Thursday, June 19


First of all... I want to thank someone very special to me.. Little yi~~ Thank you for an encourage sms yesterday night! You really did make a difference. I knew that sometimes I always say I want Elisa but I do want you too.. Cause you are a special friend to me! I love you so much. I said before in my post here.. You and Elisa always the one I needed. hehe.. Me and Elisa always need you to be with us cause we are 3 best sis!!! xD But den.. I want to tell you something here.. You are the pig k~ Sleep until what time oh~~ Sommore dare to say me piggy??! xD

Will be discuss with Elisa at 4 o'clock today for something ~.~ I should not give up on them yet. They are my family. Hope I and Elisa can come out with some idea to saved them~ xD saved... Hope that we can do something extraordinary cause God with us~!~

Oh gosh.. My mom again ask me to find a boyfriend~ Aiyoyo.. I taught if I am 20++ or 30++ then she need to worry la.. But~~~ now~~~ I am 18 nia ma... Worry so much for what. How to find?!~ Go to the street and grab one. This is what she said before to me~~ Nani!!!! what la... Can grab wan kah?? Swt lo~~ Mommy.. I got like people. But people don't like me ma.. Then those guy that like me.. I don't like them. U need to be patient~ One day.. God will send me 1 guy that I like and also he like me... (hope so la).... xD

I can't see you anymore.
Cause you are not here.
I know we will meet again very soon.
I miss you

I am happy or sad?
All depends on you!~

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