Wednesday, June 18

A long post...

Monday I went back home around 11 cause I'm not feeling well. Tuesday also mean yesterday was at home whole day. I really need rest. These two days, guess what I do? I become pig for whole day... Just so tired and sleep. Sleep, wake up, eat, sleep, wake up, eat sleep. What a routine? I agree with 'someone'. I am a pig already. hehe.. I hope I don't become a fat girl can liao. But den I will never get fat.. Don't know why. I eat until so 'geng'.. But still not fat.. its a good thing anyway..xD..

I saw one of my best friend post. She say out something that I really agree. Cause I'm going through the same thing. Oh my best friend. I wonder when she will change. She did say she realize and will try to change. She tried already? I don't think so.. I'm so tired with all this. This is not the first time I give up. I've been giving up a lot of times. I taught it won't happen since we had our P4C. However, things just changed. I miss everyone in a group so much. I miss the WHOLE YOUTH in P4C. since when we separate with the olders one we just feel so weird. We are youth, why must we separate? On that time I know it will be a gap between us and them. And since Gab when to Aus we getting so far apart with the youth. Few of us tried to say something but always still get no reason. You guys blame us for we don't appreciate the older youth. You know why this happen. Its because you separate us from them. N you guys want us to be more self discipline and all sort of things..Anyway, I know the older ones cannot accept us now. So? we will continue with this kind of situation? In the end, the older ones will get old.. n become adults.. n den the gap between us will remain gap. I knew some of the youth will read this post and if you guys feel that I'm wrong just tell me! Or for those agree with me pls tell me too.
Okays.. Not to say the older ones and us... Let's say bout us.. the younger one. The youth! I realize we really get to know each other closer. Such as Sj. Josh. JoelG. Ckent. I'm happy with that. However, WHY EACH TIME WE HAD EVENT THERE WILL BE SOME UNHAPPY STUFF IN IT? I do not know you guys realize or not. But I always got some argument or something that make me not happy. Such as the parents day thingy. I know you guys think its a successful event. Yup. I agree half.. In the process do you guys think the process is successful?! No. If I do not ask and I didn't tell Elisa she won't be knowing 'that thing'. We are youth/ family. We should know what really happen. Its not a one man show thing. IF you want to take in charge in everything.. Why are we here? We do all this is for only one person. OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST right? I always think its ok. Cause I do it for Him. So its ok. Its ok. But if I want to do something you don't let. And then when u want me to do something then you just say. SHERINA DO THIS. apa ni? You don't want do/ you can't do then you call me to do. The things that I want to do you don't let me to do. Hey! its not right kays? You did say before. You don't do things that you don like. Then why you never ask whether I like or not. Or maybe in a nicer tone to call me do things. Not to say I do not like to do but the way you instruct people its not good. I always want to help but if you tell me something with a harsh tone.. I'm so sorry! DO IT BY YOURSELF. N if you give us to in charge the things pls do not try to interrupt us. You can advise us but not to take the whole charge of it. Both of them really try to help a lot. But if they did mistakes you should help them not to DO EVERYTHING.

TO My best friend!
You agree?? Comment a bit pls.. You know who you are..

For the one sms me n ask me to chat yesterday.. Sorry.. I am not feeling well and really frustrated to something. Hope you don't mind. Don't angry with me k?!

Sorry for all the grammar and all those silly mistake.

I just lazy to use proper language to blog.
N do not have the mood to type in order!!!

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