Monday, June 9


Posted some pictures! Hmmm...
I'm sleepy cause I chat with Eumun until 12 something/ 1a.m..He told me lotz of thing..
I'm glad that he talk to me... I enjoyed listening to people already! hehe..
Let's talk bout Eumun today...
Friends was curious why I so sayang him.. hmmm.. Am I?
Yes I am.. I sayang him very much..I also sayang those josh, sj, joel n bla bla bla la.. Just not that obvious as I sayang Eumun.. Ppl tot that I like him.. Hmm.. Once I do think of that but actually its not true.. I don't like him. 1st he is TOO young for me. 2nd It just impossible to like him. 3rd I just treat him like a little brother.. so it will never happen that I like him.. ;) why I sayang him????
1st Because I'm close to him.. 2nd.. He is younger than me. 3rd.. Because his sickness and weak~ I'm concern about his sickness. Like last time, sara.. When she was sick.. I also sayang her very much.. I just don't want to 'hilang' any of my friend anymore~ Thats why I sayang eumun so obvious.. Helping him is a type to bless him. The more I help the happier I am. So as long as I can help I will help.. just don't too much la~ He is just a little boy.. hehe.. I know some ppl don' really like his attitude.. but then.. If know him better you will know that he is a good friend~ (;
I just hope that he will recover from any sickness he is having..
May our Lord bless him~

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