Monday, June 16

You could not predict what will happen

My 'special friend'.
Do not leave me alone. I need you. If you go, please bring me. You know who you are. I always think I am sensitive, but you always have the same thoughts as me. Same mind?! If you not here anymore, I would just get out from here too. I am tired of this already.
Only you the one that I need :)

Hey guyz, do you realize this few days its getting so hot. The sun burn me~ O.o I am so pitiful. I need to travel by bus from house to work and from work back home.. I do not know how to drive and I do not have a driver (boyfriend) so I am so so so pitiful.. Then, this few days the sun really scary.. haiz.. Last few weeks is raining. Weather really unpredictable.

Yesterday Chee Meng fetch me to church. He a bit late.. Then he 'lap yao' lor... xD I tot its a better day for me but end up a bit not so good. 2 people really make me feel so bad.. I really do not understand. I am really that sensitive or you just be TOO ANNOYING. I know you not happy with me yesterday cause I read. Ok.. Next time whatever you in charge I won't want to care anymore. Not only that, anyway, I give up hope on you!! Sorry! To the another one, you say you will change but why you want to hurt me and her?! You can say in a nicer tone right?!

Joel C, Joel G, Joshua G, Sheng Jian, Chee kent, Chee Kent friend, Rachel, and my two best sister I ever had YING YI & ELISA.
You all really did a great job. Oh ya.. miss out some fellows, Chee Kean for it his birthday but still he help us. Sorry for the wrong song we played. We do not know what song. But I know its not bad for your age.. XD. Also, Chee Hon and Uncle Kim that help us to take up the tables and help us to cut the watermelon. Aunty Taufan for the salad. And the most important is our Lord! Thanks for the donation box.. really unexpected. thanks to all the nice song and message that all the uncle dedicate to their wifes. "i love you".. So sweet~~

Thanks to Kalven that even though sometimes he really make us feel so ~~~~.....~~~~ but still you make me smile went we had practice and also yesterday! You just so "salty".. Always think wrong things. ( ;

Thanks to another friend for hearing.

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