Monday, June 30

Downs and ups x ups and downs

Thank God for granted my wish.. Even though *********** but den also better than none.. xD
Friday is so T.T sobz la... I was in charge with the word.. It's so so so funny looking at them so @.@ I think they donno wat am I saying.. Luckily Sis lai ming help me LOTZ... T.T I am so useless.. Haiz..
YESTERDAY.. Was at Chee Kent house.. Hehe.. Not bad.. I miss the food. Auntie really cook until so NICE. NICE. Really NICE. Woo~hoot.. Next time we should go there again.. xD.. After the lunch we watch Kungfu Panda brought by me (forgot to bring back..) Then we played water balloons and water.. hahaz.. then they play ps for a while.. Syiok o..
But den haiz.. haiz.. and haiz.. *pif*

FORENSIC came.. I'm watching it liao.. wahhahaha.. N i going to watch X-family and I going to buy IT started with a kiss 2.. I can't wait all of this shows.. Woo.. woo..woo.. hahaha.. I want to watch.. I'm still hoping there's HanaKimi 2.. pls got la.. I want to watch them la.. T.T WuZhun and Ella!

Oh ya.. something change.. My HAIR.. looks so short and funny. I cut it on Friday.. Short and neat and ugly! T>T I NOT GOING TO CUT MY HAIR AGAIN!

Study? Should I? Shouldn't I? I don't know!

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