Friday, June 27


I can't stop smiling after I've read my friends blog. The secret code guy. ;) And also her best friend going to ahem for cell group. Just so funny! I can't stop smiling. Oh my sis~ You gonna get it tonight~! xD

I still haven't finish the things that should finish by today~ T.T I need help!! T.T nvm.. I leave it to God ba.. hahaha..

Sunday worship? er.. choose but all old songs.. Don't know how o~ Leave it to God la. xD

Today had a bad day.. Cause of someone. I just don't like to be in this office. haiz. Leave it to God ba. T.T

God wlil help me de~ I believe! wahahaha...

That's all la.. Nowadays nothing to say~ haiz.. life terrible~ !

I need the one that should be needed!

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