Monday, June 2

Cameron History

Just came back from Cameron Highlands.. Had lots of fun.. Let start with 1 by 1.. (going to be a long post)

Sis Lai Ming came to fetch me around 2p.m then fetch Eumun and Goh's brother. Met at church around 2.30p.m like that. We start our journey around 3p.m.
I sat Sis Lai Ming Land Cruiser with Elisa, Ying Yi, Joel Goh, Joshua Goh, Zhen Bi, Sheng Jian. I sat infront. We had lots of fun.. I think we talk a lot.. We laugh all the way with Joel's monkey fart and all sort of things that he can think of to make us laugh.. Even though I am dizzy but still, I enjoyed.
We stop by at waterfall.. The view was nice. We took picture of course ;) The water there superb cold.. Just like ice..
We just hang around for few minutes then we continue our journey to our destination. I tried to sleep in the car but I can't. We almost finish the whole packet of 'asam' cause we are too dizzy especially me and elisa..
We reach our destination around 8 p.m if I am not wrong. Even though we reach but we do not know where is the right block. The 'guy' ask us to go block B then to block M then to block C. So poor thing.. We keep on going in and out of the car.. At last we settle ourself in block C (i guess) xD. We settle our luggage and divide the rooms then we head for our dinner.
We went to Brinchang (i think) xD. eve, rach, ckent, vivian wet to eat KFC. Our car followed Eumun cause he is a vegetarian. Besides, he is going to mamak. That means its cheaper!! xD. I and Ying Yi wanted to eat ice cream but Eumun stop us.. T.T Went we want to buy the ice cream the shop close d! T.T Eumun! U owe me 1 ice cream! After we finish, we went to kfc to find the rest and headed to PASAR MALAM. woo hoo.. We bought hp hanger, necklace. Mostly all of us bought the same thing.. I bought a cross, same as elisa. (broken liao the next day..) Eumun choose a bullet! He want to kill us!!!!
After finish walking we went back to the apartment.
We prayed then we played. we play pictionary.. O.o its a nice game.. My drawing was so terrible..hehe..
Then we went to sleep.. I sleep with elisa and zhenbi. The guys very noisy at first. They sleep around 1 something. When I wanted to sleep, Zhen Bi started to bite her teeth and snore beside my ear! T.T i woke up and can't sleep. Elisa too. Both of us can't sleep. I went to sleep on the floor. But Sis Lai Ming snore. Wah!! I tried to duck walking to make myself tired but still I am so awake..
I and elisa decided to go down with Sis Lai Ming permission. So I and Elisa brought our bags and blankets and we went down. We tried to sleep but it so noisy. We can't sleep. So we chat.. Then we heard someone went to toilet and its Sheng Jian, so we wave our hands to him. He came down and accompany us. (actually he cannot sleep)
He said Chee Kent snore so loud. haha. Chee kent and Zhen bi so 'secocok'.
The snoring King and Queen. xD. Three of us talk and talk and talk. Then one by one came down and went up. But still three of us still there could not sleep! Around 5 something we heard some sound. THE PRAYER. We don't like it. But its a good sleeping pill. haha.
We feel sleep after hearing that prayer.
Then Eumun came down, I woke up. After seeing him I wanted to go toilet and he is using. haha. He came out I go in. Then he said he can't sleep cause of Chee Kent snore. haha. We talk. We play. I 'kacau' him he 'kacau' me.
So we 'kacau~ing' and we chat. People coming down one by one and its time for me to cook. So the conclusion is three of us become super! Didn't sleep at all. Me, Sheng Jian and Elisa. Sad case. So i cook Fried mee hoon for them. They ate it and they still ok. So I think my dish is not bad! xD After finish eating it we went to bath and then we went out. We went a lot of places. We went to Bee farm. Looking at those bee and honey. (=.=) Nothing to do there. Those youth bought Honey for their family. Me and some others sitting somewhere and looking at them.
Then we went to Boh farm. I bought tea packets for my mom. She likes tea. We visit the factory. Woo!! The smells so terrible. At first I and Sheng Jian very sleepy. After we smell those tea. We refresh! Eyes pops out.! xD We more interested on the machine I guess. After came out from the factory we went to 'mountain hiking'. xD we just climb up to the 'view point'. Tired~~ We make it to the top. We took picture. Then we went back down. Eumun scare me with those worms. (Me no like worms) He make me killed a centipede! T.T I murder it! T.T
