Monday, June 23

~Family we are~

Yesterday went to church at 9 o'clock fetch by Chee Hon~ Reach church I was asked to sing. Cause Kal played drum (replace Eric that was not here). And I am so happy cause I really want to sing more! Sing with Auntie Mag. After service, we had a youth meeting without the leader. Only us there. Elisa, Me, Yi, Bi, Jian, JoelG and Chee Kent. We discuss bout Cell Sunday. A fast discussion. WE had fun while discussing cause we have those guys crapping around!
Ok... Important things that I am scare of. 1st~ly. This friday, Cell! Oh Gosh. i don't know what to do~ But I know God is here with me. So I hope everything will be ok~ be strong and courageous! 2nd~ly is the older youth. I do hope they want to join us. However, they said no cause they are going to do by their own self. So... Maybe needs time. I know its not easy. We tried. We failed. But I know. If u don't give up of them miracles will happen one day! I suddenly have a strength inside my body! I do not know what is that! I just want to have them with us. Cause we are FAMILY!

Yesterday after those youth meeting and crapping at the santuary! Yi and me went to kal house to play WII!!!!!!!!!!! Oh gosh its very fun! 4 of us played. Wee Zcent, Ying yi, Kal and me. We played! Its so fun! Just can't thinking how we play boxing. chee meng and his bro was at kal room.. 4 of us down there play and laugh until so funny. Now I know family really is a family. Ying Yi and Wee Zcent there really 'cute'. Only two of them having problem to connect the remote.. haha... Played bowling, tennis, boxing, resident evil and that gun~ny game... Sorry to Zcent and Ying Yi cause need to go back. My mom say too late.. So they fetch me back. T.T sorry o~ I hope we can play again but I got problem going back! ~ So don't know how.

What am I going to do?
1. Finish my HanaKimi and re-watch again. xD
2. Finish the monkey King series. The version that twins act one. I watch lot of times d..
3. Learn to be patient
4. Love one another
5. Try to change 'something'
6. Get ready for Friday and Sunday
7. Buy something for my loved ones. *(Don't know why have this thought) *sa & yi & other ppl*
8. Watch Forensic on this Wednesday!
9. Be responsible
10. Plan something for the youth! Like what I suggest to Lai Ming sis. But its still a secret until the time comes. Only YOU and YOU will know.

~Hope this 10 things I can do la.. Watching tv is a no prob for me.. Other than that got a bit prob la.. xD~

If I don't give up
I know one day
I can!

I am here to care for you
Even though you don't know
But I will continue to find ways to care for you.
Cause I love you.

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