Wednesday, June 11

(^#^) ~sienness~

Tired.. Tired.. Tired... I've been thinking what she said~~ Hmmm.. I tried not to think but still I can't get it out of my head.. Oh please... Do not think about it anymore!!
I want to watch forensic heroes 2!! I want.. Where can I watch.? The DVD not here yet! I cannot watch in the office.. So where can I watch?? T.T

Tonight having practice for this Sunday~ Hmmm.. Don't know Chee Meng got or not cause I need people fetch. Should I open the door and ask him? He is just outside there. Hmmm.. But in the schedule his name not there. So he maybe not coming! haiz.. Got to ask sotong den~~ Sotong ar~~ ?? haiz.. Hope he can ba..
Yesterday can't sleep. N.. I realize I got PANDA EYES already! WHAT??!! Gosh.. How to get rid of that.. Dahlah keep build the volcano then explode one by one with all those 'jap'..and then now... UGLY n more UGLY! Ok... my explaination getting to be disgusting.. owhhh!

Games that are meant to played by two can played with 3 too?
take turns?
then who's going to start first?
Sure one of them will not happy with it..

When you think everything is perfect,
the real problem starts~

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