Eumun say in front of us is 'lala' girl. o.O How he know?
We went to bought cactus. At flower farm. Got lots of flower there. Me, elisa, ying yi, zhenbi and evelyn bought cactus. 6 for Rm 10. Chee Kent bought 6 for his mom. Eumun bought Lily flower for her mom. I bought 2 cactus. 1 for myself and 1 or friend. (now don't feel like giving already). We went to take our lunch at Tanah Rata. Eat Fried Kuey teow and share ABCD (Ais Kacang with ice cream) with elisa.
We went to strawberry farm. Got cactus there. 6 for Rm 10 also. Looks nicer and neat. T.T We bought already! T.T We went to eat strawberry ice cream. Super sweet. (Put too much sugar).. the strawberry there not nice. Not sweet. Too soft.. So I didn't buy. We went a lot of places until I forgot where we went. We went to Brinchang pasar malam to buy veges for dinner. I bought the cross necklace cause the one I bought previous broke into half. I bought 1 cross and 1 star. Then buy 1 more bullet for Eumun. Elisa bought star also. We bought the same star! Then we saw cactus. 7 for Rm10 nad 8 for Rm 10. me. chee kent and elisa very sad! we bought 6 for Rm10! T.T Then we find vege for Eumun. Chee Kent so take care of Eumun. xD Then me, sheng jian and chee kent went to buy SweetCorn. We got 'corn'. T.T
Then rain. We run to uncle S.T car and we went back apartment. Then We started to cook. Thanks to all the girls that help and not to forget Joshua. he help me to cook the tomyam. Those girls help me with washing veges and cutting those vege and 'balls'. We ready everything in a short while. (PRO) The Tomyam that I cooked still ok(i guess). After finish my food I went to bath. Elisa too. After bath we prayed. Then we play pictionary, mafia and also *blink*blink*(killer). We had so much fun. I am so lucky cause I am the police then I am the killer. mafia time I am the mafia. *happy* After played all the games we headed into our room and sleep. We was planning to come down if we can't sleep. We said that mostly we can't sleep. Unfortunately all of us sleep. So no one went down.
I received sms from Sheng Jian around 7.30 a.m and I woke up. He ask me how to cook breakfsst. LOL. So I quickly go down I go down then elisa came down. then we sleep! (=.=) Suppose to help him. Then at last Elisa help and one by one came down. So everything is ok. The pig for the day is Ying yi and Eumun.xD everyone woke up except this two fellow.
After that we got a devotion time by Uncle S.T. Then we went out. We went to Smokehouse, church and (forget already). Then we went back to apartment took our luggage and start our journey to go Ipoh. We stop at some place and search for veges. I and Zhen Bi bought those candy(macam kapas). Inside got two. So she took 1 I took 1. Mine I share with Elisa and Eumun. We saw cactus. We bought it. I bought 1 for Eumun. I was thinking to buy 1 for him at first. Since Chee Kent need 1 more person to buy then I bought for Eumun. We can't find veges so we head to next stop. Searching veges and strawberry. Mom ask me to buy. At last we found 1 stop with those things. I bought veges and strawberry. Then rain! HEAVY RAIN! Sis Lai Ming and me bring one by one into the car. I am so wet! In the car, I am so cold. Freezing...
We headed to Ipoh to drop Vivian and eat there. sms with Eumun in the car.. 'Korek' some secret! haha. i am so cold. We reached Ipoh and we went to eat Chicken rice. Then we went to 'heong peng shop' They bough those biscuit. After that I took Eumun jacket and then we start our journey to Kl,PUCHONG. We talk, we laugh, we sleep. i am freezing in the car. Sms with Eumun. Talk with them. We reach Sunway there. Most of us wake up and Sheng Jian told me why I am so cold. Because all the air conds are to me. Thats why I need three jackets and I am still cold.. (=.=|||) We reach church first. Then Unser. Eumun already went back. His jacket is with me.
We divide our stuff.. Then I go back with Sheng jian. He helped to take my stuff. Eumun say next time only give him his jacket. he headed to old klang road already. Wau! Just rech puchong then go old klang road for listen class (GENG). Sleep around 11 like that.
I am happy with these people
Especially these six people
Sheng Jian
Joel Goh
Chee Kent
We laugh a lot.
Not to forget
Sis Lai Ming
Zhen Bi

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