others sitting somewhere and looking at them.
Then we went to Boh farm. I bought tea packets for my mom. She likes tea. We visit the factory. Woo!! The smells so terrible. At first I and Sheng Jian very sleepy. After we smell those tea. We refresh! Eyes pops out.! xD We more interested on the machine I guess. After came out from the factory we went to 'mountain hiking'. xD we just climb up to the 'view point'. Tired~~ We make it to the top. We took picture. Then we went back down. Eumun scare me with those worms. (Me no like worms) He make me killed a centipede! T.T I murder it! T.T
Eumun say in front of us is 'lala' girl. o.O How he know?
We went to bought cactus. At flower farm. Got lots of flower there. Me, elisa, ying yi, zhenbi and evelyn bought cactus. 6 for Rm 10. Chee Kent bought 6 for his mom. Eumun bought Lily flower for her mom. I bought 2 cactus. 1 for myself and 1 or friend. (now don't feel like giving already). We went to take our lunch at Tanah Rata. Eat Fried Kuey teow and share ABCD (Ais Kacang with ice cream) with elisa.
We went to strawberry farm. Got cactus there. 6 for Rm 10 also. Looks nicer and neat. T.T We bought already! T.T We went to eat strawberry ice cream. Super sweet. (Put too much sugar).. the strawberry there not nice. Not sweet. Too soft.. So I didn't buy. We went a lot of places until I forgot where we went. We went to Brinchang pasar malam to buy veges for dinner. I bought the cross necklace cause the one I bought previous broke into half. I bought 1 cross and 1 star. Then buy 1 more bullet for Eumun. Elisa bought star also. We bought the same star! Then we saw cactus. 7 for Rm10 nad 8 for Rm 10. me. chee kent and elisa very sad! we bought 6 for Rm10! T.T Then we find vege for Eumun. Chee Kent so take care of Eumun. xD Then me, sheng jian and chee kent went to buy SweetCorn. We got 'corn'. T.T
Then rain. We run to uncle S.T car and we went back apartment. Then We started to cook. Thanks to all the girls that help and not to forget Joshua. he help me to cook the tomyam. Those girls help me with washing veges and cutting those vege and 'balls'. We ready everything in a short while. (PRO) The Tomyam that I cooked still ok(i guess). After finish my food I went to bath. Elisa too. After bath we prayed. Then we play pictionary, mafia and also *blink*blink*(killer). We had so much fun. I am so lucky cause I am the police then I am the killer. mafia time I am the mafia. *happy* After played all the games we headed into our room and sleep. We was planning to come down if we can't sleep. We said that mostly we can't sleep. Unfortunately all of us sleep. So no one went down.
I received sms from Sheng Jian around 7.30 a.m and I woke up. He ask me how to cook breakfsst. LOL. So I quickly go down I go down then elisa came down. then we sleep! (=.=) Suppose to help him. Then at last Elisa help and one by one came down. So everything is ok. The pig for the day is Ying yi and Eumun.xD everyone woke up except this two fellow.
After that we got a devotion time by Uncle S.T. Then we went out. We went to Smokehouse, church and (forget already). Then we went back to apartment took our luggage and start our journey to go Ipoh. We stop at some place and search for veges. I and Zhen Bi bought those candy(macam kapas). Inside got two. So she took 1 I took 1. Mine I share with Elisa and Eumun. We saw cactus. We bought it. I bought 1 for Eumun. I was thinking to buy 1 for him at first. Since Chee Kent need 1 more person to buy then I bought for Eumun. We can't find veges so we head to next stop. Searching veges and strawberry. Mom ask me to buy. At last we found 1 stop with those things. I bought veges and strawberry. Then rain! HEAVY RAIN! Sis Lai Ming and me bring one by one into the car. I am so wet! In the car, I am so cold. Freezing...
We headed to Ipoh to drop Vivian and eat there. sms with Eumun in the car.. 'Korek' some secret! haha. i am so cold. We reached Ipoh and we went to eat Chicken rice. Then we went to 'heong peng shop' They bough those biscuit. After that I took Eumun jacket and then we start our journey to Kl,PUCHONG. We talk, we laugh, we sleep. i am freezing in the car. Sms with Eumun. Talk with them. We reach Sunway there. Most of us wake up and Sheng Jian told me why I am so cold. Because all the air conds are to me. Thats why I need three jackets and I am still cold.. (=.=|||) We reach church first. Then Unser. Eumun already went back. His jacket is with me.
We divide our stuff.. Then I go back with Sheng jian. He helped to take my stuff. Eumun say next time only give him his jacket. he headed to old klang road already. Wau! Just rech puchong then go old klang road for listen class (GENG). Sleep around 11 like that.
I am happy with these people
Especially these six people
Sheng Jian
Joel Goh
Chee Kent
We laugh a lot.
Not to forget
Sis Lai Ming
Zhen Bi