Monday, June 2

Tagged by elisa and I am tagging ppl

Rules - Bloggers who have been tagged have to start with 10 random facts about themselves. At the end of this, you have to choose 10 people and tag them about this quiz.

  1. I went to Cameron
  2. I love someone
  3. I dislike someone
  4. I getting closer with those GGSUS~ians
  5. I miss him, her, she,he
  6. I am sad
  7. I am bored
  8. I am sleepy
  9. I am so sleepy
  10. I am super sleepy

Sorry.. I can't think now..

I tag: Joanna, Gary Lai, Eve, Poh YEe Adele.. Thats all la.. zZzZzZ

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