Thursday, June 12


Yesterday 2 something until 5 I at bumble bee with sha mein. Use her laptop to onlne and play games. So sien... Luckily she work in bumble bee. So sorry for her.. Use her laptop and play..

Yesterday mommy cook nice food.. Asam Curry Fish. Wah.. I like spicy and sour.. O.O hahaz... Because of my mommy dishes my face volcano become bigger! So pain.. T.T


Yesterday Chee Meng & Kal fetch me to practice.. Sotong at the sea.. So Chee Meng play~~
We finished very early.. Then 3 of us went to yam cha... hehe... As usual kal will ~kacau~ me lor..
Drink for a while only... Not so long..

EUMUN!!! If this time the map summore wrong den u will kena from me!!! xD naughty boy!!

There's few ways for me to choose
Which should I choose?
I want to do something I like
But I scare I choose wrong

Should I follow you?
I have no confident?
But is this what I ask for from God.
So what shall I do now?

Suddenly I showers with so many things..
Oh Gosh..

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