Wednesday, June 4

My property~

Why your shadow left in my eyes.
I can see your shadow everywhere.
Can you come back and take it back?
So that I can click the delete button.
So that it may never appear to me again.
I saw you now
I dare not speak a word.
I can't see you now.
I started to speak everything.
I do not have the guts
I know everything has been a dream.
When you awake from the dream
its difficult for you to dream the same thing again.
Can I just stay in my dream
Forever having those sweet memories that we share in our dreams?
Do you know how wonderful is that dream?
Do you know I miss it so much?
Do you dream the same dream I had?
Do you know loving a person is the most painful thing?
I know!
Because I am loving You......

Original from Sherina
Created on 4/06/2008
Time: 3.42p.m.

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